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Riddle Me This... Who is a Muslim?

DestroyerDiablo -

Muhammad Rasheed - Those who follow the Qur'an and the way of His prophet are the Muslims. You know them by their deeds.

ISIS just killed a bunch of innocent Muslims at the Prophet's Mosque in Medina, the second holiest city in Islam in which MOST of the Qur'an was revealed, during the holy month of Ramadan.

While the Shia get their origins from THIS blasphemous fellow:

The meme's question, developed by someone pretending to have understanding into the religion, is not even remotely difficult to solve for those who love truth over falsehood.

Paul O'Brian - Islam is not even a religion and should never even be considered one.

M. Rasheed - Before you make a further fool of yourself, look up the definition of "religion."

Jane Smith - Meaning what? Fool because why?

M. Rasheed - @Jane... So you would learn something and not be so ignorant. Why else?

Jane Smith - In China it is considered to be not a religion but a dangerous ideology.

Paul O'Brian - Same as Japan

Tom McWilliams - Yes they figured it out early. Lucky them.

M. Rasheed - Are we talking about the same China & Japan? Neither are worthy of emulation.

Paul O'Brian - They got it right, islam is not a religion but a dangerous ideology based on terror

M. Rasheed - Meanwhile none of you have been right about anything regarding Islam.

Paul O'Brian - You can keep on believing in your own words of delusions Rasheed, Your certainly brainwashed.

M. Rasheed - So you are officially rejecting the dictionary definition of religion for your anti-Islam propaganda then?

M. Rasheed ‏- lol Do you even understand what "brainwashing" is? You literally just rejected the dictionary definition for your hate ideology propaganda.  hahaha

Now should I blame this insanity you've displayed on the Irish, or on White people in general? #inquiringMind

Paul O'Brian - You need help, Go seek counselling, are you friends with Blair by any chance?

M. Rasheed - You just proudly demonstrated your brainwashing to social media, but I'm the one that needs help, hm?

Before you start running your silly mouth off, try to know what you're talking about first. There's a lad.

Paul O'Brian ‏- Oh now we're starting to get irate and abusive. Hit the nail on the head have I. You keep it up, it amuses me.

M. Rasheed - You're not making a lick of sense. Is this a misdirection gimmick to distract from your own embarrassment?

Let's recap: You said Islam wasn't a religion. A casual glance at the dictionary definition shows it is. You were unable to regroup from this public gaff, but you somehow believe I'm the one that needs "help."

CONCLUSION: You are really shitty at Internet Duels. Hang up your sword, bud.  You're done. #ClassDismissed

Paul O'Brian - And you dote on every word of a dictionary, would that not be blasphemous of you to stray from the koran.

M. Rasheed - Oh, my God you're shitty at this. I'll just stand back and watch you flop around like a drowning fish now.

Paul O'Brian - Really now


M. Rasheed - Yup. I don't want your stinking Irish fish juices splashing on my shoes in your death throes...

Paul O'Brian - Listen to EX-MUSLIMS

M. Rasheed - I used to frequent the ex-Muslim message boards before they banned me for being too harsh on their hellbound butthurt.  Actually, I mentioned it in this very thread, while you were boiling potatoes or whatever.

Paul O'Brian - mmmmm potatoes

M. Rasheed - That's not a potato, that's a hog. What kind of education are the English giving you Irish kids???

Paul O'Brian - No it's a pig saying potatoes, you seem to have an obsession with potatoes and Irish, are you a racist moslem.

M. Rasheed - 1.) Since when is Irish a race? 2.) You can slander my faith like a savage but get butthurt when I push back on your group?

Paul O'Brian - This guy is racist towards the Irish

M. Rasheed - You can dish it out, but you can't take it, huh? That means you're a weak coward.  You deliberately antagonize me, and when I defensively strike back you cry foul. That's a racist White person trait btw.

I guess that solves my Irish versus White person question...

Paul O'Brian - Not sure what planet this oink is on. No Idea why he keeps getting upset about me being Irish, which I'm not.

M. Rasheed - Your name is "O'Brian."  How is that NOT Irish?

Paul O'Brian - So funny, keep rolling in your moslem pig sty of stupidity. Explain about your potatoes and the Irish?  Rasheed here is upset that the family goat finally ran off so has to resort to making racist comments about whites. Oh dear, a moslem not getting the responses they expect resorts to playing the racist card, typical oink.

M. Rasheed - Time for a new recap! What have we learned?

  1. Paul hates dictionaries, therefore he has a disdain for education/learning.
  2. He is brainwashed in anti-Islam propaganda.
  3. After slandering Islam, we find he gets easily butthurt in confusion if you turn it back on him and what he cares for.
  4. Unable to formulate a cohesive argument, his slander is composed entirely of childish insults.
  5. And he delusionally believes that I was actually the one losing the argument and expressing frustrated butthurt.

