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Clumsy 'Cultural Muslim' or Bumbling Racist Spy?


[original cartoon pending]

Rasheed, Muhammad. "Clumsy 'Cultural Muslim' or Bumbling Racist Spy?" Cartoon. The Official Website of Cartoonist M. Rasheed 00 Date 2023 [cartoon pending]. Pen & ink w/Adobe Photoshop color.

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Saving this for all the Scott Adams fans. You too can move to an all-white nation where you don’t have hear the Black National Anthem.

The Blood of Tyrants (ck74) (@ck007474_ck74) - Or Africans can move to Africa, specifically Nigeria or West Central Africa, where their brothers and sisters sold them from?!?!? 👏🏿✊🏿👏🏿✊🏿👏🏿There they can listen to their actual national anthems…. ✊🏿👏🏿✊🏿👏🏿✊🏿

Black Capital (@Blackcapitalis) - Nah, the people who came here voluntarily should be the ones to leave first.

The Blood of Tyrants (ck74) (@ck007474_ck74) - Or maybe just the ones that are the biggest burden on society as a whole?

Muhammad Rasheed - biggest burden = makes whites feel the guiltiest

Jason Hale (@JasonHale777) - U have massive black fragility

Muhammad Rasheed - Do I? 🤔

But you're the one that goes out of your way to cheat to keep from competing fairly with Black Americans ADOS. lol

Pencil Neck (@nicolococrypto1) - Black Capital wrote: "Nah, the people who came here voluntarily should be the ones to leave first."

That makes a lot of sense🤪

Muhammad Rasheed - Sure does, since they shouldn't be here anyway. Go fix your own broken countries.

ADS (@ADsoufiane7) - Your original clan in Africa (West Africa specifically) got beaten in tribal wars and the winning tribe sold your ancestors to some Europeans then the Europeans bring them to America to work as slaves. Next, these Europeans built the USA with some of your ancestors and others.

Muhammad Rasheed - ADS wrote: "got beaten in tribal wars"

False. VOC partnered with certain African tribes to go around attacking and trafficking people.

ADS wrote: "these Europeans built the USA"

False. We built it, while they sat around counting money and molesting black flesh.

ADS (@ADsoufiane7) - M. Rasheed wrote: "VOC partnered with certain African tribes" 

As if slavery didn't exist already everywhere before VOC started to find for extra workers (slaves).

M. Rasheed wrote: "False. We built it, while they sat around counting money and molesting black flesh"

Personal opinion fueled with emotion.

Muhammad Rasheed - ADS wrote: "As if slavery didn't exist already"

It did, but VOC turned into into the type of mass-production business that we've come to associate with Western powers. It wasn't like that before. VOC is the first megacorporate monopoly.

ADS wrote: "Personal opinion fueled with emotion"

lol No, that's what your own "Europeans built the USA" represents.

ADS (@ADsoufiane7) - If you re-read that, I'm saying not a single people help built the USA. If someone said "we are the only one who built this and that", you're just someone with an agenda or motives.

Muhammad Rasheed - ADS wrote: "I'm saying"

It doesn't matter what you're saying. You're being a hateful historical revisionist for white supremacy spewing propagandist trash at me.

ADS (@ADsoufiane7) - M. Rasheed wrote: "It doesn't matter what you're saying. You're being a hateful historical revisionist for white supremacy spewing propagandist trash at me."

See? Always with emotion... 🤦‍♂️

Most people around the world experienced atrocities.

Muhammad Rasheed - ADS wrote: "Most people around the world experienced atrocities"

And white people & their loyal "POC" lackey support class waste their time trying to convince my people we shouldn't work to right the wrongs of the atrocities we experienced just because other people experienced atrocities. It's a genuinely stupid assertion.

ADS (@ADsoufiane7) - Because the people who did those acts and the victims who actually experienced all that are no longer here.

Muhammad Rasheed - Again, white supremacists and their loyal "POC" support lackeys magically don't understand the concepts of lineage, heritage & legacy ONLY when they are spewing their gas lighting foolishness at my ADOS ethnic group. Save your ridiculous hot air.

