Tuesday, January 4, 2022

SMOKING GUN: How the Racketeering Dominant Identity Group Double-Dips into National Resources by Making Itself a Minority Protected Class


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Rasheed, Muhammad. "SMOKING GUN: How the Racketeering Dominant Identity Group Double-Dips into National Resources by Making Itself a Minority Protected Class." Cartoon. The Official Website of Cartoonist M. Rasheed 04 Jan 2022. Pen & ink w/Adobe Photoshop color.

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  1. what's the takeaway meant to be here? gay people getting civil rights is a scheme by racist white people to bring black people down? gay people are racist for fighting for their civil rights, because that's somehow fighting against black civil rights? gay people are racist for not letting black people be homophobic to them? gay people are a dominant social group and have made up all discrimination against them to bring black people down? all gay people are racist white people? help me out here

    1. Did you click on one of the two video links shown where I provide my description of the cartoon's point?

    2. Do that, please and then come back.

  2. so from what I gathered, the point seems to be that white people made orientation a protected class so they could then enter that class and "double-dip" on civil rights, but there are some problems with that:
    - first of all, gay people aren't exclusively white by definition, so if white politicians wanted to pull this kind of scam, they would surely have chosen or made up a minority group only white people qualify for so they could keep excluding the rest. instead, it was made to apply to all gay people, including black ones. if we assume gay people follow roughly the same ethnic divisions as the USA as a whole, then about 40% of gay people aren't white. (https://www.census.gov/library/stories/2021/08/improved-race-ethnicity-measures-reveal-united-states-population-much-more-multiracial.html)
    - second, even if all gay people were white, they'd still be a vanishing minority of the population, so most white people wouldn't even qualify. according to latest data, only 8% of Americans are any kind of LGBT, with the percentage of same-gender-attracted people being even lower than that. (https://www.lgbtqnation.com/2021/12/20-million-americans-identify-lgbtq-people/)
    - third, gay people as a minority are still dehumanized, designated as undesirable, and discriminated against in the USA alone, let alone the world at large. (https://www.pewresearch.org/global/2020/06/25/global-divide-on-homosexuality-persists/) although that has decreased, this discrimination from the majority straight population, including black people (that's what gay people are fighting against, by the way, because it understandably affects their lives on several levels) made it necessary to legally protect gay people from being fired and denied goods and services in the first place. if white people wanted to designate a group as protected and then enter it to give themselves benefits (which isn't even really how this works: you can't just go to the government, declare yourself gay, and get instant gibs) why would they choose a group that is and has historically been so broadly reviled and stigmatized? there would be a strong disincentive towards declaring yourself part of that group for fear of backlash, and it'd be much easier to access social benefits as a member of another, less controversial social group.

    from this and some of your other cartoons, it seems you have the impression that other marginalized demographics are all in some unified bloc to bring down ADOS specifically (even the ones with many ADOS members themselves), but that just isn't the case. while there are undercurrents of anti-ADOS racism within those groups that have to be addressed and purged (like co-opting ADOS rhetoric and issues, like you said in the video), that's really not the case. asians, gay and trans people, (by the way, the term is trans woman, not trans-identified male), poor working class people, African immigrants, and other minorities are just facing their own issues and trying to dismantle their own obstacles, just like how you focus on addressing ADOS issues specifically. they don't want to wait their turn to be liberated, just like you don't want to wait for yours. even so, I believe it's still possible for different minorities to co-operate on clearing their obstacles together in solidarity and mutual aid so that all repressed groups can finally enjoy equality and dignity. when we on the bottom rungs fight among ourselves, only the ones at the top benefit.

    if you read all the way here, I'd ask that if you take in just one thing in this comment, let it be this: gay people aren't your enemies. I hope you have a good day today, and that you at least consider what I've said.

  3. Unknown wrote: "which isn't even really how this works [...] and get instant gibs"

    webkilla, is that you?