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CURING RACISM: Desperate Diseases Must Have Desperate Remedies

SheStillTweets - I really don't care abt #Starbucks closing & doing "racial bias training day". I'm still getting coffee from #BlackOwnedCoffee shops only. Yall see how afraid they are of losing Black dollars? I hope u don't fall for the okey doke. This is all abt money, nothing else.


Muhammad Rasheed - Agreed.

A zero tolerance policy towards racism is EXTREME, but racism is extreme. Subjugating, exploiting, plundering Black people for centuries to build a white racist aristocracy into the present day is extreme. Your brand will be destroyed if any of your employees is caught in a racist act towards Black people. That's what it will take to cure us of racism, and that extreme position is not unreasonable.

Every Black person should staple this Tweet to their foreheads and LIVE it...

SheStillTweets - I’ll be glad when we do.

Robb Armstrong - I’m not gonna miss Starbucks at all. I’ve always made better coffee at home, anyway!

Rick Stromoski - The President and CEO of Starbucks has called the harrassment of the two men arrested for being black an abomination and is meeting with them to personally apologize and institute sensitivity training in all of their stores nationwide.

It seems to me that the actions that took place in the Philadelphia Starbucks are less likely a store policy than an example of the institutional imbedded racism that sees young black males as threats.

Its too bad this entire nation cannot undergo such training.

Rick Stromoski - I'm not apologizing for Starbucks. Just recognizing when a corporate head takes full responsibility for the actions of their employees. Its a good first step.

Now if they would just stop burning their beans....

Eric C. Martin - @Rick Stromoski... Um, that wasn't directed at YOU. I'm confused by all of these "screw Starbucks", "I hate Starbucks", "boycott Starbucks", etc. posts.

It was ONE incident, by ONE (now fired) employee, at ONE location.

Outrage at the incident?....understandable.

Outrage at Starbucks nationwide?...unintelligent.

Muhammad Rasheed - Racism is the nation's most enduring sin. A zero tolerance policy from the citizens -- just ONE incident will be enough to end your brand forever -- will definitely help cure it.

Rick Stromoski - M. Rasheed wrote: "just ONE incident will be enough to end your brand forever -- will definitely help cure it."

Even if that brand denounces the incident of its employees, fires the employee responsible and institutes sensitivity training?

That doesn't seem fair....we should be trying to educate not be unnecessarily punitive. Reserve the punitiveness for those who are Fox, Chic Fil A, Holly Lobby etc...

Muhammad Rasheed - 500 years of systemic racism isn't fair, Rick. Destroying a brand with a zero tolerance for racism policy is justice, and that's VERY fair.

It'll also be very educational for the racist community, I'll bet.

Eric C. Martin - So let me get this straight… Destroy a business for the actions of one employee? Instead of pulling the weed, burn down the entire garden?

There is no logic or intelligence to that idea.

Destroying a business because of the actions of one employee isn’t going to educate anyone, it isn’t going to make racism go away. There are 7 billion people on this planet. Racism/prejudice will never go away 100%.

Those who are actually naïve enough to think it can be eradicated? These are the same people that must believe that somehow you can fix stupid.

Actually, I don’t believe you. I don’t believe for one second that you believe it’s fair to destroy an entire brand/corporation for the actions of one employee. You’re way smarter than this.

Muhammad Rasheed - The education will revolve around the fact that if we ALL work together to destroy racism once and for all, then even the dominant class who traditionally benefitted from it will finally face the harsh hand of justice.

It doesn't matter if you believe me or not. I do believe that in your heart you don't think racism is a big deal. You're not the only one either. That's why Starbucks must fall.

Eric C. Martin - M. Rasheed wrote: “I do believe that in your heart you don’t think racism is a big deal.”

That’s your ego talking.

You’re not a mind reader, and how arrogant of you to think otherwise. Nowhere in my retort did I mention anything about it “not being a big deal“ comment all I said was that it will never go away. Ever. That’s not pessimism either, it’s realism. There are 7 billion people on this planet.

No, I don’t believe you. You’re smarter than that. You know perfectly well that if “justice“ revolved around your so-called logic, there wouldn’t be any companies left. One bad apple would mean the end of a company. Where’s the justice, logic, or intelligence behind that?

Once again, you have failed to present an intelligent and logical reason why, in your words, “...Starbucks must fall.”

There is no evidence whatsoever to back up your belief that making Starbucks go out of business will somehow eradicate racism.

Muhammad Rasheed - Meanwhile your entire retort is saying that "racism isn't a big deal, and it's not right to fight it because some people may lose money if you fight it. Blacks are just going to have to get over it and hope that the rare instance of evil white people getting fired happens a little more often instead of you getting shot all the time over being Black."

THAT'S your message, Eric.

Racism is an economic system. From the very beginning it was designed to build up wealth for white people at the expense of Black people. Common sense and plentiful evidence has shown that if racism becomes unprofitable for the evil white aristocracy it will go away.

You are unlearned on the topic and somehow believe your power of whiteness alone gives your uninformed opinion magical weight, but that is only your arrogance, ego and fear of the idea of racism going away that's talking.

Eric C. Martin - Not surprisingly, you didn’t read one single word of what I wrote. Sadly, you made the decision to lie as well:

You made false accusations: you falsely accused me of saying or believing that “racism isn’t a big deal“, but you know for a fact that my entire premise is that The very idea of boycotting or as you put it “Starbucks must fall“ is nothing short of illogical, idiotic, and pointless. You also accused me of arrogance, having an ego, (project much?) and being afraid of the idea of racism going away. (that’s the best you could think of?)