ADS (@ADsoufiane7) - "lineage, heritage & legacy" you, sir, and your ancestors are Africans a.k.a  blacks. West Africans, specifically.

Muhammad Rasheed - After 400 yrs of literally knowing no other land but this North American one—with a brand new culture, language and heritage—I'm no more an "African" than the original San tribesmen who originally migrated out of the continent and populated the rest of the globe to become YOU.

Muhammad Rasheed - ADS wrote: "See? Always with emotion... 🤦‍♂️"  

Your logical fallacy is called "Tone Policing."

ADS (@ADsoufiane7) - Should I focus on those terms or?

Muhammad Rasheed

  • Logical fallacies are either illegitimate arguments or irrelevant points, and are identified by their lack of evidence that supports their claim.
  • Tone policing is an ad hominem aimed at the tone of an argument instead of its factual/logical content in order to dismiss a person's argument.

Muhammad Rasheed - ADS wrote: "Should I focus on those terms or?"

You should stop being a d*ck to a fellow Muslim just because you want to court the economic favor of white supremacy, and go ask Allah for forgiveness.

ADS (@ADsoufiane7) - A Muslim focus on religion, not black supremacy, not white supremacy and anything to do with racial supremacy. It's you who need to pray to Allah to stop focusing too much on race.

Muhammad Rasheed - ADS wrote: "A Muslim focus on religion"

How would YOU know? You're literally partnering with the pagan white supremacists against the economically oppressed & exploited ADOS ethnic group. Obviously, you've never bothered to study al-Islam.

ADS wrote: "not black supremacy"

Your logical fallacy is: "Strawman effigy."

ADS wrote: "not white supremacy"

The pagan white supremacists are my active enemies in the earth and your troll farm handlers.

ADS wrote: "and anything to do with racial supremacy."

'Racial supremacy' is not my argument. You're the only only who keeps bringing it up. I care only about lineage & heritage in this country I built.

ADS wrote: "It's you who need to pray to Allah"

I'm unconvinced that you even know what that means...

ADS wrote: "to stop focusing too much on race."

I'm indifferent to "race."

ADS (@ADsoufiane7) - M. Rasheed wrote: "The pagan white supremacists are my active enemies in the earth and your troll farm handlers."

 yet you responded with "Strawman effigy". You are a racist black dude. 🤷‍♂️😑

Muhammad Rasheed - You're shamelessly arguing the classic anti-Black American white supremacist position as a troll. Own it. 

You think I'm "racist" for no other reason than because I want this to stop:

ADS (@ADsoufiane7) - Then try to be a president like Barack Obama, try to be like the rich black athletes, try to be like Candace Owens, etc. 🤨🤷‍♂️

Muhammad Rasheed - You are a fool incapable of processing information. 

Fortunate indeed you are that I am forbidden from tracking you down and taking a fellow Muslim's head. Good on you. lol

ADS (@ADsoufiane7) - You sound like someone from Nation Of Islam... 🤨🤷‍♂️

Muhammad Rasheed - I don't believe you know who those people are either. You're just saying stuff out loud just to hear your ignorant self talk.

Muhammad Rasheed - What does the "rich black athletes" have to do with the political economic uplift of my ethnic group?

ADS (@ADsoufiane7) - Try something new then instead of forcing yourselves to be economically unstable? 🤨🤷‍♂️

Muhammad Rasheed - How about you try something new by discarding your ignorant anti-ADOS talking points and actually learning about the history of U.S. 'race' relations so you cure yourself of your narrow-minded stupidity?

ADS (@ADsoufiane7) - Why should I? I'm not black and I don't reside in America? 🤨🤷‍♂️

Muhammad Rasheed - That doesn't keep you from enthusiastically supporting my traditional political enemies against my innocent and abused group when you demonstrably don't know anything about our history though. 

How about focus on your own people?

