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SHOCKING! Origins of the Radical Islamacists

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Rasheed, Muhammad. "SHOCKING! Origins of the Radical Islamacists." Cartoon. The Official Website of Cartoonist M. Rasheed 12 Oct 2020. Pen & ink w/Adobe Photoshop color.

NolanDaneworth - I want to meddle with the "islam is not peaceful" for a bit.

Back when i only enrolled university, i got to know a guy, resident of Caucasus and muslim, he is a part of Sufism (Tassawuf) movement that is actually considered peaceful movement of islam. And when i got in discussion with him about islam, he told me that only fundamentalists and puritans are extremistic, the most notorious of which are among Wahhabism (since the talking back there was about our country it was more about those regions like Afgan and so).

webkilla - It's almost as if ISIS was shorthand for ISLAMIC STATE and was headed by an islamic scholar who had a university degree in studying islam, and based all of their laws on islam - including the ones that informed burning people alive, throwing homosexuals off rooftops, genocide, slavery... its all derived from the quran

Muhammad Rasheed - Nolan wrote: "And when i got in discussion with him about islam, he told me that only fundamentalists and puritans are extremistic..."

I disagree. According to the actual definition of fundamentalist ("a person who believes in the strict, literal interpretation of scripture in a religion"), the violent terror extremists wouldn't behave the way they do if they strictly followed the literal interptetation of the Qur'an. What I told these two knuckleheads about Allah commanding the believers to stop fighting once the enemy ceased their aggression and only fight in defense was true.

Nolan wrote: "the most notorious of which are among Wahhabism (since the talking back there was about our country it was more about those regions like Afgan and so)."

Calling the Wahhabist sect "fundamentalist" is problematic for numerous comical reasons. First, here's what Allah said in the Qur'an over some very important points worth referencing now and in the future:

Holy Qur'an (5:4 - excerpt):
This day have I perfected your religion for you, completed My favor upon you, and have chosen for you Islam as your religion.

Holy Qur'an (6:159):
As for those who divide their religion and break up into sects, thou hast no part in them in the least: their affair is with Allah: He will in the end tell them the truth of all that they did.

Holy Qur'an (23:53-54):
But people have cut off their affair of unity between them into sects: each party rejoices in that which is with itself. But leave them in their confused ignorance for a time.

Note that Allah said that:

1) His approved religion of Al-Islam consists only of what He commanded in the Qur'an and how the prophet personally demonstrated how to perform the ritual rites of faith. NOTHING ELSE produced after-the-fact can pretend to be the religion of Islam and that certainly would include all of the "schools of thought" claptrap produced by these unauthorized sects.

2) Dividing the religion up into sects is BAD. None of the sects are legitimate, and they are all in a state of sin simply by claiming a sect. In other words, these patently anti-Islamic savage "extremist" activities come out of these fradulent "schools of thought" as produced by these equally anti-Islamic and fradulent sects. All of their claims are suspect and nonsense.

The founder of the Wahabist sect, Muhammad ibn ʿAbd al-Wahhab, was already a specialized scholar of a sect's 'school of thought' before he colluded with the House of Saud to form an anti-Islamic "royal" dynasty founded on a yet another brand new sect with its own 'school of thought.' NONE of that shit is Islamic, and to continuously default/refer to that sectarian confused mess as "fundamentalist"  despite the Qur'an's unambiguous position aganst all of it  is the very height of ignorance on the topic. Yet the average Westerner can't wait to accept that kind of deceitful speak at face value because they just dont know otherwiseor do they? After-all, the rise of the House of Saud + ibn ʿAbd al-Wahhab alliance just happened to coordinate with the aid of Sir Winston Churchill. hahahaha And since the legendarily corrupt British Petroleum (BP) developed DIRECTLY FROM THAT PACT it is clear that the religious angle was a smoke & mirrors act from the very beginning. These wealthy and greed-fueled puppetmasters indoctrinated the people into believing their self-serving monarchy-corporate law was "Islamic fundamentalist" in nature, when nothing could be further from the truth.

Actual fundamentalists (such as I) do as Allah and His prophet instructed and are a people of Peace unless provoked. They do not inflict indiscriminate destruction and terror in order to guard the assets of a Western-influenced, Über-wealthy, Godless criminal overclass pretending to be a special holy royal priest-class of Muslims.

