Sunday, February 5, 2017

BATTLE MODE: Duel with the 'Alt-Right'

Kurt Eichenwald - Trump insulted or undermined our allies in Australia, Germany, Britain & Mexico. So far.

But that Mr. Putin fellow? He looks mah-velous.

Steve Wilkinson - Probably because Putin (despite all his faults) is actually making more sense these days.

Kurt Eichenwald ‏- Putin murdered babies this weekend. Potential opponents arrested & killed. Our spies having their covers blown. This makes sense?

Steve Wilkinson - How many children (& other innocents) have died in Libya, Syria, etc? Did I hear you complaining about Obama & Hillary?

nfb11 - how many innocent ppl died in Quebec, thanks to your party's hatred, Steve? "Christian" my eye!

Steve Wilkinson - Holy fright, these leftists are insane!

nfb11 - yes. I'm a leftist bc I don't support spewing enuf hatred about Muslims to incite ppl to shoot them while they pray. So radical

Right wing Christians are the problem. Not leftists. Not even centrists like myself, you nutter.

Steve Wilkinson - So... looking at your twitter stream, you think you're centrist? Heh. I'd be scared to see a real leftist then. :)

nfb11 - yes. Go support Kellie Leitch and get some more innocents killed, eh?

Steve Wilkinson - Huh?

Black Girl Justice - @Steve… You are no Christian apologist.

Steve Wilkinson - How so?

Black Girl Justice - Christianity needs no apologists.

Steve Wilkinson - Or theologians, or historians, etc? :) LOL (Do you even know what that is? tip: Google might know.)

Black Girl Justice - Since you being condescending I'm done. Misogyny, sexism don't set well with me.

Steve Wilkinson - Condescending (misogyny, sexism)??? If you know what Christian apologetics is, then why your comments?

Black Girl Justice - Why is it white men on here always assume lack of knowledge when someone disagrees. That was your 1st thought...

Steve Wilkinson
- And, it's a bit inconsiderate to assume I identify as male, and treat me that way because of my skin color, don't you think?

((CHURCHLADY320)) - It's not your color, it's your mind and attitudes that are objectionable.

Steve Wilkinson ‏- Example?

- Your snotty reaction to her. It was patronizing. That's where I jumped in. Enough already.

Steve Wilkinson - Maybe you missed her initial posts to me?

((CHURCHLADY320)) - I did. Don't need to see those to see what you said and how you said it.

Steve Wilkinson ‏- Contextually challenged, I see. Racism/sexism blinders in place. Full speed ahead.

((CHURCHLADY320)) - See? Your default position when critiqued. Since I'm white, it makes no sense. So puff your privilege alone. I'm done.

Steve Wilkinson - You said that I'm no Christian apologist, and Christianity needs no apologists. Please defend either point. U can read my work.

Black Girl Justice - 2 Timothy 2:14

Steve Wilkinson - That's re: quarreling WITHIN THE BODY about meaningless issues.

Steve Wilkinson - Black Girl Justice wrote: Why is it white men on here always assume lack of knowledge when someone disagrees.”

Because what you said made no sense. Why bring race/sex into this? What has that to do with anything? Do you have an agenda?

Muhammad Rasheed ‏- @Steve... Your support of several known "PUA" and "alt-right" concepts on your wall demonstrate race/sex are very relevant here.

Steve Wilkinson - Like?

Muhammad Rasheed - hahahahahaha Stop, Steve.

Muhammad Rasheed ‏- Don't be fake.  Just own your stuff and the discussion will be more fruitful. Being fake only reveals your own agenda

Muhammad Rasheed - Steve, the record shows you making clear racist/misogynistic potshots towards Black Girl Justice in typical PUA/alt-right ways.

Steve Wilkinson ‏- Example? (Note: I don't subscribe to the silly idea that only white males can be racist/sexist.)

Muhammad Rasheed - Please note that I don't take straw man arguments at face value. I'm not interested in playing your games as I am busy.

Steve Wilkinson ‏- Clearly. ;)

Muhammad Rasheed - Oh, look... Steve has a folder full of racist lynch reference effigies. Raise your hand if you're shocked.

Steve Wilkinson - If you've got something particular in mind, I'll be happy to discuss.

Muhammad Rasheed ‏- After catching you red-handed doing it, what makes you think I'd trust you to have a civil discussion without more fake?

Muhammad Rasheed  -  I'm aware it is part of alt-right practices to pretend to be otherwise. Again, you don't have to be fake. You are seen.

Steve Wilkinson - I could care less about alt-right. Labeling someone as something as a tactic to think you've won, is also pretending.

Muhammad Rasheed ‏- Labeling someone according to their clear Twitter posting/retweeting record is: "Elementary, my dear." It's not hard.

Steve Wilkinson - Maybe because I've demonstrated a civil conversation (unlike many of those responding). Example? U'r making accusation

Muhammad Rasheed ‏- Please note that I don't consider your documented history of racist/sexist potshots to be "civil conversation."

Muhammad Rasheed - Just the opposite in fact. You are seen and thus outed, sir.  Please perform actual civil conversation.  Thank you.

Steve Wilkinson - Thus says M. Rasheed.   ;)

Muhammad Rasheed - Indeed.  Take careful notes.

Steve Wilkinson - Sorry, I'll know better next time. Thanks for your wisdom.

Muhammad Rasheed - Once I clear my plate I'm coming to start an argument with you. I hope I find your A-Game.

Muhammad Rasheed - Feel free to use the 'Dial-A-Friend' option. 

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