ADS (@ADsoufiane7) - M. Rasheed wrote: "my innocent and abused group" 

tell that to Candace Owen, Obama and the other rich black celebs and athletes, etc. I like making fun of racist blacks bc of their hypocrisy. 🤨🤷‍♂️

ADS (@ADsoufiane7) - Nation Of Islam are kafirs who pretend to be Muslims... So. 🤨🤷‍♂️

Muhammad Rasheed - You're literally pretending to be a Muslim as you partner with pagan white supremacists and lust to be included with their "POC" lackey support class with your heroes Obama and Owens.

ADS (@ADsoufiane7) - Who wants to support racist blak peepo like you in the first place? 🤨🤷‍♂️

Muhammad Rasheed - As you are a pro-white supremacist foreigner lusting to be a U.S. immigrant parasite, why are you even asking me that?

ADS (@ADsoufiane7) - If you wanna go to somewhere else, you have to follow the majority. "When in Rome, Do as the Romans Do" just like when you go everywhere🤨🤷‍♂️

Muhammad Rasheed - I'm a U.S. citizen. I'm not a coward immigrant runner, so why would I want to go somewhere else? I'm the one who built the nation that all of you greedy leeches are lusting to run to, so why would I leave my home?

My advice to you is to stay in your worthless and raggedy sh*thole and fight to make it better like I'm doing in my own home nation.

I can't use your coward "runner" advice, especially since I have zero respect for you in any way.

ADS (@ADsoufiane7) - You can't tell what others can do or can't do on the Internet, boy. 🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️

Muhammad Rasheed - Little child, learn how to research & read something other than racist white supremacist propaganda so you will finally be a real Muslim.

Muhammad Rasheed - Fortunate indeed you are that Allah forbids me from finding you and catching you in the throat to allow you to dance a jig on the gibbet. Good on you. ☺️

ADS (@ADsoufiane7) - M. Rasheed wrote: "Fortunate indeed you are that Allah forbids me from finding you and catching you in the throat to allow you to dance a jig on the gibbet. Good on you. ☺️"

Did I hit a nerve...? 👀🤣

Muhammad Rasheed - ADS wrote: "Did I hit a nerve"

Yes. You embarrass me as a Muslim. It's hard for me to wrap my mind around a Muslim who is a white supremacist. It makes me want to go on a one-man cleansing frenzy around the globe, to be honest.

ADS (@ADsoufiane7) - You're one of those Nation Of Islam kafirs.. 👀

Muhammad Rasheed - I've never been a member of the NOI. You can't even pretend to know what it really is, you just saw a white racist use the acronym once and uncritically ran with it anyway. That's how you operate.

Muhammad Rasheed - Fortunately for you specifically, Allah forbids me to use any kind of 'Frank Castle' cosplay on a fellow Muslim.

How very clever of you to put on a ruse I can't challenge. Good on you. ☺️

ADS (@ADsoufiane7) - The Punisher? I'm not joking when I said you should be a standup comedian 🤣

ADS (@ADsoufiane7) - M. Rasheed wrote: "'Racial supremacy' is not my argument." 

yet you said only ADOS built the US... 🤨

Muhammad Rasheed - ADOS isn't a racial group, it's an ethnic group. 

In the USA, "race" strictly means physical racial phenotype traits, while "ethnicity" strictly means lineage & heritage.

It's my understanding that they don't define them that way outside the USA, hence your chronic confusion.

ADS (@ADsoufiane7) - Yeah that's why there is a term as ethnocentric. I don't follow the US term bc I'm not an American. 🤨🤷‍♂️

Muhammad Rasheed - I am an American, and if you're going to insist upon butting into our political advocacy discussions, then it is unreasonable to expect us to take on your alien definitions when you weren't welcome in our discussions anyway.

ADS (@ADsoufiane7) - American? I thought you guys hate America bc it is white lol 🤦‍♂️🤣

Muhammad Rasheed - I've admitted 50x now that I've never been a member of the NOI, so I don't understand what you're supposed to be giggling to yourself about. 

I think you enjoy being confused...

