Saturday, October 14, 2017

Killing Blacks For Fun & Profit

Muhammad Rasheed - Please stop pretending abortions and police brutality are ideologically opposed, when the murder of Black people is the one thing universally agreed upon on both sides of the aisle.

Lisa Allen - Is this equating a woman's choice and police brutality or mass incarceration?

Muhammad Rasheed - No, this one is just focused on the terror-lynchings of cop killings compared to the medical industry's ongoing reaping of (FREE!) foetal tissue from the Black community. Both represent the support of the murder of Black bodies, and it is definitely a bipartisan support despite the song & dance of the liberal vs conservative teleplay.

The "woman's right to choose" talking point is separate from this particular argument.

Kirb Brimstone - Cop ain't pulling his weight.

Muhammad Rasheed - Sure he is. Random lynching terror by cops keeps the prey in an exploitative mindset ripe for the billion dollar mass incarceration industry. This is an old game with the moving pieces already worked out.

Kirb Brimstone - uh-huh. Give me numners

Muhammad Rasheed - Are you just ignoring my point in favor of your false equivalency fallacy? One kills to spread fear in a subjugated populace, while the other kills for free raw materials used in industry. So what would comparing the numbers prove?

Kirb Brimstone - I'd like comparative numbers. How many black lives has the "policeman" taken vs how many black lives the "abortionist" has taken.

Kirb Brimstone - the cartoon is clearly about taking black lives. I said the cop ain't pulling his weight in this bargain. You seem to disagree. I am asking if you have the numbers to support that.

Muhammad Rasheed - Okay, I see. Your false equivalency fallacy is based on what you imagine the “bargain” to be, which is apparently that they each have an equal quota of bodies to amass. As I explained, there’s no reason for that to be true since they are two completely different institutions (abortion services vs law enforcement) with two completely different approaches to the disregard for Black lives tradition (reaping raw material for science and industrial production versus white supremacist domestic terror).

The abortionist numbers have to be high because the fetal material he is reaping is used in drug, skin care, hair care, etc., industries, while the cops numbers don’t have to be high (compared to the abortion numbers). He’s in the same role his Democrat ancestors were in and just needs to kill Blacks at random to keep the population fearful, no different than how the KKK lynchings functioned.

Muhammad Rasheed - That's why I named the cartoon "Killing Blacks for Fun & Profit" because of the two different approaches and reasons the two institutions take in killing Blacks.

Kirb Brimstone - You know you are the one guilty of that fallacy right? How many balls have been killed (not incarcerated as tour cartoon is about killing) by Cops and how many have been killed by abortionists? It's not even close. Hence " The Cop isn't pulling his weight." You knew you were commuting that fallacy right? That's why you kept mentioning It? Or no?

Muhammad Rasheed - Did you type that with your foot?

It's "not even close" because they do it for different reasons, so the number of bodies each institution amasses doesn't have to match in order to reflect what they both have in common... a callus disregard for Black lives. Your insistence that the numbers have to match in order to reflect the premise is the false equivalency fallacy in action.

Kirb Brimstone - Then next time put "You kill 'em and I'll callously disregard 'em." You know... so the cartoon makes sense.

Muhammad Rasheed - It makes sense as is, and conveys exactly what I wanted to convey.

I'm unmoved by the impotent negativity of the present company who I always disagree with on politics and religion, who believes the cartoon unsuccessful. Once again I disagree with you. Will that be all, Kirb?

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