Monday, April 9, 2018

The Impotence of the Forced Diversity Quota

Alyssa!!! Cole‏ - I see people talking about the business benefits of diversity re: Black romance authors and the RITAs. It’s a logical argument, but racism is illogical and doesn’t care about profit or the greater good.

Muhammad Rasheed - Racism is ALLL about profit. It began under the very economic system of chattel slavery. It continues under the very for-profit mass incarceration industry.

Alyssa!!! Cole‏ - I know all about the history of racism, thanks. I'm talking about profit on a business level (i.e., diversity creates a more profitable business), not for a specific few (i.e., rich people investing in private prisons).

Muhammad Rasheed - The model of "diversity creates a more profitable business" does nothing for the disenfranchised Blacks... leaving them as a group in the economically excluded condition. actually siphons talent out of the Black community to 'integrate' it into supporting the white supremacist system. This leaves the left-behind Black poor vulnerable and ripe for exploitation by the mass incarceration industry.

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