ADS (@ADsoufiane7) - M. Rasheed wrote: "I'm unconvinced that you even know what that means..." 

are you sure? 

M. Rasheed wrote: "I'm indifferent to 'race.'" 

are... you... sure? 🤨

Muhammad Rasheed - ADS wrote: "are you sure?"

Your support of the white supremacist position against my people is incompatible with the tenets of Al-Islam. How do you reconcile the two in good faith? 

ADS wrote: "are... you... sure? 🤨"

It's not my fault you don't understand the difference between race vs ethnicity.

ADS (@ADsoufiane7) - Why should I support the white supremacist? Islam didn't teach to support racists like white supremacists and black supremacists like you. 🤨🤷‍♂️

Muhammad Rasheed - ADS wrote: "Why should I support the white supremacist?"

Because you hope to be a U.S. immigrant one day, so you are publicly brown-nosing what you think they want to see in order to win political favor from the worst people on earth.

ADS wrote: "Islam didn't teach to support racists like white supremacists"

Obviously you care far more about earthly comforts in the USA than you do about winning paradise from Allah. A poor bargain indeed.

ADS wrote: "and black supremacists like you. 🤨"

I don't believe in "black supremacy."

ADS (@ADsoufiane7) - "When in Rome, Do as the Romans Do" because the majority of Americans are Whites. 🤨

Muhammad Rasheed - You keep bringing that up like it's supposed to move me.  Do you follow the Qur'an or this "St. Ambrose?" 🤨

I told you I am not, nor have my people EVER been immigrants. The USA is my home country that my people physically built and wrote many of the laws.

What does the Qur'an say about doing what is right even when you are in the minority? I don't conform to the evils of U.S. white supremacy that are committed to treating my people poorly. You sound crazy.

It is my duty as a Muslim to fight against evil, and especially so since this particular evil is my traditional foe in history who hates my guts.

You want me to submit to it like a pagan idol.

ADS (@ADsoufiane7) - All your responses are loaded with contradictions and I can't help but just giggling non-stop 🤦‍♂️🤣

Muhammad Rasheed - You've never managed to figure out what a fallacy was, but you expect me to believe you recognize a contradiction when you see it, huh?

The nature of your confusion was shown to be your foreign idea that "race" and "ethnicity" are synonymous. This is not a US custom, remember?

You also, oddly, appear to confuse "evil actions/deeds" with the 'racial supremacy' concept of inherent evil.

My history in the USA proves the former, and I reject the latter as a practicing Muslim.

ADS (@ADsoufiane7) - I don't follow your own terms. No matter what heritage/lineage (i.e. slaves) you all are Africans (race). Judging by your act, you hate white people simply bc you think they're evil and you try to mix your ethnocentric ideas with Islam. Well... 🤨🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️

Muhammad Rasheed - ADS wrote: "I don't follow your own terms"

That's because you are woefully uneducated, and actually seem to prefer ignorant and offensive white supremacist propaganda instead of truth.

ADS wrote: "No matter what heritage/lineage (i.e. slaves)"

The U.S. slavery institution was a part of my heritage and built around my group specifically by law.

ADS wrote: "you all are Africans (race)."

"African" is not a "race." 🙄

Africa is a continent, remember? It has the full human spectrum of different racial phenotypes there. I have no heritage ties in Africa. My group is a brand new ethnicity with its own unique cultural heritage.

ADS wrote: "Judging by your act, you hate white people simply bc you think they're evil"

lol I don't hate anyone. I want the centuries of continuous evil actions inflicted upon my group by white people to cease, and the wrongs corrected. This is an Islamic concept.

ADS wrote: "and you try to mix your ethnocentric ideas with Islam. Well..."

You get confused easily and then pretend your stupidity is my actual position. You'd be better off simply asking me what I mean, instead of confusing yourself further by trying to figure it out on your own.

Islam is the universal message that is to be used to guide all of humanity in right conduct. It doesn't mean we no longer have ethnic groups. 

