Thursday, November 23, 2017

Troll Caping for the Trump-Putin Bromance

Simpboyz - nahh y’all not fooling us again

Muhammad Rasheed - "Hey, you wanna free boat ride? For you and your whole tribe?"

DC Miller - "And word is there’s a lifetime 'jobs program' waiting on the other side"

Haydencurt - Except it didn't happen like that [laugh/cry emoji]

Haydencurt -

Muhammad Rasheed - They weren't "looking for" collusion. The collusion was clear. They were gathering the evidence that would hold up in a court of law so they could do something about the collusion.

Haydencurt - It's so clear a year later they have no evidence [laugh/cry emoji]

Muhammad Rasheed - You not only haven't been following the case, but it seems you don't know what "evidence" means. So far the evidence has gotten two former Trump campaign staffers arrested, and showed Trump, Jr. scheming behind the scenes with Wikileaks.

Haydencurt - So what's the evidence they have but won't charge him with I guess should be the question I ask you since you follow it so closely

Muhammad Rasheed - Lengthy email correspondence between all parties involved in which they admit in detail to the terms of the clear collusion, as well as correspondence with key Russian figures. Odd how you are so passionately opinionated about the topic while literally knowing nothing about it.

Haydencurt - You showed no evidence man anyone can type some stuff up... and it's not kinda odd to you nobody was speaking during the election about Russia collusion. He won. It came out that theDNC put Hillary before Bernie and then all of the sudden oh shit wait trump colluded with Russia

Muhammad Rasheed - You want ME to provide you the evidence? Why? Obviously you haven't been interested enough to follow the real life professional journalists who have been breaking the case, why care about the evidence as filtered through a random Twitter guy? lol Look it up if you want to know.

Haydencurt - Came about and a year long investigation with really no findings it's still a winch hunt while the real election crimes fall back on the DNC.. so why haven't they been charged is the bigger question

Muhammad Rasheed  1.) It takes a while to gather evidence for a high-level political trial that involves the Executive Branch of the USA, Hayden.

2.) The findings that are very real just arrested two key Trump campaign advisers. "Really no findings" is fiction your cognitive dissonance invented.

Care to explain that discrepancy?

Muhammad Rasheed - Anyway, it's not that they "won't" charge Trump. They are just meticulously gathering the full & impenetrable wall of facts needed to topple a POTUS. It's not a project that should be taken lightly or sloppily (like the Trump Admin's collusion with Russia).

Haydencurt - whatever you think man [laugh/cry emoji]

Muhammad Rasheed - So far you have proven to not know anything at all about any of this, so I'm curious what the 'crying while laughing' emojis are supposed to actually mean. Please explain.

Haydencurt - Because you keep claiming to know the exact evidence but are speaking about other people getting arrested, you claim to know the evidence but can't/ won't easily type it out or link to it.. and didn't even answer why the DNC hasn't been. Barge for the factual crimes that have

Muhammad Rasheed - I've been following the case. lol it's not a conspiracy theory or anything. They talk about it ALL the time. hahahaha  You haven't been following it at all, but want me to give you an easy summary of it. Why would I do that for you?

Haydencurt - I never said it was a conspiracy lol, and because you speak like you are the knower of all knowledge on the case, hell reallytou speak like you're the lead investigator but can't simply link the info

Muhammad Rasheed - You've been content to sit inside a willful wall of ignorance, taking nonsensical potshots at the subject from the outside (with laughing/crying emojis) and you want me to provide you all the info in a tidy little package.  No. Turn off your video games and study yourself.

Haydencurt - And once again avoiding providing information you swear to know face it you don't know the "evidence"

Muhammad Rasheed - You're going to double-down on that, huh? Should I judge your entire race by this behavior you are displaying? Or is this just how professional Internet trolls are trained to behave?

Muhammad Rasheed - The laughing/crying emoji means you are pretending it's just a conspiracy I made up. To be clear, I will not coddle your laziness and do that work for you.  Learn the material yourself and stop being this way. It's disgusting.

Haydencurt - Also you're wrong

Muhammad Rasheed - lol I'm wrong based on what exactly, Hayden? The same wishes & feelings that are the basis of your Trump/Russia Collusion case opinions?  hahaha

Haydencurt - @M. Rasheed... here's some real collusion and rigged elections she's on a roll 2 in one year

Muhammad Rasheed - You're supposed to be looking up the Russian collusion info for yourself and stop being lazy and trying to get me to give it to you on a silver platter.

Haydencurt - Dude you went on a rant and want me to take you serious, threw some racism in and still want me to take you serious. Claim to have all the knowledge in your head but won't say it and you want me to take you serious. Lastly you're literally upset because I don't agree [laugh/cry emoji]

Muhammad Rasheed - You're using "literally" wrong, since I'm not angry at all. I am passionately against anti-Truth internet trolls such as yourself though. Anyway, you expected me to take you seriously when you posted your proud ignorance on one of my comments today. Obviously you wanted to play.