Tom McWilliams - Jane, he is a lying pedo lover. Let it go. Ignore him. I have washd him from my feet. You should

M. Rasheed -

Jane Smith - You listen better to POC? Sending you video of Somali.

M. Rasheed - Please don't send me any pauline Christian propaganda. I'm already well familiar with that material. It isn't for me.

Jane Smith - Woman Leaves Islam, After READING the Quran for Herself 

What do u think of this?

M. Rasheed - It means she was influenced by people like you lot, and did not understand the faith for herself.  I took the Shahadah after I read the Qur'an for myself by contrast. I encounter lots of folk who don't think for themselves.

M. Rasheed - I am not surprised by this story. In fact, I used to frequent a message board dedicated to primarily ex-Muslim atheists.  They banned me because they felt I was too harsh on them. They failed to realize that hell will be far harsher.

kukaduko - yeah that's right it's a steady stream to hell if you're a kafir. Will they need to jump off the flat earth?

M. Rasheed - Your last sentence makes no sense. Please explain.

kukaduko - btw why do you feel that non Muslims will go to hell?

M. Rasheed - Who said that I did?  Allah said you can win paradise as a Jew or Christian.  You don't have to be a Muslim.

Perhaps you should go back and reread what I said with a more critical eye.

kukaduko - I did. You said ex-Muslims would go to hell

M. Rasheed - Ah. Semantics.  lol  There's a difference between "non Muslims" and "ex-Muslims."  The latter are transgressors of faith and deliberately turned away from the truth after having known it.  God said they will receive only hellfire as their reward if they are so stupid as to die in that state.

kukaduko - a God that says follow me or I'll let you burn in hell?? If it's that important to him yo be followed then

M. Rasheed ‏- Should you find yourself in hell, it will be pride & stubbornness alone that set you there.

kukaduko - is there even a hell. Have you witnessed it??  Why does Allah make kafirs if he's so powerful?

M. Rasheed - 1.) To punish those who reject the message. 2.) The disbelievers make themselves by being too prideful to believe.

kukaduko - and this is where the argument of a merciful God falls thru. Sounds like a very vengeful and angry God. Lol

M. Rasheed - Do you imagine that you have the authority to dictate how He should use His mercy? He says how He uses it in His Book.  The One God's great mercy is reserved for those who decide to trust Him and believe. The rest deserve hell.

kukaduko - well there it is then. The all merciful Allah but with limits. Hell get real angry if you don't submit. Right?

M. Rasheed - Of all those who give mercy, the One God is The Most Merciful (Al-Raheem). Glory be to He!

kukaduko - unless ofcourse you follow without question otherwise you see the true wrath??  even a human mother is more merciful than your Allah

M. Rasheed - In what way?

kukaduko  - does she put her own children in fires and roast them if they disobey?  Allah does.

M. Rasheed - God will not put you in hell. You'll put yourself in hell. God told you upfront what to do to avoid the punishment

That was part of His mercy right there.

M. Rasheed - God is Omniscient & Omnipotent and has Eternal Bliss to give as reward. What logical reason would you have for not following Him?  God is ALL. He told only the truth and is all-powerful. He makes all the rules, and wants only what is good for you.

You are just a bloody morsel of flesh floating in the cosmos. You cannot save yourself without His assistance.

kukaduko - save myself from what?? Death?  What am I saving myself from?

M. Rasheed - Hell.

kukaduko - where is that hell besides in your mind?

M. Rasheed - Without doubt you'll know it when you see it.

kukaduko - exactly and how vain to think in this entire universe there is but a vengeful Allah who gets so angry

M. Rasheed - To use the mother analogy, you don't think she'll be angry if you give the duty & honor she is due to praise another woman that didn't raise you?

kukaduko - this is the exact idiocy that makes people blow themselves up and kill other innocents

M. Rasheed - "Suicide bombing" was invented by the secular Tamil Tigers, and isn't of Islam.

kukaduko - and perfected by Muslims?

M. Rasheed - Perfected by the Mossad and CIA to train brainwashed Muslim youth in the 1970s till today.

kukaduko - if you want to see a merciful God take a look at what Abdul edhi has done. Rest is all bullshit and dogma

M. Rasheed - Edhi is a man, not a god. What the heck?

kukaduko - lol look at the work that man did.  You would agree is come close to your imagination of an Allah.

M. Rasheed - God provided your life, intellect, all the resources, the perfect conducive environment, and the inspiration to create.

mgold001 - Keep talking, u will answer to God.

