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Awakening the Atrophied Eye: The Night of Power

I did not have a third eye opening experience on the Night of Power. Let me get that out of the way first.

I did do a little bit of 'correct meditation' though. No where near for the full hour that I originally set as a goal for the night  it was just for a couple of minutes at a time to activate the Serpent Fire of the Universe (sekhem/kundalini). Not for any particularly special reason, I just thought it would be cool.

For those of you unfamiliar with this post's subject series, in the summer of 2018, I had two spontaneous altered consciousness trips  unassisted with any drugs or meditation rituals  and saw two "third eye" opening visions that changed my life. I never in a million yrs would have thought that would have happened to me. It was amazing. Now I'd be afraid to take any kind of drugs since I wouldn't want to mess up whatever natural levels of DMT my body used to do it. I figured I already had everything I needed, basically.

Years before that I tried experimenting with meditation techniques described in the ancient Egyptian Pyramid Texts ("The Book of Coming Into Light") and I documented the brief attempt on this blog, but now I know those were just vain ritual spells the ancients invented in an attempt to trick the third eye into opening. It's a very arrogant performance by its nature and our spiritual development isn't about that. Short cuts. Manipulation. Grifting the system. Spirituality is about our relationship with the One God and being in obedience  aligning our lifestyles to that of the High Spirit. Do it with earnest sincerity and God will let us know we are on the Straight Way and encourage us with His Signs.

Those two third eye events were the most precious things in my experience. Faith confirming. Today I'm motivated to level-up in my faith walk as a committed believer in the One God, Supreme Creator of reality and Master of the Day of Judgment. The paradise that Allah promises us is in tiered levels  seven in number  as the Straight Way towards enlightenment is indeed a meritocracy; those most successful will get to be admitted to the highest level of heaven with its most excellent rewards above the others, and God actually expects us to compete in righteousness to strive for this supreme achievement for humankind. I want that, so I read through scripture with increasingly attentive focus.

The Night of Power is the anniversary of the night the first verses of the Holy Qur'an were revealed to the Ishmaelite prophet Muhammad ibn Abdullah (peace be upon him!) and the One God treats the occasion as a very big deal, even giving the holiday its own Surah (chapter) in the Book: 

All the angels come down to earth to celebrate with us, including the honorable Gabriel, and it's a night of prayer and scripture recitation. 

Interestingly for our purposes, the actual date of the Night of Power is not definitively known. As Aishah narrated in a hadith recounting that the prophet said:

“Search for the Night of Qadr in the odd nights of the last ten days of Ramadan.”
So even though tradition leans towards it being the 27th of the month of Ramadan (falling on 20 May 2020 this year), we don't REALLY know for sure. It could be on the 21st, 23rd, 25th, or 29th instead. The prophet said we have to individually actually search for it, meaning personally be attentive for signs that you detect something unusual that sets one of these odd days apart and that's why I made this blog post in my spirit-focused Awakening the Atrophied Eye series. Even though I didn't experience anything as amazing as the third eye opening event, I did witness some preternatural stuff that set 27 Ramadan apart from the others for me and I wanted to chronicle it here.

I decided to kill two birds with one stone, by not only performing a special prayer on these Ramadan evenings as I searched for the mystic Night of Power, but also by "establishing regular prayer" in addition to the mandatory five. My goal is to permanently do a special sixth prayer every night forever, establishing a new routine dedicated to worshiping Allah with extra focus. I begin the ritual with a couple of minutes of 'correct meditation' — just long enough to feel the tingle of the Serpent Fire energy, then I do a series of repetitive du'a with three of the 99 Names of Allah built into them, then I perform the rakats of the main prayer with special custom du'a said between groups of rakats and then I'm done. The whole thing takes about 40-50 minutes and I feel pretty good afterwards. 

But the one I performed on the 27th day of Ramadan was unambiguously unusual. The day began with me being conscious of a dream slipping away as I awakened, which wasn't unusual by itself, it's just that I haven't been dreaming lately, so to start that particular day struggling to hold onto rapidly dissipating memory of a dream, certainly counted as a sign. Later during the early afternoon I dozed off for a short nap, and once again found myself struggling to capture any memory of a fading dream as I awakened. That was sign number two. That night, as I began my Night of Power ritual with 'correct meditation,' the Serpent Fire of the Universe tingling sensation was VERY strong, quite similar to how I felt just prior to the third eye openings, and the feeling lingered throughout the night until the formal dawn prayer! It was intense. That was sign number three. The fourth and final sign was genuinely weird and unique for me... as I started the main prayer, I saw 2-pairs of brightly glowing green will-o-the-wisps zipping around my feet, then around the area where my head will touch during prostration and then they vanished. They were brightly glowing green, but I noticed they were not changing the light quality in the room around them. They were entoptic, like I was catching a glimpse of them through the veil

For me at least, I have zero doubt that the 27th of Ramadan is absolutely the Night of Power. I'm quite confident that over the last 1,441 yrs of the Islamic era,  other believers also bore witness to such things on that same date and that's why the general Muslim community tradition does lean towards the 27th being the date for the greatest Night of all. 

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