Your last retort was completely scatterbrained. Just all over the place. The Irony is you claim to have “commonsense“, but you’ve failed spectacularly to show any.

You might want to try to control your emotions which have affected what is otherwise a clear head:

I have no power. (The hell are you talking about?) “Whiteness?“ Newsflash: my mother is 100% Mexican. Raised by a single mom in a Mexican household.

“Fear of the idea of racism going away“? OK I think I’m done here. I cannot possibly debate with somebody who is even more paranoid, and more of a loon, than Alex Jones.

I truly feel sorry for you. But hey, it’s your life. You can go and keep checking under your bed at night for the imaginary Klansman.

Muhammad Rasheed - "Mexican" isn't a race, it's an ethnic group. There are Black and white Mexicans... races within the ethnic group. I'm pretty sure you self-identify as a 'white man' within your half-Mexican citizenship.

It wasn't a false accusation. It's what your position is. It's what you are arguing. You believe that racism isn't a big deal and attempts to cure it aren't 'fair.'

Racism is systemic, embedded throughout our entire society. It's EXTREME. It's fundamental purpose is economic -- it plunders wealth from the Black community to artificially uplift the white community. It's literally how the great wealth of the Western nations was built up in the first place.

The way to cure it is to make it unprofitable. Extreme measures were used to create it, therefore equally extreme measures are needed to destroy it. A Fortune 1,000 company that knows society has shifted to a zero tolerance policy will either root out the racists during the hiring/recruitment phase or go out of business (you may consider it a corporate-level 'lynching' if you will). That's how we can cure it.

Or we can have another Civil War. I suggest we choose the economic route.

Rick Stromoski - M. Rasheed wrote: "500 years of systemic racism isn't fair, Rick. Destroying a brand with a zero tolerance for racism policy is justice, and that's VERY fair."

I think destroying a brand for the actions of one manager is a bit overkill. Especially when corporate immediately responds in a positive and repentant way to correct the racist actions of its representative.

I agree with you regarding the systemic racism embedded in America’s history that continues to this day. But I disagree with a zero tolerance policy in ANYTHING. The world shouldn’t be looked st as a zero sum all or nothing proposition. Going nuclear immediately is a losing proposition in the long run.

Rick Stromoski - @M. Rasheed... I’m not sure how you would root out racists during the hiring process. But I agree with you that racists institutions should be boycotted and called out with the end result being their demise but it’s important to pick your targets because they have systemic racist policies, the banking industry, Fox News and other businesses I mentioned earlier, and not because of individuals whose actions taint that corporates brand. Starbucks reacted appropriately to the actions of a stupid and racist employee.

Personal racism would be impossible to eradicate. Institutionalized racism is a much more realistic target that should be the focus.

Muhammad Rasheed - 1.) You're telling me that you don't believe in a zero tolerance for racism. lol We will never disagree more, I think. Racism MUST go. If people are too attached to their systemic racism income streams to let it go, then they are courting another Civil War. Nobody wants a sequel to the bloodiest conflict in American history, but if that's what it takes, then that's what it takes.

2.) It's not my job to figure out how the 1% will save their mega-corporations and root out the racists. I'm sure they will figure something out since their great fortunes would be on the line.

3.) Institutional racism is the only target. The emotion-based, indoctrinated individual bigotry part of racism will go when the economic part goes. Or at least it will go in the closet and learn to hide better.

Rick Stromoski - M. Rasheed wrote: "1.) You're telling me that you don't believe in a zero tolerance for racism." 

That’s not what I was referring to and it’s disingenuous to suggest that. 

If an employee of any company expresses racist views and the company fires said employee, apologizes to the victims of the racism and then institutes a policy and program for racial sensitivity, I think it’s logical that said company has acted on good faith. To continue to call for the boycott or punishment of that company even after they take corrective and apologetic action is just unnecessarily punitive and illogical.

Muhammad Rasheed - Racism is itself unnecessarily punitive and illogical, Rick. The entire system is racist; it's not racist on an mere emotion-based individual by individual basis. The infamous wealth gap between the races isn't caused by emotional bigotry but by systemic racism, and that was created and maintained into the current day by by deliberately manufactured extreme conditions.

How the police responded was part & parcel of the problem. When that cop arrested Skip Gates for "trespassing" on his own porch, the POTUS called the behavior 'stupid' and ALL white people got mad at him and his popularity dropped. lol smdh

Your entire corporation will be destroyed if a single employee commits an anti-Black racist act. That means more than the cashier-level or middle management worker. That means you're due an extreme Mueller Investigation-type super audit of EVERYTHING. And fuck you.

Rodney Rodgers - Muhammad guy doesnt seem happy, why is he still here? everyone is free to go to a different place and find happiness. but i know how he feels, it is not easy being a black female , transgender, height challenged muslim trapped in a white mans body in this country, I feel so misunderstood.

Muhammad Rasheed - @Rodney... I wonder why Cliven Bundy and his cronies didn't just leave America since they seemed so unhappy over their very illegal armed government protest? I wonder why the Tea Partiers didn't just leave the country when they were so upset over whatever imaginary nonsense people like that whine about?

Perhaps you can provide some insight?

Woody Woodrow - Love how people automatically play the race card.

Muhammad Rasheed - I love how racists scream "you play the race card!" on cue whenever anti-racists protest the racism of the racists. lol

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