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The Adversary Within


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Rasheed, Muhammad. "The Adversary Within." Cartoon. The Official Website of Cartoonist M. Rasheed 03 Oct 2020. Pen & ink w/Adobe Photoshop color.

Muhammad Rasheed - Infiltrating ADOS organizations, causing confusion and splitting them up from the inside has proven to be far more effective than outright white mob violence. Because of this, I don't think it's reasonable to respond in shock & outrage when ADOS asks to see some proof of loyalty.

We need to do a better job of being on code for the protection of this precious political movement. Does #ADOS need a formal standardization of online engagement across all social media?

Muhammad Rasheed - "[Hoover] feared us in our unity—the potential of a unified Black movement, self-conscious and armed."

Muhammad Rasheed - We must accept a certain amount of responsibility & accountabilty to the group if our individual or sub-group actions cause a reasonable suspicion. We need to be willing to be understandably transparent for the protection of the movement and the pro-Reparations momentum.

Recognize that the "reasonable suspicion" trigger should have a high degree of sensitivity precisely because of how vulnerable ADOS organizations are to diabolical skinfolk infiltration. Don't get mad, just transparently show your ID. #WarTimeRules

Even inside of the last couple of years, we saw that diabolical anti-ADOS dialog between Talib Kweli and Boyce Watkins, and we saw how Tariq behaved with his fake-out. 

This is not a game; it's the difference between Freedom versus slavery. Getting together in smaller cliques and using skills & talents to do our part to increase #ADOS awareness is GREAT — but recognize that out-of-the-box moves can LOOK A CERTAIN WAY. Be prepared to explain yourself to the group and don't get offended at basic accountability if the success of ADOS as an ethnic group is indeed your goal.

Pandora_1177 - Is discernment lacking in the Black community? Yea or Nay? And tell me why.

Muhammad Rasheed - At no point in the ADOS ethnic group's 400 yr history have we ever been as good at unifying and protecting each other across all sub-political identity lines as white people have. Our fractured tribalism among ourselves is our biggest weakness.

Our white supremacist enemy is expert in exploting that weakness and has done so across the globe throughout the entire European Imperialist era. It is vital that we develop the skill to unify and protect one another from this.

The #ADOS political unification movement is the best thing to have ever happened to us since the abolishment of slavery, and we need to fully take advantage of the brand, embrace it and all stand under its umbrella for our mutual comraderie and protection of each other. #OnCode.

We have to overcome our fractured tribalist mentality in order to do this, which by its nature, compromises our powers of discernment. We are more likely to reject the group in favor of our individual sub-tribe—little different than how Flag Twitter acts among themselves.

Please recognize this weakness, how our enemy has traditionally manipulated us through it with skinfolk saboteurs to keep us forever unstable, and embrace #ADOS so we can Rise and Thrive.

We absolutely MUST politically unify under #ADOS and guard and protect each other for our mutual benefit as an ethnic group. To do so successfully will be the secret to all future successes. Because of this, you can guarantee that there will be continued attacks against #ADOS from within & without -- efforts to slander and discredit Tone & Yvette will increase, and our natural tribalist weakness will make us vulnerable to believing foolishness. Shame on us if we do.

Pandora_1177 - Politically and spiritually we are not their yet (my opinion).

Muhammad Rasheed - Of course we're not. It's a skill we have zero experience in performing and the effort will take many, many mistakes & failures to finally master.

White people had the unlimited wealth amassed from our exploitation to motivate them to do it. Will it take Reparations for us to? Or will the wealth of Reparations cause us to fragment into individual tribes even MORE, making us even more vulnerable to our wily predatory foe?

jeffreylogics - M. Rasheed wrote: "Our fractured tribalism among ourselves is our biggest weakness."

