Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Of a Tainted Insight


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Rasheed, Muhammad. "Of a Tainted Insight." Cartoon. The Official Website of Cartoonist M. Rasheed 03 Nov 2020. Pen & ink w/Adobe Photoshop color. 

Dana Bullock - That's funny because i see more black men caping for racists than black women

Dana Bullock - i guess its always more comfortable to cast someone else as the villain tho 

Muhammad Rasheed - 1.) Where's the "caping" at in the pic?

2.) My cartoons are developed for real life dialogues and arguments I have with real life people. That's the material I draw from as inspiration.

3.) I have almost 1,000 artoons. Chances are the topic you claim I haven't addressed has actually been addressed several times. ;)

Muhammad Rasheed - What's "villainous" in this pic?

It's not "villainy," it's just raceplay love between two consenting adults. You see the li'l heart on her anniversary bracelet? Love is all that matters it turns out.

webkilla - and finally, another of rashit's totes chill takes on what he thinks about interaracial dating - and in this case black women dating white men

Muhammad Rasheed - This is not an anti-interracial dating message. The hint is in the title. Click the link directly under the image for the true meaning.

Tasha Brown - Actually as a woman I find this offensive , it’s abusive towards women of all races he’s laughing as he is torturing a woman .

Muhammad Rasheed - The cartoon is based on a real couple, but it isn't their consensual "raceplay" stuff that's the focus of the message, but her outlier status in a thought leader role for Black Americans.

Tasha Brown - i understand it can upset women who were abused by men

Amber Simms - Yeaaaa your comics are getting weird and seem really towards black women. Cancel this guy, smh

Muhammad Rasheed - "Black women" plural?

Even if this cartoon really was "anti-Black women," where are all of my other anti-Black women cartoons that justify your use of the plural?

Amber Simms - i don't have a collage of your fkin comics in my phone to just weild out on command, but i HAVE seen sus ass comics from you that "commentate" on BW being "complicit " to yt supremacy, and how we "beat down the poor black man" 🙄...like you clearly hate BW. And how lame, you're hung up on semantics instead of addressing the core point of my msg. Yea, i feel you hold this view of BLACK WOMEN (I'm glad you know what plural means) because you obviously felt this strong about it that you went through the effort of making a whole stupid ass comic expressing your ignorant frustrations.

Muhammad Rasheed - Amber wrote: "but i HAVE seen sus ass comics from you that 'commentate' on BW being 'complicit' to yt supremacy"

Wasn't me.

Muhammad Rasheed - Is that why it took you so long to respond? You were looking?

It'll be easier to look from my IG page.

Muhammad Rasheed - Take your time.

Amber Simms - *posts a series of my cartoons fearing the blong-haired lady in the Democratic Party blue suit*

Muhammad Rasheed - The lady in the blong wig represents the CBC. Her male counterpart wears a black suit and glasses and I use them interchanageably. Her usage isn't an anti-Black woman message.

Amber Simms - Granted, you DO show BM as being misinformed too. But you also portray them as being woke JW WAYY more than you show bw being woke and informed. Just going through your comics from a few months I already see that believe BW to be the wise, woke justice warriors while BW are aloof, uninformed and compliant to yt supremacy...IM not saying it, YOU are in your portrayals of black people.

Muhammad Rasheed - Amber wrote: "Granted, you DO show BM as being misinformed too."

lol I'm not your enemy, Amber.

Amber wrote: "But you also portray them as being woke JW WAYY more than you show bw being woke and informed."

The li'l guy with the afro is part of an extended family, and I show the woke women of his clan as needed when making a point that it seems inappropriate to use him for.

Because I am a male, my art is prjected through a male lens by default. I'm not attacking Black women in my art at all. I can understand why you would have your red flag up about it in general, but I am not that guy.

Amber Simms - IN MOST OF YOUR ART YOU PORTRAY BW AS BEING DUMB AND IGNORANT MORE THAN WOMEN. And stop with the "Amber wrote" ..ik wtf I said and when you say that it comes off as condescending. I'm not going back and forth with you, the gact still remains until you start portraying BW in a more positive light. Because as it stands, you seem to like to talk down to/on BW


That's a lie.

Amber wrote: "And stop with the 'Amber wrote'" 


Amber wrote: "ik wtf I said and when you say that it comes off as condescending."

All of your posts to me are insulting and your efforts to twist my art into an anti-Black woman narrative is weird and crazy and possibly a symptom of racist brainwashing pretending to be intelligence. Grow up.

Amber Simms - Again, I'm not just saying this just because. I can see this through your art...literally. If most of my art portrayed BM as being violent criminals or being childlike in their thinking, you would reasonably think "hm, she sees to only have one view of BM..she must really think theyre dumb and violent"

Muhammad Rasheed - Amber wrote: "Again, I'm not just saying this just because."

You're saying it because you are triggered. Probably because you are in a 'raceplay' relationship.

Amber wrote: "I can see this through your art...literally."

You literally see nothing but your own indoctrination colored biases.

Amber Simms - Again, why do you keep saying "Amber wrote" like its not just us two here? Like I need you to remind me of what I said? Like Im a child? Your condescension and elite attitude towards BW is so prevalent its sad you can't see it

Muhammad Rasheed - Amber wrote: "again, why do you keep saying 'Amber wrote'"

I suggest you get over it.

Amber Simms - Im done here, you're a sad excuse for a black artist. You seem to have deep rooted issues towards BP. You have this weird elist attitude, I can see it through your work lol

Muhammad Rasheed - You were done when you started. 'Bye, Amber.


Latoya M Ralliford - Yep. Here comes the anti-black women rhetorics. The content of this piece is offensive to me. With that said, you are very talented with drawing politics cartoon figures. Seems wasteful that you use your talent to degrade women

Muhammad Rasheed - This cartoon isn't a degrading of women, since the depicted couple really are in a consensual "raceplay" relationship of their free will. The point of the message is tied into what she is saying + the title of the piece.

Although it can be disturbing to those not involved in 'raceplay' scenarios themselves, that part of the cartoon is neither being celebrated, nor condemned, it is just the artist's usage of an outlier tool to make a greater point.

Sandra Denise - @Muhammad... You shouldn't have to explain your art with all the details and description surrounding it. Let that curiosity build, blow up and go viral. Get that press! I love it!

MEDIUM: Scanned pen & ink cartoon drawing w/Adobe Photoshop color.

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