Thursday, October 29, 2015

Talkin' in That Ol' Code

Riley Freeman

Riley Freeman - Yup

Muhammad Rasheed - Nah. Just a certain demographic of gun owner.

Riley Freeman - I agree with #2.

Muhammad Rasheed - The bulk of the welfare pie is made up of free subsidies to for-profit corporations, and 'cash crop' farms that mega-corporations own patents on. So I'm going to consider that #2 to be a nonsense partisan talking point by some dick "gun owner." lol

Riley Freeman - But it's still true. Welfare is given money while social security is supposed to be an earned acruement set aside for retirement. And, even though the majority of the working class pays a third of their paychecks towards this, it's consistently in danger of being cut.

Muhammad Rasheed - Part of it is true. The part designed to blame the poor for the country's ills.

Riley Freeman - How is that phrase wrong and blaming the poor?

Muhammad Rasheed - lol

Well, for one I don't "constantly hear it."  :P

For two, the 'Muslims' reference, combined with the defensive "gun owners" comment, is giving this away as a partisan nonsense talking point... one that i butt heads with all the time. It's saying Obama is a Mooslem that wants to protect his fellow Mooslems, and all the real patriots who support unregulated gun ownership are the real victims, and "all the people on welfare" (code for "blacks") are the problem with gov and our culture. #bringBackTheGoodOleDays

Riley Freeman - I think you read far too much into factual information. You still have not explained to me how the statement about welfare and social security is inaccurate.

Muhammad Rasheed - Yes, I did, Riley. This nonsense FB meme is 100% exactly what I said in the last post above. That's the message.

And you've been on FB long enough to recognize that.

Riley Freeman - You're failed to state that it was inaccurate or how. If anything, your provided more facts that make state the scenario even more of a travesty.

Muhammad Rasheed - "These two sentences tell you a lot about our government and culture."

There are 2 sentences in the first bullet, 3 in the second bullet, and both of them of partisan talking point drivel that continue the regular ongoing narrative that Muslims are being protected by this administration, gun owners are persecuted, and the lazy people on welfare are a BIG problem.

The meme tells me that the people who wrote it tell me a lot about our culture.

Riley Freeman - That's not what I asked sir. It's the second statement true or no?

Muhammad Rasheed - I already answered that. No, I don't "constantly hear" about SS "going to run out of money." We don't hear about welfare running out because we are on the fiat system and can create money out of thin air at will with unlimited credit (as long as the people accept it). And I didn't find the ending comment "interesting" at all.

Wrong on ALL counts.

Riley Freeman - So you're saying that you've never heard that social security is in danger of running out of funds a few decades from now?

Muhammad Rasheed - I said I don't hear about it "constantly."

Riley Freeman - How could you not when it's at least a yearly topic.

Muhammad Rasheed - lol There's LOTS of topics I don't partake in, Riley. Do you continuously engage in the hot topic of whether Ali should've been the first Rashidun Caliph of Islam?

Riley Freeman - Partaking in a topic and a topic being discussed by major news outlets and across the Internet is two different things. I don't claim to be completely savvy when it comes to politics but even i, as a person employed in America am privy to this major topic. If the topic of Ali were a major news topic, then yes I would know. But it's a personal topic that pertains to your religious beliefs and, no disrespect meant, but only matters to you and those with similar interests to you. It does not pertain to me. As far as the two statements go, as u said from the start, I agree with statement #2. I have very mixed feelings on the first because I believe in gun control. But regardless of subsidies, poor, rich, big business, rural America, inner city America, or whatnot, there has never been talk it the welfare system running out of funds.

Muhammad Rasheed - It doesn't pertain to my religious beliefs since I'm not a Shiite, but the controversy is a heated one, and involves more humans than the SS one does. I heard of the SS thing before, but I do not partake in it. I certainly don’t listen to people go on and on and on about it constantly as the idiot who wrote this meme claimed. It does not pertain to me since I'm not a Repub/Tea Partier who walks around with that in my talking point GOP man-bag.

The government coffers can't run out of funds on this Fed Reserve fiat system. That's why we're on it, because it gives us unlimited, self-fulfilled credit.

Riley Freeman - But the question, all along, was have you heard the topic. Now, after several posts, side tracks, stalls, and evasive maneuvers, you actual give the answer after actually claiming to have done so already. And even now, you essentially just glanced over it quickly. These are the same maneuvers that they use so how can you truly separate yourself from them if you choose to arm yourself with the exact same tactics that you claim to despise rather than just being straight forward and up front? Whether you are left wing, or right wing, if this is how you choose to deploy your message, then you're just two wings in the same bird and are both headed in the same direction.

Muhammad Rasheed - Hearing about it before isn't the same as "constantly" hearing about it as the meme author said. The only evasive maneuvers, etc. I've seen involved you pretending this meme wasn't a GOP talking point and should be taken at face value. It shouldn't. I don't respect the message, that I btw didn't have to dig to find.

Riley Freeman - I asked you straight up had you heard of it. A plain and simple question. Regardless of being a constant topic or you being engaged in it, you choose to use the tactics you employed rather than give a straight answer. This is the same thing that if a tea party candidate were called a liar for that they would come or back with saying that the didn't lie they didn't answer the question in the fashion that I desired. Which would be true but, if you're not going to give a straight up answer to a straight up question, then you're playing their game. You can't distance yourself from them if you choose to act like them.

Muhammad Rasheed - You asked me several questions and I straight answered them all. One of them I answered flippantly, and you decided whether I actively engaged in continuous debate with the anti-Welfare for the poor crowd or not was the most important question of the thread. lol

1.) Responding sarcastically to the meme itself, I said I didn’t constantly hear that argument.

2.) You asked how could I not since YOU heard it all the time.

3.) I countered with the fact that I hear arguments all the time that you don’t hear.

4.) Then you decided that the “real question” was whether I had heard the argument “at all.”

Riley Freeman - I never decided, accused, or inferred that your actively engaged in the topic. Seeing as how you pride yourself with being very knowledgeable when it comes to political topics, I found it hard to fathom that you never even heard of the topic i brought up. You stated you hadn't even heard about it, then you changed your answer not one but twice. Now you're trying to justify your outright lie? That asking with the fact that you're still stewing and steaming about this post ten days later is beyond sad. In the immortal words if the bard, Dr. Frazier Crane, I wish you good mental health. Unfortunately I am no longer listening. Nite nite. Lol

Muhammad Rasheed - You found it hard to fathom because you made it up, Riley. I said -- contrary to the meme's statement -- that I hadn't been constantly hearing it. You're the one that made it into "I never heard it."

For the record, that's what a strawman argument looks like.

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