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Performative Identity Confusion to Selfishly Draw Attention Away From Black History Month


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Rasheed, Muhammad. "Performative Identity Confusion to Selfishly Draw Attention Away From Black History Month." Cartoon. The Official Website of Cartoonist M. Rasheed 00 Date 2024.  [cartoon pending] Pen & ink w/Adobe Photoshop color.

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Thalia M LeBlanc (@thaliamleblanc) - I feel defeated as an Afrolatina during BlackHistoryMonth I already had someone tell me it’s exclusively for African Americans… and I told them so what do I do? im American, I was born here, I just happen to speak Spanish. So I’m genuinely inquiring… what does it take to be accepted in? Or should should I just leave this alone and stfu about being black.. but then that looks like me denocuning my blackness which I would NEVER. So confusing I HATE IT.

Muhammad Rasheed - "National Hispanic Heritage Month is annually celebrated from September 15 to October 15 in the United States for recognizing the contributions and influence of Hispanic Americans to the history, culture, and achievements of the United States."


Thalia M LeBlanc - What are you saying with this? that I should only celebrate being Hispanic and not ever celebrate my blackness?

Muhammad Rasheed - Your "blackness" is a fiction. Your lineage & heritage is Latina/Hispanic and you have a whole month for it to not be confused it while to draw attention away from the Black American ethnic group's month with this whining.

Grow up.

Thalia M LeBlanc - Learn what RACE is and what ethnicity is. Being Hispanic just means you speak Spanish…look down this entire thread and you’ll see YOU are wrong. EDUCATE YOURSELF and YOU grow up!

Muhammad Rasheed - Black History Month isn't about shallow 'race,' it's about recognizing the contributions of the Black American former slave class ethnic group to the history, culture, and achievements of the United States.

It's not about the immigrants. You all have your own observance day months. GO FIND YOURS, Ms. Confused.

Muhammad Rasheed - It doesn't even make sense to create a whole national observance month based only on shallow melanin. The effort is a hateful attempt of erasure of the Black American as a specific ethnic group -- we're the only group in the world who traditionally used "Black" as our ethnic designation and you immigrants are grifting it for political clout by pretending the term is only about race the way it's used in your home nations.


Thalia M LeBlanc - I was born here I’m not an immigrant.

Muhammad Rasheed - Then you are immigrant-tied, and my point is the exact same. The Black American is the only ethnic group whose family didn't come to the USA "looking for a better life."

That's immigrant talk, not "Black" talk. Go find your own month and stop being a parasite grifter. >:(

Thalia M LeBlanc - Fight with your fellow black brothers and sisters that are the majority under this post going against what YOU are saying

Muhammad Rasheed - Your logical fallacy is: "Appeal to the People" (argumentum ad populum).
The Appeal to the People fallacy is a fallacious argument based on claiming a truth or affirming something is good because many people think so.

Khalima Alicia Thompson (@dr.kima.alicia) - That is not at all true. Carter G. Woodson, who founded BHM specifically said that it was to celebrate “Negroes in History” not Negro history. Considering the contributions of Arturo Schonburg who was pivotal during the Harlem Renaissance and Joan Baez who was instrumental in the civil rights movement Afrolatin√© have always been noted contributors to Black History. Your ignorance is showing boo boo.

Muhammad Rasheed - According to his own 1915 book, The Education Of The Negro Prior To 1861, Woodson defined "Negro" as the Black American ethnic group specifically, not any & all melanated people who happened to look roughly in the direction of the Americas. Numerous xenophobic, political grifting organizations usurped Woodson's mission to transform his work into a pro-immigrant scam to erase the Black American ethnic group and our unique history to give it to others, on behalf of white supremacy. This is evil.

Khalima Alicia Thompson - Again that’s ignorant. He envisioned the study and celebration of the Negro as a race, race is all about outward appearance and in terms of Blackness, African ancestry. He did not believe in separation based on country of origin. In his book, The Miseducation of the Negro he said: I don’t understand why they would devote all this time to Europe, descendants of Europe, and not give equal time to the origins of Africans.” He didn’t say, as it only pertains to Africans in the US.

