Thursday, January 18, 2024

M. Rasheed vs The White Racist Cyber Terrorist (Josh Hazlewood)


[original cartoon pending]

Rasheed, Muhammad. "M. Rasheed vs The White Racist Cyber Terrorist (Josh Hazlewood)." Cartoon. The Official Website of Cartoonist M. Rasheed 00 Date 2024.  [cartoon pending] Pen & ink w/Adobe Photoshop color.

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kidsgettingturnt - [VIDEO] Rocket tooth the moon | Instagram

Muhammad Rasheed - How do you even have teeth, you big baby? lol

Zane Lim (@being.simplyme) - What kind of a person are you for making fun of a kid crying???

Muhammad Rasheed - A mean one making fun of her baby-ass crying.

What about it?

DevoidEmu7 (@devoidemu7) - @mrasheedcartoons this some shit I say to my silver teeth cousins

fiftybmx -@mrasheedcartoons your low IQ is showing

Anthony Puente (@puente4255) - @mrasheedcartoons πŸ‘πŸ˜‚

coco (@nonku.msomi) - πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

corey treverson (@iiamsu69) @fiftybmx obviously it’s your low iq that’s showing buddy

Dom (@derm12356) - He’s right bro, how does she have teeth? Teeth are for pussies

Antonio S. Iodice - It’s a good question. What a sooook.

Antonio S. Iodice - Better be careful. Can’t be calling anyone who differs in your opinions ( not facts) pedo!

fablo frescobar (@eldelosdedos) - @mrasheedcartoons the first comment was ehh, but you saying "baby ass crying" when’s she’s a kid, gives off punk vibes G

c00kiecooks - Although I don’t agree with him making of a kid I also don’t agree with him being called a pedo , that’s a reach , you could of called him something else but maybe that did hurt his feelings so nvm your good πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Jack Purtill (@jackathu) - @mrasheedcartoons bro really out here making fun of lil girls, my man's 12 looking down on 10 year olds

baby (@slipperywenwett) - @mrasheedcartoons um my sons 10 and 3 baby teeth just fell out. And still has 4 more to go

Muhammad Rasheed - @eldelosdedos lol All of your comments are lame.

Muhammad Rasheed - @mexicans_4_trump 'blm' is a front group for the lgbt that only pretends to care about black people. I don't have anything to do with it.

Muhammad Rasheed - @c00kiecooks Why would it hurt my feelings if some sensitive, random troll called me a 'pedo' when I'm not a pedo? I don't care about this jackass. lol

Muhammad Rasheed - @the7thprophet Go suck your father off some more and cry yourself to sleep.

Muhammad Rasheed - @jackathu Tell her to stop being a lame big baby.

Muhammad Rasheed - @slipperywenwett Did they cry about it, too?

fablo frescobar (@eldelosdedos) @mrasheedcartoons like you ? grown ass man taking his time to shame a child for being a child

Family operated 3232537842 (@mariscosloslaras) - Seriously people@are so stupid

baby (@slipperywenwett) - @mrasheedcartoons no he actually thinks it’s hella funny! We characters over here haha

BabyBoy (@iamkingjosh) - @mrasheedcartoons

Richard Bear (@eltrensas310) - @mrasheedcartoons I’m no dentist but teeth do grow on humans

Muhammad Rasheed - @slipperywenwett Oh, good. Okay, carry on. lol

Muhammad Rasheed - @eldelosdedos Tell her to lose some weight while she's at it...

fablo frescobar (@eldelosdedos) - @mrasheedcartoons sounds like the type of thinks a weirdo says ma G no cap , but thats how you like to be known

Matthew David Gibbons (@mdgibbo20) - Hell of a place to go from where he started...

mannykz_47 - @mrasheedcartoons ahh, you were so close! Damn! Welp..... I guess your 2nd grade education had to show🀷‍♂️😬

Avi Nudnick (@avinudnick) - @mrasheedcartoons your comments are as week as you are as a cartoonist! what weak content u have πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

gracie.b.s - @mrasheedcartoons does making fun of little girls at your grown age make you feel better about your career literally being drawing cartoons? You look silly judging anyone for child-like expression

Holden Louie (@holdenlou14) - @mrasheedcartoons ?

