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What is White Supremacy?


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Rasheed, Muhammad. "What is White Supremacy?" Cartoon. The Official Website of Cartoonist M. Rasheed 29 Oct 2020. Pen & ink w/Adobe Photoshop color. 

Long Tom - Well, one thing I absolutely agree with you on.  Namely Barack Obama not being like most other blacks in the USA, as he was fathered by an African man who disappeared and being raised by a white family.  Also it should be noted that he spent much of his childhood in Indonesia.  The people who call him a Kenyan certainly don't have a clue!

Muhammad Rasheed - Long Tom wrote: "Namely Barack Obama not being like most other blacks in the USA..."

There's lots of different Black groups in America, each of them proudly reps their own national flag and specific ethnic group whenever they get the chance. It's weird that webkilla pretended that there was something wrong with my own ethnic group doing the same thing. lol I have no idea what it means when he does it.

webkilla - Well Tom - he did say that his beef with 'bama was that he wasn't a black person from a former slave family. He's incredibly narrow-minded in that sense, of who he wants to include among his chosen few.

Muhammad Rasheed - Long Tom, that's not what I said. I said that Obama courted the ADOS vote by mimicking us as if he 100% empathized with our struggle and would be our group's representative, taking advantage of the fact that we ere disenfranchised and had no lobby or formal Black Political Agenda. Once he got in office, he ignored us and used his power and resource to build up our Democratic Party rivals in addition to increasing the number of white millionaires from 4 million to 12 million during his 2-terms in office. Obama pretended to be me to get my vote only to snub me once he was in. That's the nature of my beef.

The entire saga of The First Black President, Inc.™ turned out to be one big long-con at our expense. 

Crazy J - Only if they voluntarily immigrated here. Like Nigerians or Jamaicans. But if they came here voluntarily then they have no right to bitch about things. Seriously, you voluntarily came to a "white supremacist" nation and you expect the things to be sunshine and roses?

And why are these idiots so proud of the shithole they just escaped?

Muhammad Rasheed - Crazy J wrote: "Only if they voluntarily immigrated here. Like Nigerians or Jamaicans."

I did not. I'm the 400 yr old American Descendants of Slavery who came over along the infamous Middle Passage involuntarily on those great stinking ships.

Crazy J wrote: "But if they came here voluntarily then they have no right to bitch about things. Seriously, you voluntarily came to a "white supremacist" nation and you expect the things to be sunshine and roses?"


Crazy J wrote: "And why are these idiots so proud of the shithole they just escaped?"

Mixed messaging.

webkilla - Crazy, you're right, but then he seems to think that non-slave-originating black immigrants are somehow magically used to downplay how his flavor of blacks were treated, making it out as if they're running interference for evil whitey. Its paranoid delusions all around

Crazy J - I never understood why black Muslims were so pissed about the slave trade 400 years ago when Islam is pretty OK with slavery to begin with. After all the prophet Muhammad was a slave owner who traded in slaves, and in Muslim parts of Africa it's still practice to this day.

Muhammad Rasheed - Crazy J wrote: "I never understood why black Muslims"

"Black Muslim" is a term reserved for Farrakhan's NOI group. I'm not a part of the NOI, I'm an orthodox Muslim.

Crazy J wrote: "were so pissed about the slave trade 400 years ago"

The American slave trade was abolished only 150 yrs ago. I'm pissed because the people who benefited from the Über-lucrative chattel slave economy still to this day refuse to pay out the accrusing Reparatory Justice debt to make that evil right so the country can get pass its original sin.

Crazy J wrote: "when Islam is pretty OK with slavery to begin with [...] and in Muslim parts of Africa it's still practice to this day."

"Islam" isn't okay with slavery at all. The decision to continue the practice is based on greed, not the religion, no different than why Christian European nations indulged in it -- love of money has a way of getting people to supplant their morals & ethics.