To each his own...But #ADOS has taken us way past this weak ass assessment... [apples 2 oranges]

Muhammad Rasheed - You think my assessment is weak? Show me the holes in my logic train, please. Let's discuss.

jeffreylogics - You are comparing apples to oranges to start with

Muhammad Rasheed - You're talking about us vs white people and our identity politics unity?

jeffreylogics - This comparison is like taking Lebrun James to a high school game and telling the high schoolers why aren’t they working better as a team. 2 different universe it does no justice to compare them it’s more of a disservice

Muhammad Rasheed - 1.) Strength comes from working together as a unified special interest. That's how the high-level politics game is played.

2.) White people are the dominant group and our traditional enemy. Their biggest weapon is playing upon our disunity.

This is the point of my thread. If we hope to be successful in achieving our long-term goals at all, it will need to start as a unified #ADOS in greater group cohension than we have ever achieved before.

jeffreylogics - How intelligent and structured do you have to be in order to create a slave up rising?

Muhammad Rasheed - You need to be intelligent & structured enough to identify and successfully defend yourself against the tried-n-true tactics of your centuries old traditional enemy. Minor, emotion-led, scattered skirmishes here & there have proven weak enough for him to effectively squash.

jeffreylogics - #BlackWallstreet contradicts your entire thesis. You are viewing us through the lens of the success White men have so from the jump your analysis is flawed.

Muhammad Rasheed - The #BlackWallstreet community lived during forced jim crow segregation and worked as a close-knit community for survival in a system they had no choice in. The secret to their success is still that they worked together, even after the massacre when they successfully recovered.

Show me how I'm wrong using the #BlackWallstreet example, please.

Muhammad Rasheed - jeffrey wrote: "You are viewing us through the lens of the success White men have"

I'm viewing us through the lens of politics and how it is supposed to function as a tool to uplift the group. We are disenfranchised and deliberately locked out of that game.

jeffreylogics - That’s it you are saying we don’t have that. I’m saying we do and always have. #BlackWallstreet proves we have all the things you say we don’t. But we are forced to operate under constraints white men dont. It’s not intellectually inappropriate to expect the same results [apples 2 oranges]

Muhammad Rasheed - jeffrey wrote: "That’s it you are saying we don’t have that."

We DON'T have that. At various times in the last 400 yrs we had it closer in greather or lesser isoloated pockets, but the fact that we became completely disunified in a single generation of 'Integration' reveals our weakness.

It would not have been so easy for Hoover's infiltration programs to sabotage our organizations as effectively as he did if a disunified tribalism wasn't a flaw of ADOS we need to overcome.

jeffreylogics - Then why would you assess us a failing know we can’t operate the same? The results have to be different doesn’t mean failure You expectations are not in alone with the reality of the situation

Muhammad Rasheed
- I'm not sure what you mean by "operate the same." Whites function as a bullying criminal overclass, and I'm certainly not advocating that we mimic that mess. Politics is played by competing special interest groups, but our special interest group is more disunified than them all.

The shameful fruit of this disunity is that we blindly vote for our party—with our rivals exploiting our political capital to further their own agendas—while we receive nothing at all in return and grow increasingly more impoverished.

Muhammad Rasheed - jeffrey wrote: "BlackWallstreet proves we have all the things you say we don’t."

Not so. In the scheme of things that community only represented one of the fragmented tribes of the disunified ADOS whole.

labella131313 - If ADOS had historically been tribal then ADOS wouldn't be new conceptually. Moreover, I'd question framing whites as good at unification.

Muhammad Rasheed - Throughout the history of the ADOS ethnic group, there have always been competing ideologies among us, fiercely debating the best course of action in our liberation and empowerment. These conflicts were easy fodder for the enemy to fan the flames of inner-group wars, which is his specialty.

The descendants of the light-skinned ethnic tribes of Europe were so good at unification, that they created the white racist aristocracy—spanning across all class, creed and ideological lines—at our expense.

MEDIUM: Scanned pen & ink cartoon drawing w/Adobe Photoshop color.

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