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Anti-Black Labeling to Protect the Status Quo

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2019 Glyph Comics Award Winner (BEST COMIC STRIP OR WEBCOMIC)!

Rasheed, Muhammad. "Anti-Black Labeling to Protect the Status Quo." Cartoon. The Official Website of Cartoonist M. Rasheed 21 Jun 2019. Pen & ink w/Adobe Photoshop color.

Michael Cedeno - What lady mean?

Muhammad Rasheed - She means that no matter what the Activist says, she will always interpret the self-empowerment of the American Descendants of Slavery as "hate & racism" because she is frightened of a self-sufficient and economically included ADOS.

Anonymous - Why would Republicans, who like to represent themselves as a more Christian party, not want America to give reparations to the descendants of slaves and natives since enslavement and genocide are sins and reparation in integral to repentance?

Muhammad Rasheed - Both Republicans and Democrats are resistant to the idea of paying the American Descendants of Slavery (ADOS) reparatory justice for the centuries of continuous and ongoing anti-Black systemic racism that fuels the white racist aristocracy. This is because they do not want to let the races become economically equal, and equally enfranchised politically, for fear of the potential that the balance of power could flip and they don’t want to risk losing their Eurocentric white supremacist wealth and power monopoly.

Consequently — even though the United States has paid numerous other people reparations (including the indigenous natives) with zero issues over the last 150 yrs — the very idea of paying it to the nation’s most wronged group sends white conservatives and liberals into a panic.

Nezu Garside - Interesting take. Now what about those white Americans who immigrated to the USA after slavery ended? Should they be a part of this taxation that ultimately will pay for the reparations? That is the other side of the argument against reparations. Because as the son of such immigrant parents, I'm not paying a bill that isn't mine.

Additionally, the American Journal of Human Genetics shows that just as many whites in the deep south are related to black slaves as blacks are. Most speculate that these genetic relations are from a matter of rape, but are we then to ignore them because they are the results of victimization? None of those rape babies chose to be born and were lucky enough to be cared for after they were born.

Muhammad Rasheed - Nezu wrote: “Should they be a part of this taxation that ultimately will pay for the reparations?”

OF COURSE they should. Without question. Are they not coming to the USA to enjoy the benefits built from my free slave and exploited labor? They can pay taxes into the pot if they want to enjoy this life. This question doesn’t even make sense.

Nezu wrote: “…but are we then to ignore them because they are the results of victimization?”

If the self-identifying Black mixed race folk can provide the legitimate documentation that they had at least one enslaved American ancestor, then they can be a part of the ADOS reparations program. If not, then I suggest they file their own separate grievance based on whatever proofs they do have for their own program.

Nezu Garside - And the indentured Irish? The ones who never got to pay off their supposed debts or were court ordered to return to their lives of indenturement.

Muhammad Rasheed - They already received their reparations in both their indenture payout and pro-white governmental policies:

When Affirmative Action Was For White People: Its Twisted Origins (2005)

Muhammad Rasheed - I don’t understand what the Irish have to do with MY Reparations grievance with the US government though. Why are you continuously bringing it up here, instead of encouraging them to file their own separate formal grievance? I don’t understand.

Is this somehow yet another attempt for whites to grift the system and steal benefits due to me? Please explain.

Race and Local Knowledge: New Evidence from the Southern Homestead Act

Nezu Garside - I'm just trying to wrap my around the entirety of your stance and to determine if you're also a hypocrite within the scope of your beliefs. Also, I'm not white.

Muhammad Rasheed - So you think I’m a hypocrite if I’m not piling a bunch of other people’s separate grievances on top of my own LONG NEGLECTED grievance, even though the Irish as white people have already received their benefits, usually by grifting me out of wealth and land?

Please explain.

Nezu Garside - Nope, by you stating that anyone with a connection should be allowed to petition proves that you are not a hypocrite.

But by and by, I do not think I can explain myself to you because you are already established in your beliefs. I have done nothing to you. My family history is recognized all the way back to the 16th century and has no history of slave ownership. And my State of birth never participated in slavery. So I guess, if push comes to shove, I'll just wave to you from the other side of the battlefield. I'll be the one darker than most everyone else.

Muhammad Rasheed - Anyone “with a connection” to what?

Your “family history is recognized all the way back to the 16th century” in what nation?

Nezu Garside - Connection to slavery as a descendant of slaves. Botswana, Arabia and Ireland.

Muhammad Rasheed - I don’t understand what this means. What was your state of birth? Are you Irish?

Are you deliberately creating more questions than you are answering?

Nezu Garside - No, I’m answering the question you asked. You asked what nation my heritage could be traced back to. I gave you the big three we have records for. As for state of birth, that would be Washington. Which, as far as European colonization goes, was always a free area. As a territory and as a State.