M. Rasheed - I answer to God five times a day. Perhaps you've heard?  ;)

mgold001 - You pray to the wrong one, won't help much.

M. Rasheed - I pray to the One God of Abraham, creator of the heavens and the earth. The ONLY God.

mgold001 - That's good! But u took a wrong turn. Get on the right path.

M. Rasheed - Only your first two words have value.

mgold001 - no haddith no Quran no rules and regs...

M. Rasheed - What are you saying?

mgold001 - The truth...

M. Rasheed - Your proudly attired Veil of Ignorance prevents you from recognizing truth.

mgold001 - No pride involved. Jesus is the Way. He said it, I believe it, that settles it

M. Rasheed - He was correct. All the prophet-messengers were the Way to God. That was their job function.

mgold001 - Jesus is the God first and ur neighbor as yourself...there

M. Rasheed - All the prophets were the Way to God. But Jesus' Gospel was corrupted.

mgold001 - Couldn't be...He IS the Son of God, not just a'll see

M. Rasheed - The so-called St. Paul is the only figure to assign divine status to Jesus.  Jesus who functions EXACTLY like a typical Hebrew Prophet of Olde.  The entire bible is full of "I am a jealous God, don't worship ANYTHING else."  But here comes "Paul" to tell you to worship this Hebrew prophet alongside God.  And you believed him, despite Paul fitting ALL of the traits of the false prophet legend.  But you think you're going to teach ME about my faith? When you can't tell the difference between a hadith and Qur'an verse when you see it? hahaha

FOOLS! Bow down to the One God who made you, repent of blasphemy, and save yourselves from hell!

mgold001 - Haha, we DO...but NOT thru Mohammed. We do it thru the Son of God! Say it, and b saved.

M. Rasheed - Bestowing divinity upon the Christ will be the opposite of salvation. God hates that and I cannot join you on that crooked path.

mgold001 - Don't have to [tell the difference between hadith and Qur'an verse], Jesus is the Son of God, saved me, all I NEED to know.

M. Rasheed - What you "know" happens to be The Unforgivable Sin. You risk your soul with falsehood.  Desist saying "trinity" as this will be best for you. Worship only the One God alone. Repent.

mgold001 - "Hebrew prophet" IS alongside His right hand!

M. Rasheed - ALL the prophets, including the unlettered Arab one, are at His right hand.  They were all successful in their missions, even if their followers rejected them.

mgold001 - That's right! He is [jealous and] the ONLY GOD, and He made us. Makes sense.

M. Rasheed - Then why do you blatantly reject His command not to also worship His prophet Jesus?  How are you so deluded away from the truth when you recognize it for yourself???

mgold001 - Plus he WAS Hebrew...didn't u read?

M. Rasheed - The point is that Jesus performed in life no different than the other prophets. He was part & parcel of that anointed brotherhood, and only obeyed his Lord God. His mission in life was the exact same as that of Abraham before him, and Muhammad after: To instruct us in scripture & wisdom, to bade us to worship the One God alone, to do good, to reject evil, advise repentance, and to warn of the coming of the Day of Judgment.  

mgold001 - "The so-called St. Paul is the only figure to assign divine status to Jesus."

Wrong...ur just lying now Akmed

M. Rasheed - Oh? Then who else contradicted the message of ALL the prophets? Who else told you to blaspheme and worship the messenger as a divine demigod?  Tell me.  Who?

TColdBlood  - Even you don't know what's Taqqiya.  A lot Arab muslims don't understand Quran fully... you came to claim you understand Quran just because you read it it took years to understand it

Lee Mares - Don't judge me by your understanding of Quran
Arabic-Urdu-English Same as yours Bore off

M. Rasheed - This has to be the most ironic post in all of social media.  O_O

Please note that you are judging Muslims by your ignorant, twisted understanding of my texts.

Lee Mares - I agree with Charlie.  You agree with your cartoon idea of Muhammad?

M. Rasheed - 'Charlie' also had a ignorant, twisted understanding of my texts, so I'm not surprised you'd partner with it.  They also unwisely decided to antagonize the psychopaths among the group they were vilifying in their hate.  Did they want to get killed in the hopes that it would trigger WW3? Is that what you lot are doing here?  It would appear that they were too low [life] on the totem poll to create a full-blown military incident.  And so they died stupidly, for nothing at all. Freedom of Speech itself would reject their sacrifice. Why?

Because their tooned expressions were based on hatred, ignorance, deliberate antagonism from prejudice and bigotry.  Nothing at all was noble or honorable about their deaths in any way. They died as fools, not martyrs, and in hell they will dwell.

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