Wednesday, October 6, 2021

A Thin Layer of Hate to Mask the Psychopathic Envy


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Rasheed, Muhammad. "A Thin Layer of Hate to Mask the Psychopathic Envy." Cartoon. The Official Website of Cartoonist M. Rasheed 06 Oct 2021. Pen & ink w/Adobe Photoshop color.

This #MRasheedCartoons image was inspired by the trait of "cool white people" either consciously or subconsciously taking on Black American slang and interpreted mannerisms when they express being at the top of their gang as alphas in some way. This stands out as quite interesting to me considering the over-hostile middle white racists enjoy pretending their resentful hatreds of the American descendants of slavery is because of a faux-inferiority they conjured from their own cheating, wealth & power hoarding insecurities.

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