Muhammad Rasheed - webkilla wrote: "It's almost as if ISIS was shorthand for..."

ISIL/ISIS is a politically empowered Western asset placed on the field by American foreign interventionalism during Ronald Reagan's presidency. Nothing about this represents Al-Islam other than their appropriation of terminology to fool unsophisticated, gullible idiots like you.

webkilla wrote: "and based all of their laws on islam - including the ones that informed burning people alive, throwing homosexuals off rooftops, genocide, slavery... its all derived from the quran"

Literally none of that is endorsed in the Qur'an. Literally. lol You just pulled a nonsense lie out of your monkey butt and posted it.

webkilla wrote: "and if you don't think islam has priests, then I think Iran would disagree with you a bit."

Does that mean you think "Iran" is Allah? lol That's all I could come up with. Do you think the modern Iranian government revealed the 1,500 yr old Qur'an to prophet Muhammad, or what? What did that new stupid shit you wrote mean? Explain.

webkilla - M. Rasheed wrote: "Literally none of that is endorsed in the Qur'an"

its not difficult to google these things. Chapter 27, Verse 54, The Ant - ISIS claimed to have a religious mandate, and based everything they did on a literalist interpretation of sharia law. The then-caliph, the now late Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, said himself that it was very important for him that his regime operated on islamic sharia law.

In 2016 ISIS released a document called "Clarification the hudud" - basically explaining how to punish various crimes, which are fixed and mandated by allah according to ISIS. my source is the Global Extremism Monitor, an organization that tracks shit like that.

So please, go suck sixteen horse dicks

and last time I checked, Iran is an islamic theocracy... so... They have priests, they have priests in charge of their government - that was my point, i never claimed that they invented islam, you pedantic pig-fucker.

Muhammad Rasheed - webkilla wrote: "its not difficult to google these things. Chapter 27, Verse 54, The Ant"


Holy Qur'an (27:54-58):
54. We also sent Lot as a messenger: behold, He said to his people, "Do ye do what is shameful though ye see its iniquity?
55. Would ye really approach men in your lusts rather than women? Nay, ye are a people grossly ignorant!
56. But his people gave no other answer but this: they said, "Drive out the followers of Lot from your city: these are indeed men who want to be clean and pure!"
57. But We saved him and his family, except his wife; her We destined to be of those who lagged behind.
58. And We rained down on them a shower of brimstone: and evil was the shower on those who were admonished but heeded not!

The literal fundamentalist interpretation of the Sodom & Gamorrah tale is that God punished the people who rejected His project's message, just like He punished the disbelieving people of Noah before that. Note that God did not wipe out the people of Jesus (peace be upon him!) for rejecting the Gospel because they already believed (they will be dealt with on the Day of Judgment).

webkilla wrote: "ISIS claimed to have a religious mandate"

If this were so, then by what authority did they have to punish disbelievers when scripture demonstrated that:

1) Only Allah did the punishing
2) Allah only wiped out populations for their disbelief during the Age of the Prophets (from Adam to Muhammad)
3) Allah did NOT wipe out already believing communities who rejected specific prophets
4) Muslims aren't to go around killing other Muslims, which of course is ISIL/ISIS' suspicious speciality

So obviously, ISIL/ISIS are not demonstrating "fundamentalism," since their actionsfar from reflecting skilled scriptural analysis or even basic literacy for that matteronly reflect what they make up in the emotional moment like any other group of savage mercenary warlords.

webkilla wrote: "and based everything they did on a literalist interpretation of sharia law"

Even if that were true, the sharia law is only the Muslim equivalent of the talmudic law and is not a strict fundamentalist doctrine. Anything produced after the point that Allah said He now perfected our religion for us, is NOT of Islam. Period. It's not difficult, as you say.

webkilla wrote: "which are fixed and mandated by allah according to ISIS. my source is the Global Extremism Monitor,"

lol If it's supposed to be "fixed and mandated by Allah" then your source SHOULD be the Qur'an which Allah hath revealed. Only that would prove ISIS' claim. This was a clear weak attempt to bluff me (why would I give a shit about this "Global Extremism Monitor???") since you're apparently too scared to search for the relevant verses in the Qur'an itself to support your position.


