Sunday, June 3, 2018

Protecting the Narrative

Muhammad Rasheed - I watched fascinated as the real life superhero Mamoudou Gassama made it look easy as he climbed several floors of this building to rescue a French baby. Then I fucked around and read the comments underneath one of the articles. smh  One day I may learn my lesson, but it didn't happen THAT day. All the white supremacists came out to talk trash on the Malian hero, lamely attempting to cast doubt on whether the incident really happened or not based on the fact that Gassama is Black, Muslim, and an immigrant in Europe.

Then some incident involving the Cumberbatch actor started circulating. So I'm looking at that fresh off of reading the claptrap spread by the white supremacists, and my question is this: Who between us has the greater cause to doubt the presented hero story?  On the one hand, everything publicly proclaimed by whites about Black people is a lie designed to support the White Supremacist Ideology and the anti-Black systemic racism for which it stands. Plus the fact that your guy is a professional actor. lol I can't take anything you say at face value, and whenever I do, I end up looking like the naive trusting fool. On the other hand, everything you are using to cast faux-doubt on Gassama comes directly out of your anti-Black propaganda racism bag.

Clearly the scenario that my cartoon is showing has an objectively far more reasonable chance of being true than the typical nonsense you lot are spreading to slander Gassama.

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