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A Red Agent in 'Black Muslim' Clothing


[original cartoon pending]

Rasheed, Muhammad. "A Red Agent in 'Black Muslim' Clothing." Cartoon. The Official Website of Cartoonist M. Rasheed 00 Date 2024.  [cartoon pending] Pen & ink w/Adobe Photoshop color.

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Non-Human Media (@NonHumanMedia1) – Part 2



JOHN CALLOWAY: Many of us are surprised when we read that there are a thousand or hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of Arab or Arab American owned grocery stores in Chicago and I think many people will be surprised to hear about the tension between these store owners and blacks. Tell us about, when we talk about Arabs or Arab Americans, where did they come… which nations, what part of the world did they, of the Arab world did they come from?

JENNIFER ROBLES: A lot of the grocers on the west side that I spoke with and talked to at length came from Palestine, Palestinian, West Bank. Although, there in Chicago, there are concentrations of Jordanians, of other nationalities within the Arab American countries, but on the West Side they seem to be newer to the United States and primarily from the West Bank.

Non-Human Media (@NonHumanMedia1) – “The customers in most of these stores are low income Blacks, the store's owners are often Arab Americans”

“Selling liquor being one of their main items of sale”

K-NV (@KLV92168164) - Our focus should be on reversing the bad path we took integrating. Replacing those Muslim Alcohol sellers with Black owned stores.

Muhammad Rasheed - "Replacing those hostile Arab-immigrant store owners with ADOS-owned stores."


But how without our Reparations and the massive government support that implies?

K-NV (@KLV92168164) - I meant what I said. Most of them are Muslims. Reparations are necessary.

Muhammad Rasheed - The religion they subscribe to is irrelevant, since many ADOS are also Muslim. The problem is our ongoing war against the multi-headed immigrant figure.

Muhammad Rasheed - Arab immigrants partner with white supremacy to treat ADOS like trash, despite what the Qur'an says about the practices they engage in. How are they not the same as the Jews who likewise justify their wrong by vilifying "the other?" What about the ADOS who are Muslim? #hypocrisy

All Things Education Official (@Knowledge_Reign) - I am a Muslim Foundational Black American Freedman. Many racists that claim to be Muslim don’t even know that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was of a Black lineage and that his close companion was Bilal a Black Ethiopian. They only profess to be Muslim but their actions say differently

Muhammad Rasheed - You may was well drop that "FBA/Freedmen" stuff. You're doing yourself a disservice and tainting your witness. 'Muslim ADOS' is where it's at for those of us who believe.

All Things Education Official (@Knowledge_Reign) - Sir, I identify as a Foundational Black American Muslim. The great thing is that you and I are both of the same lineage and I support you and my claim to reparations and this land.

Muhammad Rasheed - The history of these recent groups who call themselves "Foundational Black American" and "Freedmen" is filled with lies, betrayal, white favor courting, etc., and cannot be separated from that. Using those labels taints your witness as a believer.

Muhammad Rasheed - Honestly, there is zero excuse for a Black American Muslim to side with 'FBA, B1, Freedmen' instead of with #ADOS. It demonstrates an individual's embarrassing lack of discernment.

All Things Education Official (@Knowledge_Reign) - All I see is an attempt to shame individuals that have the same ideological beliefs but choose to identify by a different name. I am ADOS. I am FBA. I am Freedman. I am B1.

Muhammad Rasheed - You should be ashamed to align yourself with those tags who by no means have the same ideological beliefs as the dedicated activists. The One God said STAND FIRMLY FOR JUSTICE, but you boldly reject this command to seat yourself in the company of grifting charlatans.

All Things Education Official (@Knowledge_Reign) - Allah u Alim. Be well Sir.

Muhammad Rasheed - Allah does know best, that's why I referenced the unambiguous and explicit verse about the topic.

All Things Education Official (@Knowledge_Reign) - …but YOU are not the judge of what is right and just Sir. Your statements and declarations imply that your way is the right and just way. I agree to disagree with your position, love you for the sake of Allah and wish you peace.

Muhammad Rasheed - I don't have to be the Judge, I just need to point to the scripture revealed to guide us aright. If you are indifferent to the Word, or outright hate it as you believe it cramps your style, then please stop publicizing that you are a Muslim and just worship Nasheed & Co.

All Things Education Official (@Knowledge_Reign) - Your shaming tactics are ridiculous at this point. Do not question my iman because YOU don’t agree with my politics. “If it makes your heart waver do without”. If my heart were wavering, your feeble attempt at shame would clearly be rejected by me.

Muhammad Rasheed - Your politics consists of siding with known grifters who betrayed your own people to chase the bag of white favor, which is in direct violation of Qur'an 4:135. Your personal expression of iman demonstrably lacks integrity in perfect imitation of a Godless communist agent. #shame

Muhammad Rasheed - lol Are we talking about the same Tariq who collected funds for a questionable 'museum' only to pivot and make it a hookah-stripper lounge or whatever?

Muhammad Rasheed - Your witness is tainted by your association with seedy characters. The only question remaining is whether you are merely a blind & gullible dupe, or part of a coordinated cell of red chaos agents in the 20th century mode?

Probably the latter since the devil eschews spending funds on risky new tricks.

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