MoreThanAGun πŸ₯Š (@just_like_ray_robinson) - @mrasheedcartoons When you said this I heard Fred Sanford’s voice for some reasonπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

l i z (@_lemonnmouth_) - @mrasheedcartoons you’re literally such a sad person if you sit in a Instagram comment section throwing insults at a CHILD. grow up and get a life you poor, sad man.

Janie K. Cannibal (@bopeepp2002) - @mrasheedcartoons everyone making fun of your comment as if they're not following a page making fun of kids getting hurt lol.

Barlow (@mrcompletelyq) - @ron_damon51 Wtf Is Your Account πŸ˜‚

_i_whipkickz_434 - @mrasheedcartoons u need to go to jail

Adjay (@adjay_g) - @mrasheedcartoons @_ach_l πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Spicy mami (@biggmama_asia) - @mrasheedcartoons kids lose their baby teeth at certain ages genius

flyrrnxtdoor - @mrasheedcartoons Nigga its a child

Anita Martinez (@nanapinchi) - @the7thprophet πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚I agree with you wholeheartedly

Juan Bueno (@lalothadon) - @mrasheedcartoons learn how to speak u child

Becky Ramos Ibarra (@beckyramosibarra) - @mrasheedcartoons πŸ˜‚

Nate Ebell (@ebellnate) - @mrasheedcartoons you don't sound like a parent at all


Shireen (@shz.rina) - @mrasheedcartoons pedo Indian detected

Josh Hazlewood (@hazlewoodjosh98) - @mrasheedcartoons gentlemen this is a grown man asking this question

Muhammad Rasheed - @eldelosdedos That's what she gets.

fablo frescobar (@eldelosdedos) - @mrasheedcartoons you a lame then and a lame now πŸ˜‚

Muhammad Rasheed - @just_like_ray_robinson lol

Muhammad Rasheed - @_lemonnmouth_ - Your soft-as-sh*t comment just makes me want to do it more. Next time, keep your weakness to yourself. lol

Muhammad Rasheed - @bopeepp2002 That's literally my favorite part. This particular brand of hypocrisy points to a very specific type of mental illness. lol

Muhammad Rasheed - @iconcangel - I'm not your "bro," clown. What does your own late-bloomer neanderthal genes have to do with her and that string tied to her tooth? Are you blind, fruity?

Muhammad Rasheed - @_i_whipkickz_434 - You need to be deported back to your ancestral sh*thole. Have fun.

Muhammad Rasheed - @biggmama_asia - What does that have to do with this clip?

Muhammad Rasheed - @flyrrnxtdoor Bitch, it's a joke.

Muhammad Rasheed - @ebellnate - You don't sound like you're good at critical thinking at all. I guess that makes us even.

Muhammad Rasheed - @shz.rina I'm neither. But I detect a transwoman brazilian in your pic.

Muhammad Rasheed - @hazlewoodjosh98 lol Is that your crybaby kid? Do you have any more clips I can make fun of? Links, please.

Muhammad Rasheed - @iconcangel It wasn't a "question," genius. it was just a throwaway gag. If American English was your first language, you'd get it. lol

l i z (@_lemonnmouth_) - @mrasheedcartoons you must be an extremely weak minded man to get your satisfaction off making fun of children. Say absolutely anything you want, everyone knows exactly the kind of “man” you are, lol

Muhammad Rasheed - @eldelosdedos Try that again in English, please.

Josh Hazlewood (@hazlewoodjosh98) - @mrasheedcartoons i would say my kid is more mature than you, honestly feel bad for your parents. Have you told them you were gay yet?

Josh Hazlewood (@hazlewoodjosh98) - @mrasheedcartoons plus your art n shit is terrible, not even toddlers would read it I would use that as toilet paper wipes, and shove it down your grandparents throats

Muhammad Rasheed - @hazlewoodjosh98 Is your kid "mature" because he's gay? Your logic is weird.

