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The Inconsistent Double-Talk of Anti-Black Racism


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Rasheed, Muhammad. "The Inconsistent Double-Talk of Anti-Black Racism." Cartoon. The Official Website of Cartoonist M. Rasheed 00 Date 2024.  [cartoon pending] Pen & ink w/Adobe Photoshop color.

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Q: Why is it so difficult for Marvel Studios to just recast the Black Panther like they did with War Machine?

Muhammad Rasheed - Hollywood has partnered with immigrant politics and has allowed African-European actors to push Black American actors and directors out of roles. The subsequent backlash—where the American Descendants of Slavery (ADOS) political advocacy group calling for boycotts of such projects—has been a success. Because of this, Hollywood’s initial plans to immediately replace Boseman with an African-British actor were put on hold, fearful lest the political backlash of the decision should result in the MCU’s biggest financial flop in history between the first Black Panther film’s success versus the anticipated sequel.

Instead, using their equally dubious ‘Plan-B’ option, they pushed all supporting Black male characters further to the background, made an Hispanic actor the “strong male presence” in a “Black movie” and turned the feminism dial up to 11.

Marvel Studios appears to want to punish Black Americans for coming out in support of the first BP by turning them off of the product all together.

Dave Dolan - What a load of BS they didn’t re cast out of respect, manor was cast in line with his back story and the storyline to explain his death was well thought out and respectful. Well done marvel

Muhammad Rasheed - It’s “respect” to leave out the Black male lead in a movie franchise that excited the Black people who made the first one top a billion dollars, huh? Isn’t your group the one always making fun of Black people because of the absent father’s trope? But now you’re good with there being no Black men in their movie and replacing him with a hispanic?

BlancoTheGod - Did you even watch the movie? The fuck are you on about? Namor is not hispanic. His people predate the spanish conquest of mexico and south america. Also you seem to be saying a lot about black men while ignoring the black women that were heavily featured. Lastly, the end shows M'baku talking over as King of Wakanda. Incase you didn't know m'baku is a black man.

Muhammad Rasheed - Blanco wrote: “Namor is not hispanic”

lol I’m talking about the casting. smh

Blanco wrote: “Lastly, the end shows M'baku”

Exactly, at the END.

Blanco wrote: “Did you even watch the movie?”

No way.

Blanco wrote: “Also you seem to be saying a lot about black men while ignoring the black women that were heavily featured.”

Didn’t I say they “turned the feminism dial up to 11” in my Answer? Pay attention. You’re the guy who is ALWAYS making fun of the “black absentee fathers” racist trope, but here you want to pretend feminism makes it all better while you gas light. smh

BlancoTheGod - This is nuts, bro. You have no Idea what I make fun of. You’re minimizing the stuggles and accomplishments of black women by says its just feminism.

Muhammad Rasheed - Blanco wrote: “This is nuts, bro.”

I agree.

Blanco wrote: “You have no Idea what I make fun of.”

lol Sure, I do. That’s why you’re calling yourself “White the god.” You all always make fun of the exact same stuff like a hive mind.

Blanco wrote: “You’re minimizing the stuggles and accomplishments of black women by says its just feminism.”

lol I’m indifferent to feminist agendas trying to split the Black American family up into an artificial gender war situation. I particularly have zero respect for the scheme when I see white men partnering with it.

BlancoTheGod - Bruh. We are just blobs of cells on an organic spaceship hurdling through the comsos. Just roll a joint and enjoy life.

Muhammad Rasheed - I’m not inclined to take that kind of advice seriously. It is far more worthwhile and noble to fight for the economic inclusion of my oft-maligned ethnic group in my country.

BlancoTheGod - Well damn, misery it is.

Muhammad Rasheed - “Misery” is the fruit of surrendering to abuse without a fight.

In what universe is standing up for yourself and fighting the good fight for your people’s dignity considered “misery?” lol Your advice is trash.

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