Thursday, June 11, 2020

Crack in the Editorial Control

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Rasheed, Muhammad. "Crack in the Editorial Control." Cartoon. The Official Website of Cartoonist M. Rasheed 11 Jun 2020. Pen & ink w/Adobe Photoshop color.

Matthew Hill - "Did I do that?"

Though of course I understand your point.

Matthew Hill - *waiting to be depicted in the next one*

Muhammad Rasheed - This was actually inspired by someone I 'Blocked,' though you may have also planted the seeds for it. lol

Matthew Hill - Interesting! I've been following these for a while and I can understand the upcoming election is a choice between two "do nothings" (to borrow a phrase) so really there's not much choice between them for black Americans. I have my own preference even though its not my country, all I can do is sit and watch from where I am.

Muhammad Rasheed - The problem is the people who are focused on the personalities instead of the policies & political agendas.

Matthew Hill - its the same problem in my country. Successive progressive candidates have lost elections for simple reasons such as "the media printed an unflattering picture of them eating a bacon sandwich" and no I'm not making that up. Voters need to be reliably informed of what each candidate wants to do to the countries they want to run.

Muhammad Rasheed - The voters need to pressure elected representatives to commit to the agendas they want to see in law. It's all about the peoples' needs, not the elitist schemes.

Matthew Hill - Jeremy Corbyn (maligned as he is by the media) did a lot for this sort of thinking. His leadership of the Labour Party introduced the idea of policies thought up and voted for by public members of the party at the annual conference, in his view to make the party a more representative and democratic force

Joey Shebester - Those people aren't representatives for the white race. Those are people in power. White people as a whole didn't have a meeting and decide on those principles. This shit is ignorant and divisive.

Muhammad Rasheed - We were already divided because of the actions of white people, including the very violent and unreasonably resentful lower class whites.

Muhammad Rasheed - Note that it's not the wealthiest whites writing the Turner Diaries and doing Open Carry performances in Black neighborhoods.Your 'Unite the Right' rally was a deliberate attempt to trigger a race war.

That's YOU.

Joey Shebester - That's me? Wow. You don't know anything about me. Can you not see that these overgeneralizations are the problem we are fighting against? The overgeneralization of blacks all being criminals is how a bunch of racists justify their actions and train of thought against the black community. You are just another overgeneralizer. That's YOU.

Muhammad Rasheed - Joey wrote: "That's me?"

Yes. That's why you're triggered.

Joey wrote: "You don't know anything about me."

I know you got defensive and triggered over this cartoon and came to call me names. These cartoons 100% reflect the reality that your demonic selfish people inflict upon my people DAILY. So while you pretend the cartoons are the problem, you piece of shit, you need to look into your racist fucked up heart and learn how to live peacefully with people who are not you.

For once.

Joey Shebester - I didn't come to call you names. I just called out your flawed thinking for overgeneralizing. You call me the racist but you demonize my entire race.

I have lived peacefully with everyone of every skin color and lifestyle around me. You belong to a group of thinkers that boldly claims agree with me or be labeled racist. When in reality you are the racist here. Reread our interactions. It is clear you are the racist sir.

You literally call me a piece of shit for telling you that overgeneralizations are the problem and demonize my entire race. Look at yourself man.

Muhammad Rasheed - Joey wrote: “I didn't come to call you names.”

Of course you did since that’s all you have.

Joey wrote: “I just called out your flawed thinking for overgeneralizing.”

Anyone who says generalizations are ‘flawed thinking’ are either unlearned and/or stupid or being deliberately deceitful and hold an over-inflated sense of their own flimsy intellect (such as it is). When white people disparage the use of generalization during discourse it also represents hypocrisy, since they are the ones who invented labeling my people with the over-generalization stereotypes of “lazy thugs/fried chicken/etc.”

Joey wrote: “You call me the racist but you demonize my entire race.”

You demonized your own filthy self with the documented fact of your own violent selfish history, you piece of shit.

Joey wrote: “I have lived peacefully with everyone of every skin color and lifestyle around me.”
Then why are you so triggered? The individual white people I do know who actually fit that description recognize that I’m not drawing them and tellingly DON’T get offended. Only ‘hit dogs hollar’ as the kids say. You’re telling on your own silly self, idiot. Next time shut the fuck up and try to be less racist.

Joey wrote: “You belong to a group of thinkers that boldly claims agree with me or be labeled racist.”

This is you being a hypocrite in real time as I watch. Fascinating.

Joey wrote: “When in reality you are the racist here.”

lol Getting angry when a triggered racist calls me names is me being a racist, huh? Did you drop out of school in 2nd grade then?

Joey wrote: “You literally call me a piece of shit…”

Because you are. Fix yourself.

Joey Shebester - I called you out for overgeneralizing the same way I call people out for overgeneralizing the black community, because the lack of distinction is divisive.

M. Rasheed wrote: "You demonized your own filthy self with the documented fact of your own violent selfish history, you piece of shit." 

How can you say that yet still think I am the one here to name call and be racist.

You ask why am I so triggered if I don't fit the description? Well why are you so upset to be overgeneralized as an ignorant, chicken eating thug? Probably because it is a rude and inaccurate description of the black population.

