Thursday, January 10, 2019

Nasty Sounds of a Lower-Level Devil's Defense

Artist's Description
Anonymous - Why are black pedophiles so rare?

Muhammad Rasheed - They aren't rare, the offenders are just able to hide in plain sight due to the toxic fallacy of "respectability politics" held up as a false badge of honor in many Black households.

Many Black families hold onto the idea that if they show themselves to the world behind a mask of "perfect," that magically whites will push a button and dismantle anti-Black systemic racism. Of course that's ridiculous, but it has created the sub-cultural trait of not addressing horrors like pedophilia out of fear that the effort will cause too many people to know about the incident, causing a loss in prestige and unworthiness in the eyes of these mythical "white approvers."

These generations of Black people that have behaved in this way do themselves and the greater community a disservice, since it not only foolishly legitimizes the White Supremacist Ideology with this 'white savior/redeemer' mentality, but it would be far more healing for the community to step up in leadership to address the evil of pedophilia head-on as an example to society. The white racist aristocracy is set up to artificially make the lowest white person higher in socio-economic status to the highest Black person, and Blacks would prove that they really are better than the anti-Black propaganda promoted about them by taking the initiative to courageously attack these generational curses and actually cure them instead of unhelpfully pretending they don't exist.

MEDIUM: Scanned pen & ink cartoon drawing w/Adobe Photoshop color.

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