Sunday, June 7, 2020

The Racist Art of Playing Dumb

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Rasheed, Muhammad. "The Racist Art of Playing Dumb." Cartoon. The Official Website of Cartoonist M. Rasheed 07 Jun 2020. Pen & ink w/Adobe Photoshop color.

Noble Ward -Don't be ashame to see a new perspective.

Aaron Yeager - I feel like it should be called Black Lives Matter Too, that would avoid much of the confusion

Noble Ward - maybe, but the wording was necessary to get things to the tipping point it needs to get to for change to happen. Putting "too" takes away from the point

Aaron Yeager - personally I feel like too much of the conversation focuses on clarifying what BLM means, so the name becomes an obstacle preventing talking about the real meat of the issue

Noble Ward - I hear that. But the protest is about an obstacle in itself. Anyone who doesn't understand what it means to sauly BLM wouldnt feel a call to action for a watered down version. That's all "too" would do, Watertown the issue to make some people feel more comfortable

Muhammad Rasheed - There is no "confusion." The AllLivesMatter claptrap is a deliberate deflection from the real issue by a political interest group unwilling to let go of the systemic racism they benefit from.

Noble Ward - overall I agree. But I do believe some innocent people who just aren't aware get lost in the mix. We need to educate them without shaming them. It's almost impossible to shame someone to higher place.

Muhammad Rasheed - We've wasted the last 150 yrs trying to convince the unteachable to give up their racism using kind words alone. Our job is to unify politically and use that political capital and voting strategy to pressure the government into establishing our #BlackAgenda into law. All the rest of that sounds insane.

Cyrus Hakim Hunter - @Noble… Naw the black part is the problem, they understand blue lives matter doesnt mean that only cops matter. Also they complain that the NAACP's exists, same people complaining about no historical white colleges

Noble Ward - @Muhammad… I hear you brother. But if we cant educate and help people understand nothing REALLY changes. I personally dont believe anyone is unreachable

Muhammad Rasheed - 150 yrs is a long time for someone to show us who they are. All they care about is money & power, which means we need to use our political capital to pressure government and effect their bottomline so they snap to. That's how the political game works, it's not about playing nice it's about making your voice heard and punishing people when they ignore you.

Noble Ward - again I agree, but when you say "they" it's to broad a term. It's not everyone in that group, not all white people. Some dont know, but could do better if they know better.

Muhammad Rasheed - Then that 0.01% of the "they" can catch up in the aftermath of our pressuring the gov to give in to our demands. We've wasted enough time begging enough people to love us to reach critical mass. If it hasn't happened in a century and a half, then it ain't gonna happen.

You can make white friends AFTER our victory.

Noble Ward - all about perspective my brother. I've seen good and bad in all types of people. I respect you views

Muhammad Rasheed - We have enough data gathered to make an accurate analysis of the situation, Noble. Directing any amount of energy begging our traditional enemy & rival to love us, instead of using it as the proverbial squeak to get the grease from the governmental bodies that actually owe us, is a colossal waste of time as proven time and time and time again.

Noble Ward - disagree but respect bro.

Muhammad Rasheed - Well, if all your begging somehow leads to the miracle of amassing enough white friends to actually help us achieve #Reparations and economic inclusion into a protected ownership class, then I will be the first to apologize for my deeeeeeeeeeeep cynicism.

Good luck.

Muhammad Rasheed - (naturally, i will expect your new white friends to steal most of our reparations)

MEDIUM: Scanned pen & ink cartoon drawing w/Adobe Photoshop color.

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