Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Favorite Character #5: CHUN the UNAVOIDABLE

Name: Chun the Unavoidable

Property: Novel

Genre: Science-Fantasy/horror

Created by: Jack Vance

Character Background/Synopsis: When the mendicant rogue Lianne the Wayfarer discovered a beautiful witch, with golden eyes that matched his own, alone in a little cabin in a picturesque meadow, he immediately tried to take her to quench his lusts. With 20 flying blades of death that obeyed her every command, the witch wasn't having it, but she told him that if he retrieved the other half of a gorgeously-detailed golden tapestry from the villain Chun the Unavoidable, he could have her as he liked. Lianne immediately agreed and set forth on the quest. But Chun the Unavoidable was a horrible monster that slew all would-be champions and attached their eyeballs to his cloak. No one who had caught a glimpse of the beast had ever lived to give a description. Lianne would fair no better on his quest than anyone else, and that night, Chun appeared at the doorstep of the witch. He praised the quality of the latest pair of eyes she had sent his way, and gave her two golden threads for her tapestry instead of the usual one. Carefully sewing them into her half, she promised the beloved city the tapestry depicted that she would be home soon.

What makes him/her cool: Chun was frightening beyond belief and demanded that I at least attempt to string together the vague hints of his appearance into an image.

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A Tribute to Jack Vance (August 28, 1916 – May 26, 2013)


  1. Someone attended Westercon, the Sci-Fi convention, back in the 1960, wearing a cloak decorated with eyeball-painted ping-pong balls. Chun The Unavoidable is one of Mr. Vance's greatest elusive creations. I hope the artist continues to bring Vance's characters to life. I'd suggest the Seven Paladins, the avatar/alter-egos of the Demon Prince, Howard Alan Treesong. Spangleway, "The Antic" toys with his victims and is a master of deception. "Where is Spangleway? He has taken to his heels! Only to have him fall upon their necks, in some unexpected direction, or in some shocking guise."

  2. Chun is a favorite of mine, too: the fact that his name "weighs on the soul" of Dying Earth wizards (which can be very powerful, as seen in other Vance stories)gives him a truly monstrous presence...