Tuesday, February 12, 2019

The Fantastical Delusions of Universal Dominion

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Jerry CatesJoshua Walters's answer to Would you rather have to fight a saltwater crocodile or a great white Shark?

I am always amazed at the irrational fear sharks invoke in most people. “DON’T SWIM IN THE OCEAN, A SHARK WILL EAT YOU!” is a reoccurring theme with the general public despite the facts. You are far more likely to be struck by lightning then to be bit, much less killed by a shark. Great answer by the way, love the pics and captions.

Muhammad Rasheed - "Irrational fear...?"

It's a giant mouth with 90 rows of saw blades for teeth held together by a ton of muscle.

Jerry Cates - Yes it is irrational.

People how are afraid of swimming in the ocean because of sharks are being irrational. Dispute what you see in movies, sharks do not “hunt" humans. Millions of people flock to the oceans every year to swim, surf and play in the water. How many shark attacks are there per year? Look it up. Furthermore how many deaths? If they were so intent on eating you, don't you think more would die from shark attacks? While you're at it, look up the numbers on traffic deaths, murders or even being struck by lightning, those are things you should be worried about. Bees & wasps kill far more people than sharks do. Yes, fear of swimming because of sharks is irrational.

Muhammad Rasheed - You don’t think it’s rational to fear a giant toothy mouth that could casually kill you by accident? lol

That kind of attitude seems irrational to me. We have our fear sense for basic self-preservation reasons. So we don’t go into the ocean hugging super-powerful apex-predators that can casually kill us by accident.

Jerry Cates - You misunderstand my comment. if I were to see a Great White while I was in the water, there would be fear and a great deal of respect for I would be in it’s realm. That being said, I would also dearly love to see one. Anytime one does something dangerous there is always a bit of fear, overcoming that fear is part of the thrill.

My comment was that someone who fears the ocean because there may be a shark lurking under the waves just waiting to eat them….THAT is an irrational fear. It also keeps people like that from enjoying life. Not that I mind, it keeps the ocean a little less crowded for the rest of us.

Muhammad Rasheed - I get you, Jerry. I think the missed-message conflict here is the difference between a healthy fear that prevents a rational person from violating reasonable, inherent risk response plans versus the thrill-seeker’s culture of routinely overriding that fear to explore potentially dangerous situations so often that it becomes “irrational” to not behave that way to the participants. I do think it’s cool that you brave the Big Blue to see such sights with your own eyes, but I also think it is irrational to actually think it is irrational for others not in that club to have a fear of that fundamentally alien environment that happens to be wrapped in centuries of “Jaws” propaganda. It is 100% rational to fear the ocean in that way when we’ve been programmed for generations to fear it. First, deprogram the people, then if they hold onto an actual phobia once they know better, then we can consider the fear over-the-top and irrational.

MEDIUM: Scanned pen & ink cartoon drawing w/Adobe Photoshop color.

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