webkilla wrote: "and last time I checked, Iran is an islamic theocracy... so... They have priests"

Priests are not of Islam. And the twelver Shia Islamic sect is the official state religion of Iran, to which about 90% to 95% of the population adhere. So they follow the original splinter sect and perform a broken and unauthorized interpretation anyway, proving your point was as moot as I implied. Stop resurrecting dead points you can't defend. Once I smash it, it's smashed. Let proven bullshit die where it falls.

webkilla - You claim that islam didn't punish sodomy or apostacy before white people somehow tricked/made muslims start doing so. the fuck do you recon that islam didn't start executing apostates and sodomites until after white colonialists somehow made them? Proof plox?

Muhammad Rasheed - 1) There's nothing in the Qur'an that commands the believers to do these things, therefore it is not of Islam. The practice had to have come from somewhere else, either as holdover from the pre-Islam era, or influenced from an outsider source.

2) and European colonialist era records reveal it was an extreme law the Western occupiers invented to keep peace among the various ethnic-cultural groups they were subjugating for their barbaric and self-serving Imperialist resource theft.

Why Blasphemy Laws Are Actually Anti-Islamic by Faisal Kutty, Associate Professor of Law & Director of the International LL.M. Program

NolanDaneworth - I want to ask question, how is that people would know if any manuscript/holy writing is The Actual word of god ?

Books dont fall from the sky, dont come out of thin air - they are man made products. So how can one be confident, that what is written is not a make-believe story like fairytale ? Do we Just Know that prophet's words are without any shades of doubt, 9001% god's words ?

Kinda suspicious.

I follow the agnosticism when it comes to religion department. We aren't capable of knowing any of these 'objective truths' through subjective experience.

Muhammad Rasheed - Nolan wrote: "how is that people would know if any manuscript/holy writing is The Actual word of god ?"

There is only One God and the revealed message to humankind is the same at its core, reflected in the enduring scripture of the ages throughout our species' existence. We've been hearing the Voice of that message in our cultural traditions since the first homo sapiens sprang forth. God said that He raised up prophets among all peoples to preach His Word to guide us aright -- some of those prophets He mentioned in scripture to illustrate a specfic point, but most we've never heard of -- and the message has always been the same:

1) Believe in the One God who made you
2) Perform righteous deeds in the earth
3) Reject evil deeds
4) Repent when you mess up and be not obstinate in doing wrong
5) Die NOT! except in the state of a believer

This is the message of our Guardian Lord that first humanized us, that raised us up from our base animal state. This deceptively simple, but quite challenging message commands is threaded through all sacred scripture on earth. Many of them have become so convoluted with the made up pagan taint smeared upon them after-the-fact that you practically have to be an expert linguist and master of a given people's archao-cultures in order to find the original kernel of what their original prophets taught them, but it's definitely there. Study and know the Lord's Divine Voice and you will find the thread ummistakable. It's even easier when you manage to identify their actual prophet, too -- now barely recognizable after all of the ridiculous and blasphemous deifyied spangled ornamentation the figure may currently wear. But once you know, it's easy enough to strip all of that foolishness away to reveal the humble and brave servant of the One God beneath.

Nolan wrote: "Books dont fall from the sky [,,,] Do we Just Know that prophet's words are without any shades of doubt, 9001% god's words ?"

The difference here is the Divine Revelation as preached directly by the prophet in God's Name versus what the body of believers did with that message once they received it. For the children of Israel, they famously carried the collected messages of the string of [mostly] Hebrew prophets around as an oral song that they passed along through the generations until it was finally written down roughly 500 yrs before the birth of the Christ (peace be upon him!).