Muhammad Rasheed - Okay, so you were born in Washington D.C. or Washington state?

When did your family arrive in the USA?

Nezu Garside - Washington State, and 1974.

Muhammad Rasheed - Okay. Do you self-identify as an Irish-American, or as a Black immigrant by way of Botswana?

Nezu Garside - As someone born in the USA, I identify myself as an American, which I think is where we have the disconnect. You identify by your heritage, I identify as my own individual self. But my mother came from Botswana in the 70’s and my father from Ireland.

Muhammad Rasheed - You’re being disingenuous here. You obviously went through the trouble of tracing your heritage/lineage back through the sixteenth century because you very much care about what you now claim to be indifferent to.

Obviously the entire point of your original line of questioning was to see if, as a Black immigrant's child, you’d be able to get out of paying the ADOS Reparations Tax, and also if you could possibly receive a portion of it yourself if a fraudulent Irish grievance scam can be attached to it in some way based on your claims to be able to provide your Irish blood strain evidence. #NoNewTricks

Nezu Garside - Actually, I’m against reparations, with only caveat that if you accept, you and your descendants leave the USA and never to come back, but that’s just my personal feelings on the matter. If that check showed up in my mail box, I would burn it because it isn’t something I earned. And no, I didn’t bother doing it. My aunt did. I just know about it because she shared it with us all, as that was her life’s masterpiece, I respected her enough to study it.

I think the whole thing is a fraud brought forth by the lazy and disingenuous, especially when you get into the subject of the African Kings that first established the slave trade with the Trans-Arabic market some 700 years before the Trans-Atlantic/European slave trade. Starting with the Arabia-African Zanj slave trade. Or did you forget about that fact? And what about the Barbary Slave trade that resulted in some million white Christians becoming slaves in North Africa from the 16th to the 18th century, only to be sold to other African nations, Arabics and even Europeans. But forsooth, I cannot forget the 700 American slaves captured by Moroccan pirates between 1786 and 1815. (Since you wish to accuse me of being a money grubber.) And let’s not forget the Romans, who are now the Italians, who would then pretty much owe everyone in Europe, including themselves, and northern Africa reparations for the slave trade they divulged in. And how about the Mongolians, who controlled a slave trade through conquest spanning all the way out to the Slavic nations? And will you press your agenda upon the Choctaw, Cherokee, Chickasaw, Creek and Seminole Native American tribes, who were the largest of all the Native American tribes to practice African and European slavery throughout the 18th and 19th centuries. (And yes, I am aware that the colonists practiced slavery upon the Native Americans first, and then transitioned over to African slaves.)

Muhammad Rasheed - Nezu wrote: “Actually, I’m against reparations…”


Nezu wrote: “…with only caveat that if you accept, you and your descendants leave the USA and never to come back…”

I built this country with my free slave and exploited labor while you just go here. Why would your opinion matter at all? Explain.

Nezu wrote: “If that check showed up in my mail box…”

Which there is no reason you would receive it since you 100% fail to qualify to be a part of the program. You do get to go to prison if you fail to pay the ADOS Reparations Tax though.

Nezu wrote: “Or did you forget about that fact?”

That ‘fact’ has nothing to do with my specific grievance with the U.S. government that allowed and supported a unique chattel slavery that delegated the bondsman class to my ancestors permanently along racial phenotype and allowed 150 yrs of additional anti-Black systemic racism after they were supposed to pay my families reparatory justice. I’ll give you the opportunity to explain why it would. Please do so.

Nezu wrote: “And what about the Barbary Slave trade that […] I cannot forget the 700 American slaves captured by Moroccan pirates […] And let’s not forget the Romans […] And how about the Mongolians...”

What in the world would all of that have to do with my specific grievance with the U.S. government? Please explain.

Nezu wrote: “(Since you wish to accuse me of being a money grubber.)”

Well, it’s clear that now that I’ve ruined your original plan to try to fraudulently receive some of my benefits for yourself, you are now trying to somehow nullify my legitimate claim against the U.S. gov by regurgitating the 'Whataboutism' variant of the classic tu quoque logical fallacy of my traditional enemy. It was frankly more interesting when you were still arguing from the money grubber angle…

Nezu wrote: “And will you press your agenda upon the Choctaw, Cherokee, Chickasaw, Creek and Seminole Native American tribes…”

The native First Nations showed forth great integrity and immediately paid out Reparations to the formerly enslaved Black people they freed. So you may be so kind as to strike them from your list.

MEDIUM: Scanned pen & ink cartoon drawing w/Adobe Photoshop color.

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