Tuesday, June 23, 2020

No New Masters

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Rasheed, Muhammad. "No New Masters." Cartoon. The Official Website of Cartoonist M. Rasheed 23 Jun 2020. Pen & ink w/Adobe Photoshop color.

Zoe Hange - Um what?

Raymond Green - @Zoe... what some black think is not to be argued with. So let them go...

Muhammad Rasheed - Sketchy political agendas aren't to be explained apparently, just blindly & passionately fought for. If you attempt to explain them they will fall apart under the scrutiny of historical fact. Very interesting.

Thank you for your insights, Raymond.

Zoe Hange - Gay was never a white agenda and feminism encompasses everyone. Just because certain white feminists lost perspective doesn't mean it's representative of the entire movement. There is a black perspective as being black and gay isn't entirely the same as being white and gay. To say this is only for white people erases the experience of black lgbtq and women. Black culture never seems to address women's issues but is quick to tell black women that feminism isn't for them and that they're brainwashed. Based on that it's no surprise that black women are the most unprotected group in this country. It's no surprise that black trans women are killed at higher rates than black men by the police. And most of this occurs in our own communities.

Muhammad Rasheed - There's a clear difference between being a homosexual or a trans-person and the inherent societal struggles that come with these identities as they are made public in communities that refuse to understand them, versus the political maneuvering of the people in power who routinely exploit Black bodies to push their self-serving agendas that in the end, will only ever benefit the people in power.

[ARTCLE] Why can straight white men have sex with men without social consequences? | The Guardian

Zoe Hange - So then what's the political version of gay? I'm not reading that article.

Zoe Hange - You say they exploit black bodies but many revolutions in the gay and trans communities were led by black people and the history was whitewashed like in the stonewall movie. To tell someone they should stop fighting for equality to jump on the ados agenda is hypocritical. Do yall even care about gay people in the black community?

Zoe Hange - Do yall even care about black women? Harriet Tubman was an outspoken feminist. But black men will have us believe that feminism isn't for us.

Muhammad Rasheed - Zoe wrote: "I'm not reading that article."

Then why bother asking me any questions at all or pretend to anything other than the commitment to blindly/passionately fighting for a political agenda that I pointed out you were doing in the beginning?

Zoe wrote: "...but many revolutions in the gay and trans communities were led by black people..."

They were led and funded by white men in power who directed black people to do all the fighting for them. White men will be the sole beneficiaries of your hard-won efforts as they hide behind your face to pretend to be an oppressed minority to grift the system of extra rights. You will find your own position to have NOT CHANGED AT ALL. White men, regardless of sexual orientation, political party, religion, etc., will never tire of exploiting you. Ever.

Add your political capital to #ADOS and let's get our Reparations and economic inclusion into a protected ownership class as we deserve as the black American descendants of slavery. Then you can use your wealth to do whatever you like within the lifestyle of your choice, but know you that what you are fighting for right now will NEVER empower you in the least. Stop playing yourself.

Zoe Hange - That's not even true. I know the history. What you are putting out is nothing but a conspiracy theory.

Zoe Hange - Fuck ados. Yall just want money and not change

Muhammad Rasheed - It's 100% true and you only care about blind passion while eschewing facts as you've demonstrated here.

Grow up, Zoe.

MEDIUM: Scanned pen & ink cartoon drawing w/Adobe Photoshop color.

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