Unfortunately, they did not hold the reverence for the material that they should have, and far from faithfully passing it along with the care the literal Word of God deserved, they treated the scripture as mere tales to be told, until it quickly took on a self-serving human tone that they shamelessly had zero qualms about changing and altering to suit themselves (naturally they didn't like it when the One God called them out on this slipshod guardianship in both the Gospel of Jesus and in the Qur'an of Muhammad). But it was fine, because each new revelation from newly anointed prophets would not only confirm and fulfill the previous messages, but would also correct those areas the previous guardians allowed their precious charges to stray -- and all of this drama was performed in an unbroken chain from the first prophet of Allah, Adam the patriarch of the species (peace be upon him!) to Muhammad, the unlettered Ishmaelite and seal of the prophethood. Earnest and sincere study into the greater body of sacred scripture reveals in this aes old documented record the true nature of all religions and the Word of God on earth: God is ONE and there is only one message... it is the rebellious and arrogant humanity that continuously strays from the Straight Path.

Nolan wrote: "Kind of suspicious"

lol You know it's the truth because God doesn't lie, even though the atheist community assumes its all a made up joke.

For example; the celebrated atheist scientists of the 20th century assumed the universe didn't have a finite beginning for literally no other reason than because religion said it did. And then they discovered the facts that led to the big bang theory, and they were left eating humble pie. God told us upfront what their study eventually confirmed to be true. The same is true of the Great Deluge of legend. For decades atheist scientists arrogantly dismissed the concept until the recent revelations of what caused the Younger Dryas event, combined with the awe-inspiring archaelogical findings of Göbekli Tepe.

The All-Knowing One God told us upfront what was true and it is we who have to catch up. That means there's no need to take the wishy-washy "agnostic" mentality; it is God who knows and we who know not. What logical reason do we have to not take the Supreme Creator of reality, Master of the Day of Judgment at His Word? It is no shame on us if we simply submit and believe. Faith in our Maker will only free us.

NolanDaneworth - Reminds me one of Carlin's jokes:

"- Do you believe in god ?
- Yes.
- Do you believe in MY god ?
- No.
- POOOOF, Dead. My god, has a bigger dick than your god!"

Muhammad Rasheed - There is only One God. This is the God who revealed the enduring scripture of the ages that explained in His own Divine Voice who He was, what His relationship was to humanity, and definitively said that all other deities were but fictions created by foolish men. Interestingly, none of these oters revealed a counter scripture to challenge the One God's claims (not even the invisible spaghetti monster).

Carlin's joke only makes sense if you don't study the material and you lack actual insight into the nature of the world's religions.

kyrtuck - You know, I have mocked the idea of Arabs being considered white before.

Muhammad Rasheed - The plot twist is that an "Arab" is anyone who speaks the Arabic language. That's why I take the time to refer to the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him!) and the early Muslim community as Ishmaelites through their ethnicity instead. The prophet was definitely a Black man (not that it matters for religious purposes at all).

Crazy J - Dude, Mohammad was a slave owning white guy. (Hadith 3901 - Jabir (Allah be pleased with him) reported: There came a slave and pledged allegiance to Allah's Apostle...)

webkilla - rashit has already said that he doesn't think the hadith are real/valid - because anything that doesn't fit his narrative is obviously fake, while anything that fits his worldview is of course the very word of god

Muhammad Rasheed - webkilla wrote: "he doesn't think the hadith are real/valid"

Only if what they claim reflects the Qur'an's message which is what they were collected for in the first place. If you want to score a "gotcha!" using the hadith, then they must be real. It can't claim something completely out of left field that directly conflicts with what the One God said in holy scripture. That's silly.

Are you trying to play to win, or do you just want to make each other giggle inside of your little 'members only' echo chamber, where only ignorance of the material is allowed?

Muhammad Rasheed - @Crazy J... Who is this "Jabir," and why should I care what he's supposed to have said when his tripe contradicts the Qur'an revealed by the One God? Tell me if you know.

webkilla - M. Rasheed wrote: "Only if what they claim reflects the Qur'an's message"

you mean, only if they reflect the message you want to hear

Muhammad Rasheed - You're babbling at me, webkilla. We both know you have no idea what this material is, so you can't bluff me in it.

Just shut up. At least switch to a topic you DO know about. Do you even know anything at all?

webkilla - M. Rasheed wrote: "Do you even know anything at all?"

Right back at you - oh worshiper of a false prophet

and most of what you know seems to - by your own statements - be based more on belief than any kind of factual evidence. your persecution complex, your messiah complex, your religion and belief that it THE ONLY right one...

nah dude, you don't know jack shit. You just believe you do.

