Saturday, November 25, 2017

Protect NetNeutrality!

Muhammad Rasheed - I think the arrogance and audacity oozing from the evil actions of someone like Ajit Pai can only be checked by tossing a rope around his neck and letting him dance high from the gibbet. ONLY people of integrity and great moral character need to be in that FCC position, and demons like Pai need to be discouraged from applying. There's only one reason why the 1% folk... the descendants of the slave holder class... want to destroy the freedom of the open Internet and monopolize the flow of information in their favor. Stop playing footsie with the adversary of legend, please. This is SERIOUS.

The facts of the historic record are directly opposed to the story wealthy whites have authorized their institutions to tell you along the way. #NetNeutrality is YOUR weapon!!! PROTECT IT!!!!

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