Sunday, February 19, 2017

Defending Caliphs

Param - Koran was compiled in a similar fashion as Hadith

Muhammad Rasheed
‏- Meanwhile, it was compiled by Zayd with the prophet's supervision. *shrug*

Param ‏- *rolling eyes upward* Ras, you have a lot to learn

Muhammad Rasheed ‏- Muhammad (pbuh) definitely compiled the Book with Zayd's help.

Param - If Mo complied the Koran Why did Uthman have a process to verify the authenticity?

Muhammad Rasheed ‏- The problem is with the question you've asked, not the history of events. You have the history itself wrong.

Muhammad Rasheed
‏- There were tribes in the region that spoke different Arabic dialects than the Hejaz of the prophet.

Muhammad Rasheed ‏- The Hejaz dialect was actually of their version of the bourgeois class, with the Quraysh and other aristocratic tribes speaking it as a matter of pride. Uthman was himself sensitive & biased against those dialects of lesser prestige, of course, and even the IDEA of hearing the Qur'an recited using less than his beloved prophet’s own Hejaz was unthinkable to him. His entourage reflected his sentiment, and took it further with a paranoid angle: What if the different dialects led to the same eventual corruption the previous scriptures had?

All of this was enough to freak the caliph out, and he ordered all non-Hejaz books destroyed.

Param ‏- Know the vile book better than you Rasheed  :D

Muhammad Rasheed ‏- Don't be silly.

Param - Ras You have no clue of Arabic Yet claim to understand Islam Who is silly here? :D

Muhammad Rasheed ‏- Who told you that "learning Arabic" was one of the 5 Pillars of Islam? Hm? lol

Param ‏- Where did I mention learning arabic was one of the 5 pillars?

Muhammad Rasheed ‏- You keep insisting it's something Muslims HAVE to do, right? You think it's a Pillar.

Param ‏- BTW you were a marine? Heard somewhere of your claim

Muhammad Rasheed - Why do you care? That's a little off topic, yes? Do you think the Prophet was in the USMC, too? Lol

Deplorable Vet - YOU WERE NEVER A MARINE. You have no honor and no patriotism. You aren't worthy to lick their boots

Muhammad Rasheed ‏- White supremacists aren't qualified to say who is a patriot or not, DV. Stand down. Honor is alien to you.

Deplorable Vet - You have no concept of honor

Muhammad Rasheed
‏- [VIDEO] White Couple Adopted 2 Black Daughters To Kill Them

Deplorable Vet

Muhammad Rasheed ‏- The real issue is a savage white supremacist believing he can instruct in "honor." Stand down.

Deplorable Vet - where was instruction?

Muhammad Rasheed ‏- Word semantics is your response to evil white supremacist christians adopting Black children & slaughtering them.

Deplorable Vet -

Muhammad Rasheed - So? Slavery has always existed, but it was never delegated to a specific racial phenotype, nor has a whole group been considered less than human to justify it, and exclude them from society as a 2nd class.

Deplorable Vet
- YOU justified Muhammad saying to rape slaves was justified Bc you said they were 2nd class

Muhammad Rasheed ‏- "Slave" is a class all by itself, not a "2nd class." Any race or ethnic group can be in the slave class.

Deplorable Vet - Are you a second class citizen?

Muhammad Rasheed ‏- I'm deliberately excluded from the socio-economic mainstream of the society I helped build, DV. Of course I am.

Muhammad Rasheed ‏- I'm in a continuous 500 yr long war with the wealthy elite class of Western society fighting for equal opportunity.

Muhammad Rasheed ‏- Compare THIS and THIS

…with these tactics.

Deplorable Vet - So stop crying about history and blaming the world for YOUR inadequacies. Do something to change your life

Muhammad Rasheed - I'm not blaming 'the world' for anything. I'm calling YOU out for your evil, scumball. You are a coward & a piece of shit for passing the responsibility. "Man up."

Muhammad Rasheed ‏- The vid clip and other links proves that you haven't changed since the 17th century. What would YOU know of 'honor,' creature?

Deplorable Vet -

Muhammad Rasheed - A GOP joke is your response to evil white supremacist christians adopting Black children & slaughtering them.

Deplorable Vet -

Muhammad Rasheed ‏-

Deplorable Vet - You are delusional

Muhammad Rasheed - You are a coward snowflake. "Man up."

Deplorable Vet - Everyone You make up races for ppl online in your head. Victim mentality is a pathetic impotent positions. Man up

Muhammad Rasheed ‏- Victim mentality is your response to evil white supremacist christians adopting Black children & slaughtering them.

Muhammad Rasheed ‏- But you think to tell ME about "honor," do you, creature?

Deplorable Vet
- Who is responsible?

Muhammad Rasheed ‏- You.

You had the choice, long ago, to side WITH me against our common foe, but you sold us out.
The 30 pieces of silver you accepted was in the form of "Whiteness." The White identity politics that drives you. In exchange you became his slave takers, slave breakers, bounty hunters, overseers, and cops. And while you were abusing ME, he continued to hate your guts, and treat you like shit, and withhold the wealth. Even today he says that you aren't shit, never wanted shit, and will never be shit. He's the one that named you "cracker," remember? While he's manipulating you into holding me down, you're feeling angrier and angrier with every passing generation... and falsely directing it towards me. The REAL reason you hate Muslims, Blacks, Latinos, and everybody else... is because he’s using YOU, as always, to die in maintaining and protecting HIS wealth and property. While giving you the crumbs.

Muhammad Rasheed ‏- So don't tell me about "honor," asshole. Enjoy your empty "Whiteness" consolation prize.

Deplorable Vet - you have equal opportunity
You choose to shackle yourself to a victim mentality and follow a racist prophet. The only thing you are a victim of is your attitude and abilities.

Muhammad Rasheed
‏- I know you didn't bother to look at the reality of those voter suppression links. I didn't really expect you to.

Muhammad Rasheed - I am in an active war with someone continuously trying to return me to chains so he can get richer.

Muhammad Rasheed ‏- As I fight back and demand my inalienable, God-given rights, his pet pit bull keeps tells me nothing is wrong and I'm just "playing victim."

Muhammad Rasheed ‏- I told you that you're not strong enough in The Force to keep me in The Matrix with your will alone, DV.

Muhammad Rasheed ‏- I WILL defend myself when you inevitably accept that fact, and y'all start putting those hoods on again.

Muhammad Rasheed ‏- SEMPER FI, motherfucker.

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