Muhammad Rasheed - webkilla wrote: "false prophet"

Still going, huh? First of all, I don't worship the prophet, you dingbat. He's just a human. That's Islam 101. smdh

Second, do you even know what the criteria is for determining whether a prophet is false or not? Did you miss that part during your five-minute Google search Islam Certification?

(hint: it's in the Pentateuch)

webkilla - M. Rasheed wrote: "First of all, I don't worship the prophet, you dingbat."

Nah you just suck his sandy nutsack.

Muhammad Rasheed - webkilla wrote: "you just suck his sandy nutsack."

webkilla ALSO wrote: "I think I'll believe the word of a preacher when he talks religion, over someone who is not."


How did that guy's sandy nutsack taste for ya, buddy? hahaha

webkilla - You have faith.

I am simply referring to the preacher (who also sucks the sandy sack) as he is a scholar of that faith, and thus should - in theory - know more about its minutia.

So... no, no gotcha for you. Of course, I'm not surprised that you once more try to twist my words.

Muhammad Rasheed - webkilla wrote: "You have faith."

You have faith that this guy knows more about Al-islam than I do, since you don't know enough either way to discern the quality of our knowledge. Your faith is based on a hatred for the Black American whom you've spent these 26 pgs trying to tear down and failing.

webkilla wrote: "I am simply referring to the preacher" 

So even though I CLEARLY know what I'm talking about as an Islamic fundamentalist, I told you there is no priest-craft in Al-Islam and I don't give a shit about that guy. But you, in your committed atheist position of willful ignorance of organized religion in general and of Islam in particular, naturally gravitated towards sucking this guy's sandy nutsack because your natural sheep-like mind as an ignorant person pulled you in his direction over me as you saw him as magically being a more special person because you see him as a "preacher." lol Hilarious. It's ignorance that makes you a blindly-following sheep, not religion. Do you see that? ;) My knowledge actually makes me a FREE critical thinker while your ignorance tethers you, slave-like, to this guy's perceived mystique EVEN THOUGH YOU DONT EVEN BELIEVE IN OR UNDERSTAND WHAT HE'S PREACHING. 

So let's recap...

I accept the example of Muhammad as true because the One God said that He approved of the way His prophet performed the rites, and he commanded the believers to follow Muhammad's exemplary example. I obey my Lord, the Supreme Creator of reality, and who can have a better professional endorsement than that?

By contrast, you accept the word of this "preacher" over me for no other reason than because:

1) You see him standing behind a podium in his little glasses and magic hat
2) You saw him on YouTube
3) You hate Black Americans
4) You enjoy the salty zing of this "preacher's" sandy nutsack


webkilla - Do us all that favor and delete your comic. If nothing else, it'll mean I'll take the review down - you'll be spared the embarrassment of it.

Muhammad Rasheed - webkilla wrote: "Some faggot from Denmark who has a massive hate-boner for self-rightous webcomic artists who shit up what could otherwise be good comics, with their personal politics. [...] The comic sucks, and is a bright and terrible reflection of its maker. Rasheed acts like a 5th grader, ignoring anything that doesn't please him and willfully pretending that even insults thrown at him are agreements. This reviewer pities him, deeply pities him."

"some faggot from Denmark...?" Does this mean you're actually homosexual?

webkilla wrote: "Then take a break from all those trans comics and..."

I ask because I can't tell if you are joking or not. Is this an LGBT message board, or do you just happen to review a lot of LGBT webcomics because there's a lot of them out there?

No judgment, I'm just curious.

webkilla - I will not answer your questions. You are clearly not enough of a scholar in the ways of this wiki, for me to even expect you to be able to understand me, should I deign to answer you.

Begone pleb

Muhammad Rasheed - webkilla wrote: "I will not answer your questions."

lol It seems like you just did.

Your stiff-backed, Cry harder, salty-teared response would appear to confirm that you are indeed a [mysteriously shy all of a sudden] homosexual and this very well may be an LBGT focused message board.

I did find it curious how you never acknowledged even once my critiques against the treacherous LGBT in my comics, but you did VICIOUSLY attack Dolezal's bullshit "transracial" grift scheme.

