Thursday, June 28, 2018

Black Americans versus Politics

Black Content - Any black person calling themselve a Democrat or Republican, I honestly question your mental state.


Muhammad Rasheed - To be fair, we haven't organized and worked a political party the way we are supposed to for maximum gains since Reconstruction. 150 yrs of whites sabotaging your ballot makes me think this meme is just a propaganda scheme of our enemy.

Black Content‏ - Both parties have had more than their fair share of time to reverse some of the damage they caused us, but haven't. Neither can name 10 policies/laws they have passed that benefited blacks only. The ballots aren't the only thing they sabotaged.


Muhammad Rasheed - The party itself is just a tool. We knew that back when we still had healing chain scars on our limbs. The special interest groups use the tool for political influence. Somewhere along the way we forgot that fact, and started waiting for the other groups to do OUR work for us.

Black Content - I beg to differ, both parties are trash and have continued to sabotage blacks throughout Amerikkkaz racist history. I'm not claiming either one

Muhammad Rasheed - Both will continue to be trash, begrudgingly giving us scraps here and there (only for their rivals to immediately snatch away) if we don't start organizing as a Black Political Bloc and doing the work ourselves. It doesn't matter which since the party itself is just a tool.

Black Content - Hows is asking to be treated humanely a special intetest? Civil rights isn't asking for something special. Is asking police to stop killing blacks is special to you?


Muhammad Rasheed - "Special interest" just refers to the socio-political identity umbrella that a particular group (LBGTQ, Hispanic, White Conservative, Black Liberal, etc.,) forms under to support & fight for their particular unique interests.

If after all this time, our efforts to plead to get other identity groups to do it for us has continuously failed, when are we ever going to take the hint and get to work? We don't have to reinvent the wheel here.

Black Content - I wholy agree we need our own political party. These two will never have blacks best interest in mind

Muhammad Rasheed - It honestly doesn't matter much what party we use. The amount of work we'll need to do to force our Black Political Agenda into reality -- and the fighting we'll have to do to do it -- will be the exact same. We may as well use this one we already have equity built into.

Muhammad Rasheed - It's interesting to me that the newly-freed slaves already knew all of this, and recognized the power of the political machine and the exact amount of work needed to pull it off. One would think that they would have been LESS sophisticated than modern Blacks, but this is not so.
This is clearly by design, and we were programmed to think politics is worthless for us as Black people. We need to stop listening to the enemy's advice and instruction. We'll have to do any worthwhile political work ourselves or it clearly won't get done at all.

Black Content -


Muhammad Rasheed - Look at it this way:

1) Fresh out of slavery we worked politics and literally rose from slave to congressman in less than 10 yrs.
2) Whites panicked and created the KKK
3) Vote suppression tactics began
4) 150 yrs later we avoid politics with suspicion.

[VIDEO] Greg Palast Confronts Kris Kobach About Crosscheck Voter Purging Lists

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