Saturday, April 28, 2018

...because they all were WHITE

Gary McCoy - What better reason is there to vote for Trump in 2020 than knowing he's Kanye's Dragon Engergy?

Muhammad Rasheed - Not good enough reason. >:(

Gary McCoy - But Kanye's wise. The wisest of all Kanyes. And he's married to a Kardashian. How much more wisdom do you need?

Muhammad Rasheed -  >:(

Mark Hitsman - @M. Rasheed... rotflmao ,Kardashians lol I heard beiber unfriended him he'll that should make you turn

Richard Cross - Better listen to Yeezy!

Jack Ohman - You raise an excellent point.

Bret Rasch Sr - I’m following Kanye just because he’s black!! I’m in

Gary McCoy - Of course to do otherwise would be racist.

Bret Rasch Sr - You got it!!

Muhammad Rasheed - This is ironic considering literally everything whites do is because it supports your pro-Eurocentric systems. All the Black people you approve of are notorious coons that support pro-Eurocentric systems.

Gary McCoy - No, all the "black people I approve of" are simply not victim-card-playing liberals, like the kind you support.

By the way, I always thought that "coon" was a racist word. Tell me I'm not wrong.

Muhammad Rasheed - "Victim-card-playing" implies that systemic racism is a fiction, which is an attempt at gaslighting. Do you believe that Cliven Bundy was "victim-card-playing" during his well-publicized protests against the USG?

Gary McCoy - Cliven Bundy didn't claim that every facet of his life that wasn't unicorns pooping gold-plated rainbows was because of the government cheating him out of property rights. You just claimed that "literally everything whites do is because it supports my pro-Eurocentric systems". I can loan you a dictionary if you want to look up the word "literally".

Muhammad Rasheed - Bundy protested because the gov wouldn't allow him to keep his taxes and use their land for free from his colossal sense of white privilege/entitlement. That attitude comes directly from the classic pro-Eurocentric mindset.

The very concept of "victim-card-playing" that you use as a rhetorical weapon, means whites want Blacks to stop complaining about the abusive and exploitative systemic racism the country was founded upon and white-owned/controlled institutions maintain.

lol It doesn't move me when a professional political cartoonist wants to call tech on my decision to use 'literal' as hyperbole.

Bret Rasch Sr - @M. Rasheed... if a cartoonist( one of the best in the buisness) doesn’t impress you.... unfriendly him. Pretty simple. And as far as suppressed black folk, I have a lot of black friends. Most are proud people who have good jobs, speak plain English, dress like normal humans and have raised respectful children. I also have a couple friends who wear their pants around their knees, talk like idiots and won’t try to better their personal situation. They always complain. They are friends but I do not respect them at all. Tell me what’s wrong with this picture? If people, white or black, want to act like animals, they get treated like animals. We have laws to follow in a civilized society. You can’t pick and choose which ones you are going to follow.

Bret Rasch Sr - @Gary McCoy... you need to thin your friends list.

Muhammad Rasheed - Bret, I said it's Gary's attempt to step outside of his own flexible-minded skills as a political cartoonist to pretend like he's really calling tech on my using 'literally' in my hyperbole that doesn't impress me, not his skill and career as a cartoonist. Try to keep up, bud.

I think all that dedicated anti-Black racism you're holding on to is starting to affect your thinking (such as it is).

Muhammad Rasheed - Bret wrote: "They are friends but I do not respect them at all."

lol That's pretty good evidence that we speak a different language even inside of English. A "friend that you don't respect." Weird.

Tell me this, Bret... are you equally close-minded and critical towards all the raggedy, lower class poor white people in your "friendship" circles, or just the Black ones?

Muhammad Rasheed - Bret wrote: "We have laws to follow in a civilized society. You can't pick and choose which ones you are going to follow."

Setting aside the oxymoron concept that an anti-Black systemic racist society would be considered "civilized," if your comments were true, then America would still be a colony under the British crown. Unjust laws are supposed to be fought against by those who want to live fairly within a civilized society. "Rebellion" is a normal and accepted part of how civilization functions when the greater mainstream populace allows tyrants and their tyrannical laws to oppress the citizens.

Were you for or against Cliven Bundy's armed rebellion, Bret? Were you rooting for him to win? #IntegrityCheck

Bret Rasch Sr - smh

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