I can't tell whether you REALLY think that, or if you're just being a simping white racist stooge again.

Muhammad Rasheed - Allah said He made us all different so we can learn from one another; He never commanded us to stop being different. 

That fake "color blind" foolishness is just a white supremacist confidence scheme.

ADS (@ADsoufiane7) - Africans refer to those races in Africa. You are all Africans who are born in the US. Also, you're pretending to be a slave who experienced the slavery era but actually not. And you're mixing Islam with your weird ethnocentric ideas. 🤨🤷‍♂️

Muhammad Rasheed - My ethnic group hasn't been an African in four centuries. In that time we are actually mixed with Europeans, native American tribes, and even a smattering of Asians from Korean and Vietnamese hookups. We are not African. We are U.S. Americans.

Fully. Africa is alien to us.

Muhammad Rasheed - Perhaps you actually mean we are of the 'Negroid' or even 'Africanoid' physical racial group, but it doesn't go any farther than skin deep.

Muhammad Rasheed - You're trying to ignorantly force an alien foreigner's politically corrupt understanding upon us when we already know exactly who we are and don't need your xenophobic & offensive help to identify ourselves.

ADS (@ADsoufiane7) - You're trying to ignorantly force your "ADOS whatever that is" view upon me? 👀

Muhammad Rasheed - How am I doing that when you're the one butting into a foreign group's political discussion that you don't even understand, but you're trying to force us to accept your demonic xenophobic opinion about us as if it's fact?

Muhammad Rasheed - ADS wrote: "And you're mixing Islam with your weird ethnocentric ideas. 🤨"

You have a very poor understanding of what Al-Islam actually is. I doubt you are even practicing the rituals of the faith. You have demonstrated zero understanding of any concept we've discussed today.

Muhammad Rasheed - There's 2-billion Muslims around the globe, and they are all conspicuously not of a single ethnic group. Islam is compatible with all ethnicities. Again, Allah said in the Qur'an He made us different so we can learn from one another. I have zero respect for your ignorance.

ADS (@ADsoufiane7) - Never said Islam is just for one race. Islam acknowledge humans have many races. Islam never teach to hate a race due to actions of some and never encourage revenge especially something that happened in the past.

Muhammad Rasheed - ADS wrote: "Never said Islam is just for one race"

You keep saying it's for one ethnic group then. Or, you keep saying my ethnic group isn't allowed to be Muslim? It's hard to interpret your foolishness.

Muhammad Rasheed - Do you honestly expect me to take you seriously? 

You don't know anything. You've NEVER studied the history of U.S. race relations, but you think your uninformed claptrap is supposed to mean something to me. You keep repeating the same stupid sh*t over and over again. 


ADS (@ADsoufiane7) - Islam is not about prioritizing your race over something that had happened in the past to the people of the past.

Muhammad Rasheed - I already corrected your "happened in the past" error, but you keep repeating it anyway. 

Do you expect me to think you are intelligent when you don't know how to process new information that corrects falsehood?

Muhammad Rasheed - ADS wrote: "Islam is not about"

You have no idea what Islam is about. You're not even performing the basics.

ADS (@ADsoufiane7) - You don't believe in "black supremacy" then said white people are evil. You need to be specific here whether all white people or just white supremacists. In order to enter Jannah, you don't need to support people with agendas👀🤷‍♂️

Muhammad Rasheed - ADS wrote: "You don't believe in 'black supremacy'"

'Black supremacy' means that people think the 'black race' is inherently superior to other races. This concept is incompatible with the message of God's Word and I reject it.

ADS wrote: "then said white people are evil"

I said their deeds against my group have been consistently evil for 400 yrs. That's what the point of my article collage was about that you dismissed. They aren't evil as a race because their skin is white, they have behaved evil against us.

ADS wrote: "You need to be specific here whether all white people or just white supremacists."

Only a tiny, insignificant number of white people have expressed that the centuries of wrongs committed against my group need to stop and be righted finally.

