Friday, March 10, 2017

Carson, Immigrants, and the "Irish Slave" Myth

Tony Steed - FACT: Slavery was forced upon Africans.
Alternative fact: Slavery just means Involuntary immigration.
I can't believe people vote Republican...
Involuntary immigration = Kidnapping, fucktard.
#bencarsonis an idiot

Shy Pearce - My Irish ancestors were slaves

Tony Steed -There's a reason why the Irish and the English didn't get along for centuries.

Muhammad Rasheed - Ireland's forgotten mixed-race child abuse victims

Muhammad Rasheed - Black people suffer the most racism in Ireland, report finds

Muhammad Rasheed - Two years of the ‘Irish slaves’ myth: racism, reductionism and the tradition of diminishing the transatlantic slave trade

Muhammad Rasheed - The Irish and the Atlantic slave trade

Muhammad Rasheed - [BOOK REVIEW] ‘The Green and the Gray’ by David T. Gleeson

Muhammad RasheedLinks to slave trade evident across Ireland

Shy Pearce - I think you've made your point, racist.

Muhammad Rasheed - But I thought we were all posting completely irrelevant info in response to Tony's comment?  I'M HELPING!   :(

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