Crazy J wrote: "After all the prophet Muhammad was a slave owner who traded in slaves"

No, he wasn't.

webkilla - yes he was you lying cherry-picker you, but do keep on lying and cherry picking - it'll just make for juicier footnotes in the review if I ever bother updating it :)

stay salty

Muhammad Rasheed - No. The prophet wasn't a slave owner who traded in slaves. He had one slave whom he adopted as his son once he received his prophethood commission and understood how God actually felt about slavery. 

izzus - Do you care about the negative effects of illegal immigration on the black community?

Muhammad Rasheed - I care about the negative effects of hostile grifting immigrants and their scams inflicted upon the Black American descendants of slavery on behalf of their white supremacist handlers.

izzus - So are you pro-Build the Wall?

And a follow up question: How do the white people use illegal immigrants to hurt the black community?

Muhammad Rasheed - izzus wrote: "So are you pro-Build the Wall?"

lol No. Trump, Inc.'s wall scheme was never anything more than a cash-grab confidence trick. His contractors charge the US government billions, threw up some cheap fencing and pocketed the rest.

izzus wrote: "And a follow up question: How do the white people use illegal immigrants to hurt the black community?"

The Black American descendants of slavery are the 400 yr old ethnic group who have never been paid the Reparations they were due after chattel was formally abolished, and have been continuously exploited and plunder in the 150 yrs since, prevented from building up legacy wealth over the generations. Consequently, the bill due for Reparations has grown significantly with a current etimation of $17-20 trillion. The white racist aristocracy not only doesn't want to give us our money, but more importantly, they still do not want to share wealth, land & rule with the Black American former slave class. So to block us from climbing the socio-economic ladder as a group, they signed the 1965 Immigration act to bring over Black immigrants to replace us as "the face of Black America." The immigrants will pretend to be us, will loudly proclaim that "we" don't want Reparations, and whites will go on ignoring the long overdue debt to the native Black American ethnic group.

webkilla - 17-20 trillion USD... that is, roughly, a the current annual US GDP right now if I got the numbers right. So if you took ALL the money generated by the US economy and pooled in a single bank account for a whole year then you'd have enough to pay out what Rasheed is asking for. Everyone in the US's earnings, for a whole year, given to his little group of snowflakes.

holy shit that is fucking delusional.

also, in slightly more lulzy news: it seems that rasheed finally got around to posting a super salty comic making fun of us!

sauce: A Special Category of Racist by M. Rasheed

Muhammad Rasheed - webkilla wrote: "So if you took ALL the money generated by the US economy [...] Everyone in the US's earnings"

The US finance system is run on fiat credit, starting in 1913, managed and manipulated freely by the Federal Reserve. We haven't been on a precious metals standard since the 1970s -- currently they literally just wish money into existence as they like, recruiting the best & brightest brains to help manage the obligatory economic bubbles that threaten to collapse the system at any moment. Thus far they seem confident that they can keep those balls juggling in the air for the forseeable future and can they can just add my Reparations ticket to the nation's budget like they do everything else, including other groups' reparations payouts. They can space mine out over a decade to keep the bubble ripples at a minimum. It actually wouldn't be a big deal for them to do it on the technical side, the problem is on the social side and the fact that they just don't want to share the great wealth of the nation that my people generated. That's the only hurdle: the innate selfishness of cartels of greeldy white men.

I don't know how Denmark managed to escape also being under the fiat credit central banking system, or perhaps you are under it and are just ignorant of its workings.

webkilla wrote: "it seems that rasheed finally got around to posting a super salty comic making fun of us!"

This one actually represents an amalgamation of similar views expressed about me and my work by equally racist jackasses on 4chan, reddit, kiwifarms and tapatalk all summaraized in one toon. I have made a few already that were directly inspired by this tapatalk thread discussion, but as predicted, you aren't self-aware enough to recognize your own caricatured behavior and/or ideology.

izzus - I don't know why you guys dislike Rasheed so much, he's anti-Federal Reserve lol.

