Friday, May 12, 2023

The Anti-Black Practice of Character Race-Swapping

Superman in blackface

Rasheed, Muhammad. "The Anti-Black Practice of Character Race-Swapping.'" Cartoon. The Official Website of Cartoonist M. Rasheed 00 Date 2023 [cartoon pending]. Permanent marker w/Adobe Photoshop color.

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Robert Underhill - The other day there was a post about MCU having Galactus in the next phase or when after the new Fantastic Four movie arrives, someone commented with a suggestion that MCU's Galactus should be a female character, supposedly to line up with the new phase with Marvel female superheroes agenda, I was angry at that suggestion. 

I believe Galactus, whatever the version MCU/Disney may produce, should remain and always as the male being. 

Here's why: Galactus was very much a creation of Jack Kirby. He also created the herald Silver Surfer. Stan Lee approved them and wrote them for the FF #48 The Coming of Galactus. 

In my opinion, should MCU/Disney produces a cinematic version of Galactus, at least they should put in digitally a part of Jack Kirby's face - the area around his nose, mouth, cheeks and chin - into Galactus, as a nice homage to Jack Kirby.

In 1983, I bought this special Marvel edition about the origin of Galactus and I loved that story, as I understand was a reprint of an earlier origin story from Marvel's Thor #169 (and retconned and added with new artwork by John Byrne and Ron Wilson).

Why I believe Jack Kirby's face should be in the cinematic version of Galactus. Well, Michael Golden did a nice rendering of Jack Kirby as Galactus a few years back, with a cigar. Lol (of course, Galactus won't have a cigar in the MCU phase). In another image, the close-up face of Kirby's rendering of Galactus made me suspected that Kirby drew in part of his own face on the Big G.
Kevin Feige, are you reading this?

Don G. Heick - All this gender and race swapping is lazy and wrong.

Muhammad Rasheed - It's just strategy to get around antitrust violations, pretending to be market inclusive by painting white characters (who are owned by white companies) brown and even filling monopolies full of "faux-diversity" hires with the dubious Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) programs. Functionally, it continues to lock Black Americans(ADOS) out of the ownership side of industry while pretending to be progressive. It's why affirmative action itself was a failed program, because it was just more anti-Black racism pretending to be otherwise.

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