Saturday, April 20, 2024

Looking for Reparatory Justice in All the Wrong Places


[original cartoon pending]

Rasheed, Muhammad. "Looking for Reparatory Justice in All the Wrong Places." Cartoon. The Official Website of Cartoonist M. Rasheed 00 Date 2024.  [cartoon pending] Pen & ink w/Adobe Photoshop color.

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Andre Owens - It’s amazing that crap like this new Civil War movie gets made but we can’t get Reparations made.

Kris Mosby - Huh?

Robert Roach - @Kris... Andre & his writing partner had the project optioned & in late development just before the pandemic.

Andre Owens - @Robert… We actually sold the script, not just as an option. But they just won’t make it.

Jeff Carroll - There's a Reparations movie?

Andre Owens - I sold a script called Reparations to Sony in 2019.

Jeff Carroll - was about a take over of the government?

Andre Owens -  Nah. It was a heist movie involving newly found Confederate gold that the lead character is determined to get and use for Reparations.

Jeff Carroll - well Civil War is an Anti war movie.

Andre Owens - Well, I’ll have to take your word for it as I won’t be watching. From what Ive read, I wouldn’t like it.

Greg Burnham - I didn't think it was crap. But I agree with the rest

Kris Mosby - My bad Andre, I thought you were referring to something else. I had forgotten about the title of your script.

Muhammad Rasheed - Andre wrote: "It was a heist movie involving newly found Confederate gold that the lead character is determined to get and use for Reparations."

How much gold is the script describing? "Newly found" back in the 1800s would make sense if it would match the "40 acres and a mule" levels at the time.

150 years later, and an estimated $20 trillion would just be the down payment on the robust Reparations program the American Descendants of Slavery requires to be made whole. Found gold wouldn't do it, not even the Count of Monte Cristo's cache ("Zatara, the boat can't hold no more, and there's at least eight more boat loads down there!")

True Reparations will take no less than the enormous spending power of the US Government to pull off.

Andre Owens - Uh, its called fiction. 

Muhammad Rasheed - It's still important. You don't think that the mass media version of fiction isn't capable of influencing society?

Look at it this way: Currently, there's an active Reparations political movement going on, and a vital aspect of it is educating the people in what a robust Reparatory Justice claim actually is so we can make informed decisions at the polls. Unfortunately, some of that education involves deprogramming the people from the ignorance of Dave Chappelle's popular skit, that our ideological foes & rivals often weaponize against us, pretending the skit's silly, but stupid assumptions were real. We already have idiots equating Reparations with "school vouchers" or Financial Literacy™ night class discounts, and other stupid sh*t like that. We really don't need to have to deprogram them of believing Reparations will have to wait until we find some buried treasure somewhere, too.

Being a Woke Creative comes with a certain amount of socio-political responsibility.

Muhammad Rasheed - @Andre… Does your movie have a similar flavor to Three Kings (1999), starring George Clooney and Ice Cube?

Andre Owens - Nah, not really. Its more like a Michael Schultz type film. Although, I could envision Terrence Malick making it.

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