ADS wrote: "In order to enter Jannah, you don't need to support people with agendas👀"

You sound stupid. You are not in ANY position to lecture me on my religion after your despicable behavior in this thread. You seriously need to repent.

ADS (@ADsoufiane7) - M. Rasheed wrote: "my ADOS ethnic group. Save your ridiculous hot air."

ADOS ethnic group😂

Muhammad Rasheed - The American Descendants of Slavery (ADOS) accurately describes my ethnic group's lineage & heritage. I'm sorry you are an idiot incapable of processing new information.

ADS (@ADsoufiane7) - M. Rasheed wrote: "VOC is the first megacorporate monopoly."

It's a business, so?

Muhammad Rasheed - So, you think any and everything labeled "business" should get a pass as long as white people, and their loyal "POC" lackey support class, mostly benefit.

ADS (@ADsoufiane7) - Where did I said I support them? The problem is that it happened in the past

Muhammad Rasheed - ADS wrote: "Where did I said I support them?"

"So?" is a dismissive term. Obviously you dismissed my position to support that of my dedicated foe.

ADS wrote: "The problem is that it happened in the past"

Literally everything happened in the past. How is that "the problem?"

You are a fool.

ADS (@ADsoufiane7) - People from outside the US where atrocities happen don't let the past controlled them, that's the difference.

Muhammad Rasheed - ???

Who cares about how other people do whatever you just made up? My business is with my own people and our own struggle. What is wrong with you?

ADS (@ADsoufiane7) - M. Rasheed wrote: "Who cares about how other people do whatever you just made up? My business is with my own people and our own struggle. What is wrong with you?"

Who cares what happened to your ancestors in the past?

Muhammad Rasheed - I care, you silly nit. 

I'm in my own country dealing with my own people's stuff, and you sociopathic foreign jackasses are in MY business. lol

What is wrong with you?

ADS (@ADsoufiane7) - You care about something that happened to your ancestors in the past and of course you don't care abt anything else. So, why should others care about it when the people who actually done that are no longer here today?

Muhammad Rasheed - ADS wrote: "You care about something that happened to your ancestors in the past"

Here's an example of a portion of the ongoing legacy of accrued economic discrimination against my people that began with slavery and continued up into the modern day.

ADS (@ADsoufiane7) - Who did all these scary headlines? White leftists?

Muhammad Rasheed - I compiled them myself from the library of links I collect.

Only uninformed, anti-Black American racist trolls routinely make the false claim that my people's issues were confined to the distant past and have no bearing on the modern day.

ADS (@ADsoufiane7) - All minorities experienced the problems in the entire world.

Muhammad Rasheed - lol Again, you're implying that I have no right to fix my own people's problem just because someone else has a problem.

That's foolishness.

ADS (@ADsoufiane7) - How did Barack Obama became a president?

Muhammad Rasheed - By pretending to be a Black American to receive my group's hopeful vote, only to pull a diabolical heel-turn and leave up poorer than we were under George W. Bush.

ADS (@ADsoufiane7) - A black can be a president so why don't you try your luck? You're saying Obama is not a black because he didn't do well and then say its better to be under Bush who is a white man. 🤦‍♂️

Muhammad Rasheed - I actually said that the problem is that Obama isn't a member of my ethnic group, he only pretended to be to trick us out of our vote. I said he did us more harm than George W did.

ADS wrote: "All minorities experienced the problems" 

My traditional enemy/rival brings over "POC" peoples from other countries to give them the economic  elevation that has been pointedly withheld from me for centuries. Your particular brand of trolldom functions as his propaganda arm.

ADS (@ADsoufiane7) - So you hate your own people from Africa who came to find job at the States?

Muhammad Rasheed - "My own people" were the ones captured, branded and shoved into those great stinking ships. The people who remained on the African continent were my enemy rivals who didn't even speak my ancestor's language.

ADS wrote: "who came to find job at the States"

And now the descendants of the African ethnic groups who sold us to VOC have partnered with the descendants of those VOC sold us to in the USA to work a political grift scheme at my expense.

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