Saturday, August 19, 2017

Dialogues with the White Conservative: "Why Do You Talk This Way?"

Muhammad Rasheed - So when white conservatives bring up 'Black abortions,' and 'Black-on-Black crime' on cue as their go-to response to the "Please stop killing us" Black protesters, what is their goal exactly? Is it as simple as a misdirection deception to get the Black protesters to stop talking about it? Or are they saying it's okay for whites to kill Blacks because there are Black abortions taking place and crime in Black lower income neighborhoods? I haven't yet figured out the point of why white conservatives respond the way that they do.

Please explain.

Doug TenNapel - It's hard to say "conservatives do this" when I'm the only conservative I'm aware of doing it today. From what I see, white conservatives condemn Charlotte right along with everyone else. And the band plays on.

Muhammad Rasheed - I don't know any white conservatives who fail to bring up "Black abortions" and "Black-on-Black crime" in response to Blacks demanding that white-on-Black violence stops.

I'm interested in what does it mean when they perform this behavior.

Doug TenNapel - You mean besides demanding white on black violence must stop?!

Muhammad Rasheed - Yes, that's a separate topic. I'm just probing into the mindset here.

Muhammad Rasheed - Searching for a basic understanding that has thus far eluded me.

Doug TenNapel - There doesn't have to be another reason. You only need to find a deeper motive if you first reject the premise. It actually is what it is. I can't explain the motives of others. I'd do the same thing if we were nationally mourning the death of a person with Downs Syndrome. I'd say, "do you all know that 90% of unborn babies w Downs are aborted? With those stats, i thought the national goal was to get rid of them." Then you'd have to try to find what my real agenda must be, because it just can't be that I mourn for 90% of Downs people being aborted.

Muhammad Rasheed - Why wouldn't the deeper motive be the other, or true, reason?

There's always a reason, Doug. Especially when the response is framed in a near word-by-word political talking point tract across class and state lines.

Doug TenNapel - We might be reading different sources, but I've got hundreds of conservatives in my FB feed and thousands on Twitter and I haven't seen a single one.

Muhammad Rasheed


Tim Sozio - @Muhammad Rasheed… the question is when are you going to demand black on black violence stop? after all it is well over 90% of crime that hurts and kills blacks -

Muhammad Rasheed
- It's not a real question, Tim, since there are dozens and dozens of Black activist groups dedicated to neutralizing the crime in lower-income Black neighborhoods. "Urban" center crime has been on a steady decline for several years, with a dramatic jump during the Obama era (of course I am not surprised that you are unaware of this). BLM is a group whose focus is specifically to demand police brutality in Black communities cease, so when you respond to them with this question that is quite outside of their specialized scope, it functions as either a confused logical fallacy at best, or a misdirection-deception technique at worst.

My question is: Which one of the two are you using today by the asking? Are you confused, or are you being sneaky?

Tell me.

Tim Sozio - neither… I am being realistic… on the streets at 13 and 21 in Philly and Florida - lived in the ghetto for 3 years - the barrio for 9 - been in jail - been in prison - ran with the biker 1%ers - been there done that - BLM is a racist hate group based on lies…

Muhammad Rasheed - So you think it's "a lie" that Black people want anti-Black, white supremacist cops to stop killing them? You believe that position is actually "realistic."

Why do you think that?

Tim Sozio - because I have been there and done that... it is not cops killing blacks... it is blacks killing blacks... you are a racist. facts count... you do not: [Article - NATIONALREVIEW.COM] "Police Aren’t Targeting and Killing Black Men"

Muhammad Rasheed - 1.) You saying "I have been there and done that" doesn’t mean anything to me, Tim. You already know we disagree fundamentally on this item, so why would you say that as if it was pregnant with truth?

2.) You linked to a white identity politics conservative website, with a piece that deliberately ignores key facts in order to put together an intellectually dishonest "think piece."

So basically you're revealing to me that you accept the articles from all white conservative sites as gospel truth, that's why you think the way you do. Okay, that was deceptively simpler than I expected, but at least I know what you consider to be "realistic."

Muhammad Rasheed - By the way, white conservatives also use their own special working definition of "racist" which also doesn't mean anything to me. It's racist when your cops kill me and get away with it, but it's not racist that I complain about this practice. As you see there's no reason for me to take your 'racist' charge seriously.

Tim Sozio - BS… the numbers say you are a liar to the people and a racist -

Muhammad Rasheed - lol What numbers, Tim?

Muhammad Rasheed - Oh, the "numbers" from your very white article?

Muhammad Rasheed - I can trump that. Watch...

Muhammad Rasheed - Here. Are you familiar with this?

[PDF] Federal Bureau of Investigation – Intelligence Assessment (17 Oct 2006) White Supremacist Infiltration of Law Enforcement

Muhammad Rasheed - This is the reason why the cops weren't in force in Charlottesville thy way they are during BLM peaceful protests. Because your cops were part of the pro-Nazi rally.

Naturally I should expect your white identity politics article to be kind of untruthful about its claims, yes?

Tim Sozio - BS… that was a political choice by the mayor - get a fact - and asshat I am only part white - you are a racist

Muhammad Rasheed - The FBI's report says that all law enforcement and the military have been strategically infiltrated by white supremacist groups for decades. That is significantly beyond the scope of a "mayor."

So you lied to me AND tried to bluff me. Interesting.

I'm just going to assume that "asshat I am only part white" comment was a direct reference to that ‘five-dollar indian’ scam your folk indulged in, to enable you to fraudulently get a cut of reparations intended for someone you victimized.

What else do you have? Preferably of more substance than what you have thus provided.

Muhammad Rasheed - Tell me why you believe me to be a racist. Let's start there.

Muhammad Rasheed - What makes ME a racist?

Muhammad Rasheed - Am I a racist by default because I self-identify with the Black American ethnic group?

Or am I a racist because I want white people to stop subjugating, exploiting, and terrorizing Black people?

Which one?

Doug TenNapel - This is why internet politics are effing stupid. In real life we three would be having a blast sharing a beer over a game of bowling. Now we're bickering over racist bullshit. I could weigh in and start making remarks but I feel like I'd be contributing the obvious, when what isn't obvious is I don't like seeing two good guys go after each other because of our culture. It's 6:30am and I already need a beer.

Muhammad Rasheed - "Bowling?" What's wrong with a cartoonist-sketch jam?  :(

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