Monday, February 1, 2021

2021 The Orrin C. Evans PLA Award (Formally the ECBACC Pioneer / Lifetime Achievement (PLA) Award)


As of Sunday, April 7th / 11:57a.m.,
The ECBACC Pioneer / Lifetime Achievement (PLA) Award
has been officially re-named
The Orrin C. Evans PLA Award!
Salute to the first Black Indie Komix Creator
(Philly, 1947)!

M. Rasheed's first appearance at ECBACC, circa 2007.

Muhammad Rasheed - How awesome is THIS surprise award?! Very! I'm not only surprised and thrilled for this great honor, but I am humbled to be in included within this particular badass fire team of honorees. Thank you so much, to the East Coast Black Age of Comics Convention judges! 

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