Nate Ebell (@ebellnate) - @mrasheedcartoons my bad

Muhammad Rasheed - @_lemonnmouth_ - Why would I care about you all's kids? Didn't you start the school shooting trend? If you don't care about your kids, why should I? lol

Josh Hazlewood (@hazlewoodjosh98) - @mrasheedcartoons if you were smart enough I was talking about you? Though you would understand that as a novelist but I guess not

Josh Hazlewood (@hazlewoodjosh98) - @mrasheedcartoons already got Instagram investigating you for asking links to see photos of children

l i z (@_lemonnmouth_) - @mrasheedcartoons “why would I care about y’all’s kids” says the guy watching a reel on instagram about somebody’s kids. I don’t know if anyone ever explained to you that you can simply not watch something if you don’t like it. And you really are a conservative huh? Brought up school shootings in a conversation about a little girl getting her tooth pulled out. Again, get a hobby, a job, a life, something.

Muhammad Rasheed - @_lemonnmouth_ lol There's a difference between not caring about your little feelings about your kids, versus finding it hilarious when you deliberately allow your kids to fall down the steps so you can upload it to this page for likes. lol

If you like it, I love it, based on the fact that I don't care about none of y'all either way. :D

l i z (@_lemonnmouth_) - @mrasheedcartoons I ain’t reading all that, if you don’t care so much then stop replying to each individual comment. Get a life and stop using “:D” as a full grown ass man.

Muhammad Rasheed - @_lemonnmouth_ Why do you keep trying to order me around when I clearly have zero respect for your opinion? Are you high on opioids and stupid? Or just extra stupid?

l i z (@_lemonnmouth_) - @mrasheedcartoons how’s that shitty cartoon business going ? 50 likes a post is prettyyy big !

Muhammad Rasheed - @_lemonnmouth_ It turns out it's a whole lot more fun and fulfilling than deliberately setting your kids up to hurt themselves, uploading it to this page to laugh at, and then getting ashamed & embarrassed when you discover a Black American in here laughing at your kids' clumsiness right along with you. lol Now this 'Josh Hazlewood' racist jackass is cyber terrorist attacking me out of embarrassment for his own race's degeneracy. Tsk.

Josh Hazlewood (@xxrevelations) - [posts on my mrasheedcartoons IG Page] Hello, to the people who see this account since this is the most recent, this man asked for links to see more photos of children. To make fun of and who knows what else, I have multiple accounts. For this man will try to block and personally blocked my main. Instagram is already investigating him. DM if you’re interested in proof. Much love to you guys and be careful who you trust online. For I am a man who can track IP. As well have ways of information you can’t imagine. Be afraid, but yet cautious on whose eyes you catch. For we will create a Revelation

Muhammad Rasheed - @xxrevelations None of this is true. 

This is a white racist who got triggered over my pro-Black American content. That's all.

Josh Hazlewood (@xxrevelations) - @mrasheedcartoons white racist? You’re hilarious, you’re digging yourself in deeper waters. I have many black friends and friends you would be scared of. You’re the racist for “assuming” me to be one.

Josh Hazlewood (@xxrevelations) - @mrasheedcartoons I have proof, all I want is an apology, like I said. If I don’t get one expect a phone call

Josh Hazlewood (@xxrevelations) - @mrasheedcartoons you deleted your comment on a little girl who had her baby tooth pulled out. In the comment you were making fun of her a grown man. We as a whole don’t appreciate that

Muhammad Rasheed - @xxrevelations You're clearly a white racist who is triggered over my Black American activist content. Out of all of the people jokingly teasing the accident-prone kids on the kidsgettingturnt site, why are you pretending that my comment was the only one that was actually serious?

Because you are racist.

Muhammad Rasheed - @xxrevelations lol I didn't delete anything. You can't see it because I blocked your other account, genius. What other lies do you have?