Muhammad Rasheed - IKR?! lol

Long Tom - So what do you say about Milton Friedman, the late economist who also disliked the Federal Reserve?

Muhammad Rasheed - Friedman would have preferred for us to go back to the precious metal standard and gotten rid of the private banks altogether, with the US gov solely in charge of the monetary supply. In this we agreed. But his opinions and advice from within the Federal Reserve's fiat credit system, although interesting (he wanted us to take away interest rate control from the human fact and give it to a more objective computer algorithm, for example), don't mean over much and came across as hopelessly naive, since the demon princes of that side of the criminal overclass maintain their control for precisely self-serving reasons and it didn't matter what Friedman theorized and advised about their inner machinations anyway. 

izzus - What I'm understanding is that he had some good theories, but they couldn't be implemented in practice. Is that correct?

Muhammad Rasheed - Basically, Friedman's default position on finance policy was the one healthiest for the country and the general populace, but the one we implemented was the one chosen by the self-serving 1% criminal overclass. Friedman tried to help them manage that system so that it would serve the general populace, too, but naturally his ideas were snubbed by that diabolical cabal.

NolanDaneworth - Whenever i read, listen or watch something related to USA (mostly YT videos) i constantly see the residents using that term (white supremacy), yet noone, not even once, tried to elaborate what that even means.

White supremacy. Supremacy in what ? Do i get better jobs only because im white ? Employers look for better skills for cheaper salaries. If what, stereotypical jokes about indians and chinese are more applicable to that sense. Im sure legal immigrants are likely to get jobs cuz they can be payed less than native residents for relatively same skillset. I judge this basing on my country where we have a fucktons of ppl from caucasus cuz their own socio-economy is shit.

Do i get better social status/attitude ? This might be partly true only because stereotypes still exist: like ppl of ethnics are more likely to commit crimes. But any rational reasonable ppl know that this is not a fact, but rather bad statistical representation. I mean, looking at this stats - white ppl in total committed more crimes than the rest, yet somehow ppl of ethnics are more on the sight. Maybe if you lot tried to fight this issue it might help a bit. I dunno.

And i dont even know else can be addressed into "white supremacy".

Muhammad Rasheed - NolanDaneworth - "i constantly see the residents using that term (white supremacy), yet noone, not even once, tried to elaborate what that even means. White supremacy. Supremacy in what ?"

[EXCERPT - The Racial Contract by Dr. Charles W. Mills, Distinguished Professor of Philosophy at The Graduate Center, City University of New York]

"White supremacy is the unnamed political system that has made the modern world what it is today.

"You will not find this term in introductory, or even advanced, texts in political theory. A standard undergraduate philosophy course will start off with Plato and Aristotle, perhaps say something about Augustine, Aquinas, and  Machiavelli, move on to Hobbes, Locke, Mill, and Marx, and then wind up with Rawls and Nozick. It will introduce you to notions of aristocracy, democracy, absolutism, liberalism, representative government, socialism, welfare capitalism, and libertarianism. But though it covers more than two thousand years of Western political thought and runs the ostensible gamut of political systems, there will be no mention of the basic political system that has shaped the world for the past several hundred years. And this omission is not accidental.

"Rather, it reflects the fact that standard textbooks and courses have for the most part been written and designed by whites, who take their racial privilege so much for granted that they do not even see it as political, as a form of domination. Ironically, the most important political system of recent global history-the system of domination by which white people have historically ruled over and, in certain important ways, continue to rule over nonwhite people-is not seen as a political system at all. It is just taken for granted; it is the background against which other systems, which we are to see as political are highlighted."