Haydencurt - And yet you haven't showed me anything to prove you're right.. you made the claim and can't back it up.. sad

Muhammad Rasheed - It's not my job to show you the material that your laughing/crying emojis pretend you already know. I'm not here to educate you on very public, very current information unfolding every day. lol No.

I'm here to get you to admit why you are behaving this way. That's MUCH more interesting, and the game that you've called me out to play. So let's hear it, Hayden. Go.  Why are you like this? What's your point?

Haydencurt - And you once again claim to be holder of all knowledge and can't provide said knowledge [laugh/cry emoji] crazy right

Muhammad Rasheed - Seriously though. You don't think it's weird that you are like that while you've obviously ducked the facts of the case? Why are you like this?  Tell me.

Haydencurt - [laugh/cry emoji] once again you're trying to divert from showing "evidence" must be hard with all that knowledge in you're head

Muhammad Rasheed - To be clear, you've deliberately diverted yourself from the evidence in question. Don't blame that on me. It's not my job to educate people that hate knowledge. I just want to know why you behave in this manner. Do you even know?

Haydencurt - Seriously though. You don't think it's weird that you claim to know but can't say. You've ducked the "evidence" you claim to know? Why are you like this? Tell me.

Muhammad Rasheed - That doesn't even make sense in context. Try that one again.

Muhammad Rasheed - Two high-profile former Trump campaign officials are currently under arrest because of VERY SPECIFIC evidence that was all over the media when it happened, but you are unaware of it (or pretending to be unaware of it) while saying there's no evidence.

Can you explain this?

Haydencurt - You have not spoke a punch eof knowledge you typing bullshit in a earlier tweet doesn't mean anything. Once again drop the "evidence" or stop tweeting me

Muhammad Rasheed - 1.) How would such as you know whether it was "bullshit" or not? Based on what?

2.) You tweeted me first and called me out, remember? Don't get scared now.

Muhammad Rasheed - I'm not tutoring you on very public, very easy to find info that you've deliberately avoided knowing while comfortably running your mouth about it. Just tell me the name of the troll farm that trained you and sends your checks, please.

Haydencurt - Scared of what you rambling for the next hour again?

Muhammad Rasheed - Whatever folks like you get scared of, chief.  I know that you Tweeted your foolishness on my comment first, but now you're in the role of the one being bothered by unsolicited Tweets. Is that your 'white privilege' double standard in action?

Haydencurt - Gee I wish I got paid for annoying people on twitter didn't know I could get paid for it honestly. Send me a link for that while you're avoiding dropping evidence

Muhammad Rasheed - You forgot to post the laughing/crying emojis while you were being disingenuous. You're slipping.

Haydencurt - No you're just trying to prolong this while not showing what you claim to know

Muhammad Rasheed - That babbling again, huh? It's just as boring now as when you first typed it.

Haydencurt - Aye another race card pulled by you.. I'm proud 2 in one day with the same person and again yet to show any evidence how long are you going to prolong this

Muhammad Rasheed - 1.) "Race card" is a term coined by racists for when they attempt to deny racism. I hope you don't expect me to qualify it?

2.) Prolong what? I'm waiting for you to answer my questions. We could have been finished. lol

Haydencurt - We could've finished when you put actual evidence but you somehow get "white privilege" out of it.. It's all making sense now pure just a clown trying to act like you know

Muhammad Rasheed - You're being disingenuous again. We both know you wouldn't care if I posted that stuff. Notice that you've deliberately avoided the facts of the case thus far.

Haydencurt - Also calling the race card isn't used by racist. It's used by people who can articulate a counter argument without bringing up another persons race when it has nothing to do with said dispute.. you're so smart I thought you'd know that

Muhammad Rasheed - "The race card" is a nonsense term racists use to pretend racism isn't real. It's one of the signs that out you all. You may wish to cut down if you really don't want people to think you're racist.

Haydencurt - You said people got arrested.. That's not evidence...

Muhammad Rasheed - And that's called a "straw man effigy" logical fallacy. I said the evidence was the lengthy email record, but here you are just making up shit.  Curious.

Haydencurt - I'm not worried about people on the internet thinking I'm racist man.. people know me in real life.. aside once again you brought race into a conversation that had nothing to do with race.. tell me how could I become the racist one in the situation [laugh/cry emoji] ducking clown

Muhammad Rasheed - You've revealed that both you, the who know you in real life, as well as your typical twitter page content, are all racist as hell. Take a bow. You may as well embrace it. I don't see the point of why you are cowering, unless you're alt-right who do that as policy.

Haydencurt - And talking about made up stuff lmao white privilege is also made up

Muhammad Rasheed - That's the second post that outs you as a proud racist. What else do you have? Are you going to go down the whole checklist?

Haydencurt - If I was racist I'd just call you then n word and move on with it [laugh/cry emoji]

Muhammad Rasheed - Of all the items that make up "racism," naming calling is definitely the weakest. Your "There is no evidence!" being too lazy to look it up yourself, while trying to bully me into doing it for you, is stronger racism.

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