Sunday, October 11, 2020

Once Upon a Time in the 20th Century


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Rasheed, Muhammad. "Once Upon a Time in the 20th Century." Cartoon. The Official Website of Cartoonist M. Rasheed 11 Oct 2020. Pen & ink w/Adobe Photoshop color.

Caesar - I still don’t understand how this is feasible for 40 million of us. And a man dedicating his entire life to a continent that he never even saw was foolish.

[VIDEO] Kwame Ture on Marcus Garvey’s Dedication to Africa | Twitter

mi_keezy - Why does no one ever ask why, if Garvey's heart was so set on resettling in Africa, after all was said and done, did he ended up retiring to Europe instead?

Was Africa only desirable place for Garvey to be ONLY if he could return with an #ADOS entourage in tow?

Muhammad Rasheed - That African cotton wasn't gonna pick itself.

mi_keezy - ...nor those ground nuts or that palm oil, etc...

mi_keezy - Don't ever let any African tell you that colonization for them was equal or even comparable to American chattel slavery.

It's during that period a very educated & wealth elite class of Africans were given tools & training to show up in America and usurp #ADOS who were denied.

mi_keezy - Ask yourselves...

What infrastructure was being developed in your #ADOS communities during the same period.

How many of your neighbors were being trained as, educators, doctors & nurses in that same period.

[VIDEO] A Glimpse Into How Nigeria Looked Before Independence, 1948 | YouTube

mi_keezy - The irony is that during the 20's, 30's & 40's, the Western Colonizers were conducting massive infrastructure projects all over Africa.

[VIDEO] A taste of 1930s middle-class Lagos | YouTube

Muhammad Rasheed - That sounds more than just "ironic." It sounds suspicious af. Was Garvey a direct ancestor of Candace Owens...?

mi_keezy - I don't know...

I do know he was good friends with an Egyptian-Sudanese Muslim by the name Duse Mohamad Ali, who eventually retired to Nigeria after Garvey was deported from America & retired to England.

Muhammad Rasheed - these motherfuckers...

They killed Malcolm because he peeped that fake "black empowerment" bamboozle that Elijah's "black messiah" peer group had been running for fucking decades.

Muhammad Rasheed - Malcolm X was killed, but not Elijah Mohammed, Marcus Garvey, W.D. Fard, Noble Drew Ali, Louis Farrakhan, etc.?

The early 20th century was FULL of mysterious figures recruiting armies of ADOS to join their movements.

Of all those "black messiahs," why only kill Malcolm?

Muhammad Rasheed - The US gov assassinated everyone who were REAL & TRUE that Hoover genuinely feared as legitimate threats to white supremacy.

Dr. King because he was coming to get that Reparations check, and Malcolm X because he saw through the fake grifter "black empowerment" movement groups.

mi_keezy - Makes you wonder why an #ADOS following was so important to these movement that lead absolutely nowhere.

Muhammad Rasheed - As the Civil Rights movement built up to a predictable crescendo, grifter social scientists were trying to at best position themselves as real "black messiahs" to use our force to create their own personal armies to compete with white supremacy (or just for greedy, self-serving reasons to live like priest-kings), or they were Western intelligence agent false prophets assigned to mitigate the legit natural uprising of the people threat with fake movements. Of course, these characters could always attempt to go rogue and attempt to seize power, like the many examples of Western intelligence assets set up as African/middle eastern dictators would often do.

Muhammad Rasheed – Caesar wrote: “I still don’t understand how this is feasible for 40 million of us”

It's clearly not feasible at all, and the actual point was to indoctrinate us into agreeing to a blind, zombie-like, quasi-religious devotion to a variety of nefarious exploitative powers planning to transform all of Africa into a manageable resource base for a 1% criminal overclass monopolized industry.

Muhammad Rasheed - NOT fitting into those plans was the enfranchised, empowered, economically included #ADOS that Malcolm X and Dr. King envisioned for us.

And THAT'S why they had to go.

Caesar - Pan-Africanists living in the US <<<

Don't talk to me about Pan-Africanism while voluntarily staying in this white ass country.

Muhammad Rasheed - It's hard to recruit an army of brainwashed ("Wakanda Forever!" "Popeye's Chicken Sandwiches Forever!") ADOS slaves from all the way in Africa. They gotta whisper that to you up close & personal like... 

MEDIUM: Scanned pen & ink cartoon drawing w/Adobe Photoshop color.

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