White supremacy is the foundational ideology of Western Civilization that guides the actions—both consciously and unconsciously—of the colluding cartels of greedy white men who usurp govenment and industry to hoard the benefits of wealth & rule for the white racist aristocracy (and their simpering "POC/BIPOC" support class) alone. It remains deliberately hidden as a formal ideology in mainstream institutions of thought to prevent it from being formally challenged as its destructive effects are clear as an exclusivist ideology that favors whites at the expense of the Black American former slave class specifically.  It's in the white racist aristocracy's best interest to prevent it from being formally acknowledged as a fully-completed system of thought to protect it from scrutiny (contrast this with the vigorous international debate over the chattel slave institution of the previous era), and it is instead indoctrinated into the populace as a matter-of-fact casual truth of life itself to be passively accepted by all. 

X-files-the-syndicate.jpg (75.66KiB)
NolanDaneworth - It still does not answer what supposed Supremacy or Privilege i have over other people. The term itself implies that i have something what others dont. Am i treated softer by the court/cops ? Do i get things first than others ? Do i get more things with the same amount of money ?

If you mean that white people in general have more wealth (which i'd like to put into merit, btw, because how do you distribute something you can't calculate ?) and have more power in politics, then this is purely country-based thing, not global-based. Because different part of globe has different ethnics dispersion.

Taking this thread in the form of theoretical situation (that we can apply to any media like twitter, facebook, etc etc etc):

2 ppl, one is europid and other is POC, having a dispute on opposite worldviews. The POC calling the other "white supremacist". So, what exact meaning do they put into it ? The white guy is in the ruling class ? That he is dominating over POC ? I dont understand at all. I watch it over and over and over how people throw "you are just supremacist" yet no explanation on what they imply.

webkilla - That's the problem with identity politics Nolan - its judging you by your race, not by your actions.

kyrtuck - White Supremacy is simply the opinion that whites are the best, smartest race, and everyone else is inferior.

It is possible for poor white people to have this opinion. In fact poor disenfranchised whites may have that opinion because they want to be valued for something, so it may as well be their culture, heritage and ancestral acomplishments.

White Privelege is a bit beyond me tho.

Muhammad Rasheed - NolanDaneworth wrote: "It still does not answer what supposed Supremacy or Privilege i have over other people." 

I can only interpret that as you either didn't read my post at all, you didn't understand it, or you're being deliberately obtuse in a petty illustration of how white supremacy actually functions.

White people conspired across class and ideological lines to form an aristocracy that grants them socio-economic status over Black Americans specifically, and non-whites in general in a tiered hierarchy.  In practice it is a criminal overclass over non-whites, in which whites routinely break antitrust and anti-discrimination laws with impunity to hoard weath and rule for themselves. The poorest white has a median wealth of $17,000 compared to zero for the poorest Black people's median wealth. The white-controlled government is more lenient on white criminals or doesn't punish them at all, provides more money, land, lower interest rates, etc., to white people enabling them to secure a higher quality of life as befits their artifically maintained white racist aristocracy. They then target Black people for plunder and exploitative practices to keep that group in a subjugated state as a wealthless bottom caste.

White supremacy gives white people a faux-lordship status over other groups. It only works because whites stick together in colluding cliques and cartels and agree to selfish criminal behavior in which they steal the benefits of society while locking others out of access to those same benefits. This is done at all levels of government and society at large in Westerrn civiliation.
Muhammad Rasheed - kyrtuck wrote: "White Supremacy is simply the..."

I posted what white supremacy was as explained by the Distinguished Professor of Philosophy at The Graduate Center, City University of New York. The fact that you simply ignored him to spew your uniformed rhetoric as if it was magically of value just because you are white was a demonstration of white supremacy in action. lol

Well done. I'm not sure I could have asked for a better timed illustration.

kyrtuck - I dont need professors to rule my life, regardless of what their melaine is.

Muhammad Rasheed - You think he's "ruling your life" by formally defining the term for the body of human knowledge from detailed study of the system within the record of historical facts.

And you actually expect me to take your opinions seriously. smh 

Long Tom - I think this discussion can be terminated as of now.

Muhammad Rasheed - lol It turns out they don't really like having their faces mushed into their own shit after working so hard to convince everyone else it was actually pudding.

'Bye, guys!

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