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That Growing Reparations Ticket (1619 - Present)

Muhammad Rasheed - White people don't want economic equality with Black people.

I know that to state that so bluntly may come across as mean or harsh, and my ideological enemies will probably even label it "divisive" and nonsensically "reverse racist" because it sends shivers through their white privilege, making them uncomfortable, but it's true. The rhetoric of the ones who are even supposed to be my political friends doesn't match their actions, nor do they match the facts revealed in the historical record from the last 400 years.

One clue is their effort to change the meaning of the term "racism" itself. The current trend is to insist it only refers to shallow skin color prejudice on the individual level. They need it to mean:

"A natural, primitive, tribal trait that has more to do with Black people because they can't seem to be of a more evolved higher-consciousness and generously forgive psychopathic whites for the savage murders of Black innocents and just let the topic go." 

The true definition of the term is simpler, and actually aligns to what actually happens in reality.

During the 17th century, the dominant special interest group made the selfish, evil decision to permanently delegate the African people to the bondsman class, an agreement made across class lines to spare the poor whites themselves from the slavery institution. This was the birth of the white racist aristocracy, requiring a group effort of anti-Black systemic racism to uphold it, which every single decision made up into the modern day being exactly that. Any attempt to divorce 'racism' from this background of where it come from is a lie made to steer the public's attention away from the fact that the white racist aristocracy still exists, that even though Black people are no longer legally chattel, they are still systemically subjugated, exploited and economically plundered to feed the wealth hoards of the selfish, thieving white racist aristocracy.

The pushback against Black people demanding Reparatory Justice for the wrongs — ALL the wrongs, not just for slavery itself — done to them comes solely from the fact that the plunder of their communities hasn't stopped, other than during that brief time period of Reconstruction. Black people are still the go-to exploited gravy train for the white racist aristocracy, and the latter has every intention of keeping it going for as long as they can.

So if white people never stopped committing the original wrong, have taken pains to indoctrinate the populace that racism isn't that big of a deal, or it's not even real, then obviously agreeing to payout Reparations would mean they have to stop plundering Blacks and see their favorite streams of revenue come to a screeching halt. And the kicker would be that if anti-Black systemic racism was finally dismantled and Reparatory Justice was paid to make up for it, then that would mean true economic equality would then be achieved, which is the very scenario white people have been trying to avoid for four centuries and counting. They love their barbaric aristocracy, they love pretending they are inherently superior to Black people, and above all else, they fear that true equality will lead to a 180° flip of the power dynamic, with Blacks ruling over them as in the previous age, pre-white supremacist era.

This is what the citizens of the United States of America are dealing with and why no real progress in race relations is able to stick and gain momentum. This is why anti-Black systemic racism is the nation's most enduring sin and why the Reparations bill is growing.

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MEDIUM: Scanned pen & ink cartoon drawing w/Adobe Photoshop color.


Christopher Aeneadas Muhammad Rasheed's post in War Donkey did not draw a response in a comment. I feel vindicated that you chose to enshrine our discussion in a cartoon.

Fine. Well. Good. Bravo. I’m glad to see that the plaintiff has retained competent council.

I’m not sure whether this was new, or drawn from your arsenal of pre-made work, but I do not mind this manner of response one way or the other.

I’m trying to find common ground for us here. It is sincere. I am asking the simple question, looking for an answer I can work on. Something I can present to the American People.

How do we resolve this definitively? Today? In one or two paragraphs… or another cartoon if you still feel shy. We all become the mask at some point.

No squishy Sociology terms. Nothing that cannot be validated objectively by an auditor once the payment has been made?

If we cut a check, we’d like to be given a 100% pass from here on out. Why cut a check if we don’t earn immunity and forgiveness?

The number you have in mind must be high indeed. At this point I am acting more as your advocate than Mainstreet America's as I intended.

So you are tying the settlement amount (reparations) to “ongoing systemic racism.”

Whew. So we are swinging for the fences. I say “we” because if you agree I want to help you sell it.

So you want… What? An actually equal slice of the American Pie right this very moment? Push the RESET button on capitalism?

I guess that is what you do when you realize one party has been cheating.

So… african american percentage of us population is 14%. African American families control a bit over 5% of the family wealth

So the proper payment would literally hand you a substantial part of “The System.” This would brute-force systemic racism out of existence. No?

African American families control a bit over 5% of the family wealth.


The American Government needs to cut checks to black people. The checks should total 9% of the value of the United States. Of course such a creation of cash by the mint will crash the economy, so 9% of today's “value” won’t be worth so much after inflation. Let’s round up to 10%.

Sort out for yourselves who counts as black. I’m not touching that one. Nope. Just make an official, binding decision for the accounting department and the text of the written settlement.

“The financial position of the United States includes assets of at least $269.6 trillion (1576% of GDP) and debts of $145.8 trillion (852% of GDP) to produce a networth of at least $123.8 trillion (723% of GDP) as of Q1 2014.” (Source: Financial position of the United States - Wikipedia).

Let's toss another $5 trillion added to the economy since then? $128.8?

So napkin math…

$128.8 trillion x 10% = $12.88 Trillion is the claimed class-action damages on behalf 37 million Black Americans (roughly. Again, your list to make.)