Josh Hazlewood (@rasheedcountdown) - Hello, it’s me again. You are married to Eunique Rasheed and live on Lake Lynn Dr. I demand an apology or thinks will get out of hand

Josh Hazlewood (@rasheedcountdown) - You are in Knightdale NC

Muhammad Rasheed - @rasheedcountdown lol Why would I "apologize" to a white racist who hates Black Americans so bad, that he pretends a simple joke was an insult as an excuse to cyber attack me?

I don't negotiate with KKK terrorists.

Josh Hazlewood (@rasheedcountdown) - @mrasheedcartoons I love black Americans. I’m not a terrorist we are an organization. You just happen to be black and you’re playing your emotional card. You can apologize for when you were asking to for links to see kids.

Muhammad Rasheed - 1.) You clearly do not love Black Americans since you pretended to be insulted when you saw a Black American joining in on teasing an accident-prone kid on the 'kidsgettingturnt' site as an excuse to cyber attack me.

2.) You're clearly a terrorist who is attacking me based on my lineage/heritage as a member of the Black American ethnic group.

3.) lol I literally mock-asked you if you had any links to videos you had also uploaded to 'kidsgettingturnt' site of your own kids getting hurt so I could tease you more personally, since you wanted to pretend to be so butthurt over my original comments. Now you're trying to pretend my request was both serious and suspicious because you are a cyber terrorist dirtbag.

You need to apologize to me and stop being a racist dirtbag.

Josh Hazlewood (@rasheedcountdown) - @mrasheedcartoons ah I see, I’m racist for defending children.

You just so happen to be black, we are a community of a whole of many colors. For we are hidden. We have came across a lot like you who take advantage of the creation of God for use to protect themselves to point fingers.

I see you are lying now. We do not accept that. For we defend children. For our hustle is donated. Expect a call tomorrow I look forward to meeting you.

Josh Hazlewood (@rasheedcountdown) - in person

Josh Hazlewood (@rasheedcountdown) -  good luck

Muhammad Rasheed - @rasheedcountdown2 On a white-owned IG page that specializes in uploading vids of accident prone kids, all I said was "How do you even have teeth, you big baby? lol" in response to vid of a kid crying when her tooth was pulled. Then you started calling me names and tried to dox my family.

Obviously you aren't "defending children," but are cyber attacking a Black American because you are a sociopathic racist terrorist.

Josh Hazlewood (@rasheedcountdown) - @mrasheedcartoons you are only making it worse for yourself

Muhammad Rasheed - @rasheedcountdown2 By doing what? πŸ€”

Refusing to allow a white racist cyber terrorist (Josh Hazlewood) to control a false narrative about me?

Muhammad Rasheed - @rasheedcountdown2 That doesn't even make any sense...

Josh Hazlewood (@rasheedcountdown) - @mrasheedcartoons Josh is part of our services. You asked for a link to see photos of his kid. We sent the information to your wife. We have your “narrative” documented

Josh Hazlewood (@rasheedcountdown) - again using the racist card to defend yourself. Welcome to the real world where human is human colors of this world don’t matter within our eyes

Muhammad Rasheed - @rasheedcountdown2 lol Josh IS your service, Josh. Stop playing.

You're being silly. Your first account tried to falsely call me a 'pedo,' but then you dialed back on that with your second "xxrevelations" account since you couldn't pretend to a fake credibility with an obvious lie. Now you're trying to bluff me with...

...what? More obvious lies? lol

Josh Hazlewood (@rasheedcountdown) - @mrasheedcartoons you are a pedo for asking for a link to see photos and videos of a child

Josh Hazlewood (@rasheedcountdown) -  i looks forward to meeting you

Josh Hazlewood (@rasheedcountdown) -  we

Muhammad Rasheed - @rasheedcountdown2 No one uses terms like "racist card/race card" except white racists. That's your impotent way to shutdown arguments that make you feel guilty because of your history of terrorism and systemic racism.

Muhammad Rasheed - @rasheedcountdown I'm not a 'pedo' at all, racist clown. You're just inventing nonsense as part of your sick cyber terror attack because that's who white people are. Shame on you.

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