M. Rasheed wrote: "Getting triggered when a racist calls me names is me being racist, huh?" 

No you spouting racist stuff is you being racist.

Also, point to where I called you anything other than an overgeneralizer, and later racist which only happened after you attacked me. You turned this conversation hateful and have been intent on keeping it hateful the entire time. You are full of hate, and just looking for a villain to release your anger on. I ain't the one.

Muhammad Rasheed - Joey wrote: “I called you out for overgeneralizing…”

Stop it because it’s stupid and doesn’t make sense. Generalizations are perfectly fine in normal discourse and especially as glyphs in art. I don’t respect your opinion on the topic.

Joey wrote: “How can you say that yet still think I am the one here to name call and be racist.”

uhhh… because I was forced to learn the history of the rise of the violently racist Eurocentric Western Powers in the United States' public education system and know all about you. When this “education” wasn’t enough for me and I went digging further into real history, SURPRISE! I discovered the white administrators of formal education greatly downplayed exactly how violently racist you really are. And now I’m offended that you’re here trying to gaslight me about it and growing angrier every time I see your stupid ass name pop up in my notifications.

Joey wrote: “You ask why am I so triggered if I don't fit the description?”

It was rhetorical. You’re offended because you’re racist and you’re used to the white racist aristocracy covering that over for you in mainstream media, so my cartoons shock you with cognitive dissonance. It’s not hard.

Joey wrote: “Well why are you so upset to be overgeneralized…”

I’m not. I expect barbarians to be barbarians. But I do still get upset when fake philosophers try to gaslight me. That’s my personal trigger and I consider it a declaration of war.

Joey wrote: “No you spouting racist stuff is you being racist.”

You don’t know what ‘racist’ actually is. Racism is when white people refused to share wealth, land and rule with the former Black slave class and spend 150 yrs sabotaging their attempts to become full American citizens and calling them lazy during the unfair struggle. If you, as a white man, aren’t trying to reverse this evil, then you are a racist and I’m uninterested in your silly philosophies about anything.

Joey Shebester - okay , hahaha bless your heart. let me break it down for you. White people aren't inherently racist and nobody can be held accountable for the actions of others. Period.

I love the fact that all I did was call you out for making an overgeneralization and you have just been scrambling to discredit me by name calling and re-coloring my position as gaslighting all while hurling insults.

You aren't upset by racism. You are upset by white people. That is racism.

I have called out people for being racist and stood against this dumb shit my entire life even when those racists are black. I hope black people are treated fairly and equally very soon. It's been a long time coming, but you....I hope you stub your toe.

Muhammad Rasheed - Joey wrote: "let me break it down for you."

What part of me not being uninterested in your silly gaslighting philosophies confused you?

Your posts lack value and you are holding up the production of this next cartoon. Either get your game up and get more interesting or go away.

Muhammad Rasheed - To be clear, your ideas about "overgeneralization" are genuinely stupid and I do not respect them at all. Maybe you can rework your concept and try again.

Joey Shebester - nah in good. I'm not interested in the critique of someone whose discourse is almost entirely Ad Hominem.

Muhammad Rasheed - Joey wrote: “White people aren't inherently racist…”

I didn’t say anything about “inherently racist,” so this qualifies as a strawman effigy. 150 yrs of deliberate anti-Black action is where your racism comes in at, particularly with those who like to hide from the documented facts and act like they don’t exist so they can pretend to be guilt-free. Case in point.

Joey wrote: “…and nobody can be held accountable for the actions of others. Period.”

This is one of your pet philosophies that doesn’t reflect reality. When our relatives pass away, are we not still responsible for paying off their debts?

Joey wrote: “I love the fact that all I did was call you out…”

lol You keep saying that, but your pet crusade against generalizations in discourse is only a thing in your own silly mind. “Calling out” is only a thing when connected to something that’s real.

Joey wrote: “You aren't upset by racism. You are upset by white people. That is racism.”

This is another example of your lack of study into the subject, wrapped in irony in this case. The very concept of “white people” was invented by the permanent delegation of enslaved Africans into a bondsman bottom caste. The very existence of the term “white people” is a designation of the racist aristocracy. In other words, the difference between “descendants of European ethnic groups” versus “white people” is literally the difference between no racism versus racism.

Joey wrote: “I have called out people for being racist…”

Oh, did you? Remember when you said that racism only reflected the actions of wealthy whites, and when I pointed out the lower class whites’ hostile Open Carry, the Turner Diaries and their ‘Unite the Right’ race war attempt you literally just ignored it to try to gaslight me over your dumb “overgeneralization” philosophy? ("The problems in the world come from these cartoons, not from savages trying to start a race war!") That was you revealing yourself as a piece of shit. Take a bow, bud.

By the way, art itself couldn’t exist without the universally general glyphs that people of all walks of life can identify with even if the artist can’t know every individual who sees the work personally. Generalizations are thus a necessity when speaking to the general public about wide concepts. Your philosophy is fundamentally stupid, especially in this context. You aren’t “calling out” anything but your own commitment to foolishness.

MEDIUM: Scanned pen & ink cartoon drawing w/Adobe Photoshop color.

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