37 million plaintiffs would then receive a one time, untaxable reparation of$348,108.11

If we fire up the Treasury Department printer plates and cut a check in that amount, would you agree to an absolute release of all liability? In your hearts and in your minds? Your children will first hear the terms “racism” and “slavery” for the first time in history class, because we pass a Constitutional Amendment declaring the matter settled.

You will remember us badly no more.

Hell, we can stop asking about race on any public form. We will be post-racial. Eventually our genes will mix, making us all roughly The Rock colored? Our societies integrate seamlessly as equals? That is what I want. So I’ll cosign on the deal and fight next to you to obtain it.

I’m asking uncomfortable questions, but I mean well. I honestly, as you are well aware, do not enjoy this issue. But I am willing to fight to win it for you because I mislike having an unresolved tort in my rear view mirror while I am trying to save the species.

So is that the bottom line? $348,108.11 checks and then we just let the economy run its course? Chips fall where they may? No more government intervention or inquiry because everything is fair?

I can mentally check the “DEBT PAID” box on my lifetime To Do list and move on?

You take it to your people.

If they agree I’ll take it to mine.

Let’s forget this sordid business and go get a beer? I’ll pay until we get your checks. Then you buy beers for me forever?

Muhammad Rasheed - Christopher wrote: "I feel vindicated that you chose to enshrine our discussion in a cartoon.”

I drew “That Growing Reparations Ticket” cartoon above in response to an early comment to the Bernie Sanders “Our Revolution” one. Somehow I missed your comments and didn’t see them until after I posted the one for today (“Inter-Party Bullying”).

Christopher wrote: "I’m not sure whether this was new, or drawn from your arsenal of pre-made work…”

All the WD work I post are made in the couple hours before they upload. Since I’m now posting my Gag-A-Day Weapon of the People: DECODED project in this Space, you’ll most likely only see the archived stuff now appear on my main Quora page (like that gun control one). If I post any of the old stuff in here, it’ll only be to make a specific point, and will be in addition to the Cartoons Daily one.

Christopher wrote: "…but I do not mind this manner of response one way or the other.”

Since I’m committed to this Gag-A-Day thing, sometimes you all’s comments will inspire the next day’s output. This will often correspond to days when I don’t comment in this Space, for a variety of reasons. Don’t take my absences personally, please. If I can respond to what seems like a fun/challenging comment (like these you’ve posted here), then I will. Sometimes you’ll have to wait for me to get to it, that’s all.

Christopher wrote: "How do we resolve this definitively? [...] The number you have in mind must be high indeed. [...] So you are tying the settlement amount (reparations) to 'ongoing systemic racism.' [...] So you want… What? An actually equal slice of the American Pie right this very moment?"

We resolve it definitively by:

1.) Dismantling anti-Black systemic racism

2.) Making up for its multi-generational economic damages

Racism siphoned wealth out of the Black communities by confiscating land, destroying Black business districts, politically disenfranchising Blacks and economically excluding the people from the mainstream as a unified special interest. The post-civil rights movement saw the rise of the “Assimilated Integrationist Token” era, which lured our best & brightest away to support white-owned institutions, leaving Black communities behind to become poorer and left vulnerable to the predators of for-profit prison grift schemes. The wealth generated by the quasi-Black middle class is plundered by the white-owned institutions that hold monopolies over many of the industries that previous generations of Blacks provided their own entrepreneurial solutions to for their own people. Now that wealth goes to others alone. All of this was DELIBERATE, must stop and be reversed.

Black people must be allowed to control their own political destiny for their own communities. We don’t need any more vote suppression and white politicians pretending like they are speaking for us. Please get out of the way; we can govern ourselves. Stop setting traps to prevent us from solving our own problems with the innovative spirit because you want to allow predatory, monopolizing outsiders to provide services to enrich themselves without that revenue aiding the Black community because it’s going outside. Break up those cartels and get out of our way. A few months ago I read an article where some town made it illegal for Black women to have home businesses where they provided hair care services in their own community… a regular staple of the Black Experience since forever. Some commercial salon franchise chain made a deal with the local gov to make it illegal for Black people to use their own skills unless they jumped through a bunch of expensive ‘crony capitalist’ red tape hoops, and since they aren’t likely to go through all of that, they just patronized the franchise shops, which is what the diabolical owners and their gov buddies wanted anyway.

Dismantle anti-Black systemic racism – stop PREYING UPON US!!!! – and get out of our way.

Next, make up for the damages done. The wealth gap is infamous. Our properties are deliberately undervalued. Legacy properties our ancestors owned were confiscated by dirty grift schemes using gov tax fraud. Et cetera. Now we have no savings, we hold less wealth than the communities that have been taking from us. Give us our land back. Give us lump sums of funds to make up for the loss of wealth taken. Land, with built in equity, and lump sums of cash so that poverty is now cured in the Black community. We’ll need loyal Black finance managers to aid in making it work for us as individuals, families and communities.

End anti-Black systemic racism and payout Reparatory Justice and don’t exploit/plunder us again. Leave us in peace to heal so we can thrive in our God given right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Tom Deyoung - Should reperations be paid to Irish Americans, and Chinese Americans as well?

Muhammad Rasheed - That's clearly two completely different threads of discussion that should be examined with representatives of those two groups. It functions only as a deflection in this here space considering both of those two groups are fully assimilated into the white aristocracy as either completely functional "WHITE PEOPLE," or as the so-called "model minority" approved by the white aristocracy, both enjoying full or most of the aristocracy's benefits that the Black American is STILL denied.

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