I think I may have accidently stumbled upon the true nature of your pufferfish-like angst...

Your usage of the word "pleb" also shines light upon why you dismiss my people's struggles so harshly. Apparently, you don't believe we SHOULD try to increase our social standing from your classic Old World mentality.

But remember, the white peoples of Europe had to climb their way up from an originally low social standing—you didn't begin your existence as the wealth & power hoarding criminal overclass we all know and love today. My ethnic group can do the same and climb our way to the top. In fact, that was the reason why the white domestic terrorists repealed the new Reconstruction laws after slavery was abolished, because we were climbing up TOO fast for their tastes and they were afraid that the comtemptible former slave class would quickly come to rule over them. So they sabotaged us, which is the root cause of modern racism today.

webkilla - Methinks you're projecting a bit

and I'm calling you a pleb - not the people you claim to represent - but that's not stopped you from weeping when we bruise your ego previously

Muhammad Rasheed - Now I'm remembering how you originally responded when you read my "cutting" comment to Petercat2, as well as how you interpreted the innocent primary schoolyard taunt "long walk off a short pier."

Suicide is a very sensitive topic among the LGBT, along with an expansive folio of other psychological & physical issues that go along with that lifestyle's demanding and oft burdensome challenges.

Now that I see the full picture of your tender underbelly weaknesses — while you're still struggling to throw shit against the wall to see what sticks in futile efforts to discover mine — I suggest you attempt to reel in your tendency to be an insulting jackass all the time. You are at a disadvantage right now.

I can be mean, too. My patience is not unlimited. Calm down.

NolanDaneworth - I just came up with a kinda insulting joke, but i'll post it anyway

This is our mr.Rasheed teaching other blacks the religion and history

[VIDEO] Boondocks: "Read, Nigga! Read!" | YouTube

Muhammad Rasheed - Accurate.

White supremacist indoctrination is a hell of a drug. It's frustratingly difficult to penetrate. People still think Biden would do right by us if we vote for him blindly with zero commitments to give us anything in return.

webkilla - and the fact that rasheed blames it on white people - not letting black people take responsibility for their own actions - speaks volumes

but ya, voting biden isnt going to help anyone - especially not after Project Veritas revealed those lefty lunatics who said they'd besiege biden and force him to do their bidding

Muhammad Rasheed - webkilla wrote: "speaks volumes"

It does. It does speak volumes. It speaks that your opinion of the subject, as a biased and uninformed white male who hates my people and doesn't give a shit about the nature of our struggles, doesn't matter at all, and whatever you try to come up with as any kind of explanation as filtered through your dedicated retarded lens, is ridiculously wrong.

webkilla wrote: "but ya, voting biden isnt going to help anyone"

Biden isn't going to help my people because he's the primary architect of the modern mass incarcerate state. Returning us to chattel in the convict leasing driven, for-profit prison complex is his signature legacy.

Muhammad Rasheed - website wrote: "You are clearly not enough of a scholar in the ways of this wiki..."

lol No, I'm not a scholar of this wiki, nor do I care to be. I told you I'm not risking getting your monkey poo on me. I'll stay right here in this thread you lot dedicated to my work. Thanks.

I do happen to know a great deal about the origins of the modern LGBT movement, how they operate in the political sphere and the nature of their physical and psychological challenges. But that's an altogether different kettle of fish. Similar to the evolution theory topic, that's one that I havent had a chance to seriously, deep-dive argue much at all, since people do tend to shy away from certain very uncomfortable truths.

I did note with curiosity that you gave ALL of my cartoons that hinted at such controversy a wide berth indeed.

webkilla - Petercat2, I should have followed your example a while ago. Good heavens it feels amazing not having to listen to that moron anymore. Though the "foe list" could be a little easier to find... took a bit of digging

Muhammad Rasheed - You're showing your over-sensitive, tender underbelly again.  And pretty much on cue.  ;)

The true nature of your hatred is now laid bare for all to gawk at.

Thank you, webkilla. It's been a pleasure.

webkilla - I do wonder if you ever tire of giving yourself headpats over winning online arguments

Muhammad Rasheed - No. lol 

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