Muhammad Rasheed - You're trying to impose my political rival's self-serving schemes on me, and then call me "ignorant" when I reasonably protest the blatant xenophobic abuse.

Before the 1965 Immigration and Nationality Act was signed, all references to "Black" in the USA, referred to my former slave class ethnic group alone. Once the waves of "POC/BIPOC" immigrants started arriving after the 1980s, then foreign grifters started using "Black" as an ID fraud based, immigrant come up at my group's expense.

Muhammad Rasheed - Woodson was interested in a deep study of the greater history of 'African descendants,' but that doesn't mean that he would agree with the current white supremacist-supported scheme of erasing & replacing the history of the American Descendants of Slavery ethnic group with fabricated immigrant historical retcons.

Khalima Alicia Thompson - Sweetheart you are using race, a term and concept created by white supremacists to segregate and harm our communities while telling me that a certain definition of Blackness is all that is defined by white supremacists? Please just stop.

Muhammad Rasheed - No, I'm not. I'm protesting a political grift scheme that is attempting to destroy the history of the Black American group, replace it with a shallow race/melanin ideology that enables foreign melanated people to cosplay as Black Americans for fraud-based economic elevation. White supremacists first weaponized immigration against the newly-freed slaves during Reconstruction, and your gas lighting position represents the latest phase in the diabolical, centuries old long-con.

Shame on you.

Khalima Alicia Thompson - Wow dude. Your desire to segregate people of the African diaspora is pretty sick and sad. Black was a term created by racists with malicious intent and your clear sad need to exclude folks and gatekeep is not what is needed. Signed someone who actually studied Black history and isn’t just in needing of stomping on others to feel good about themselves.

Muhammad Rasheed - Only the American Descendants of Slavery ethnic group is being bullied into giving up our rich cultural heritage to allow others to ravage & divide it among themselves, as if they are entitled to our accomplishments. All other ethnic groups in the diaspora proudly represent their unique heritages. When ADOS does it, we are falsely accused of desiring to segregate the diaspora (whatever THAT means).

Your handlers are racist, white liberal communists. I don't care about your paper credentials.

Muhammad Rasheed - Angela Davis Autobiography

  • “We would pretend to be foreigners and, speaking French to each other”

  • “At the sight of two young Black women speaking a foreign language, the clerks in the store raced to help us”

  • “We were invited to take seats in the front of the Jim Crow shop”

U.S. race relations turned out not to be about "race" after-all. It was always xenophobia against the American Descendants of Slavery specifically. Immigrants have always been on the side of white supremacy against us.

Lisa (@lisalex0807) - Except many Latinos are also descended from the Africans brought here as slaves. As a matter of fact, the ships' first stop when coming to the Americas was on those islands. They had to bring them in after they massacred the indigenous and had no one to mine their "gold". So, your minimization of our history and connection to our African ancestors is wrong. She has every right to celebrate that part of her heritage.

Muhammad Rasheed - You think pointing out that Hispanics/Latinos literally have their own observance month just for their ethnic heritage and lineage is minimalizing them when I point out that Black History Month isn't about "race" but about the specific non-Hispanic Black American former slave class ethnic group?

You have that backwards. You're the one minimalizing our history. The Hispanic identified as 'white' until recently, when they sought to grift civil rights. They actually helped write the jim crow laws.

Lisa - Wow. Imma step away and let you bathe in that hate, anger and frustration you're carrying around. Good luck with it.

Muhammad Rasheed - lol I have no "hate." White supremacists and their loyal lackeys have all the hate for my group, and they like to project as if my protesting their well-documented evil is the same as their own hatred for Black Americans ADOS.

I'm entitled to my righteous anger.

I'm only frustrated with the cowardly sellouts among my own group. I expect white supremacists and their loyal "POC/BIPOC" lackeys to be how they are.

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