Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Olympic Nazi Punching

Muhammad Rasheed - Neo-Nazi Richard Spencer Got Punched For The Second Time And Twitter Is Losing It


Leo Aromaa -

Muhammad Rasheed - I'm pretty sure anticipating public abuse is part of his bootcamp hate training.

Brett Barton - ^not that I recall, mostly arts and crafts...some marching, a bit of hand waving. Oh, and we roasted ummm....marshmallows....yeah marshmallows over camp fire.

Melody Winfield - Punch Trump!

Dan Bennett - Only if you really enjoy jail food.

Melody Winfield - Punch Trump!

Melody Winfield - When it's all said and done, you'll probably be right next to me for doing less than that.

Dan Bennett - Conspiracy to Loiter or Aggravated Mopery?

Melody Winfield - That's what you're guilty of Dan Bennett? My, my.

Melody Winfield - Makes no sense to punch this fool. Then again, maybe they were trying to knock some sense into him.

Dan Bennett - Do you often feel this urge to punch people?

Melody Winfield - I didn't 't say I was going to punch anybody. Do you always misinterpret peoples words?

Muhammad Rasheed - Dan is just reacting to the concept of even the most rudimentary form of karmic payback, and it's making him freakout, Melody. This is normal, and you may safely ignore him.

Dan Bennett - Actually I'm freaking out from seeing a Muslim talking about karma. That's pretty unorthodox, isn't it? I don't want to hear of a mullah somewhere calling for you to be done in. The frustration of being unable to tell you "I told you so": would be almost unbearable.

Dan Bennett - Ah, I take it you were simply urging *others* to punch Trump, from which I take that you lack the will, the opportunity, or both, to do it yourself., And there would be significantly unpleasant consequences for acting on your suggestion, the very least of which is that Trump might punch you back. Probably prudent to take the "let's you and him fight" approach instead.

Melody Winfield - You are insignificant, Dan. You don't matter.

Muhammad Rasheed - Dan, I'm not surprised that the 'karma' comment causes you confusion, since you're still struggling to wrap your mind around the idea of 'One God' being interpreted in languages that you hate from a Supremacist point of view. The Abrahamic idea of 'reaping what you sow' is the same as karma. You're welcome for the lesson. You may continue your regularly scheduled freakout.

Melody Winfield - LOL! 😀

Melody Winfield - Get him Muhammad Rasheed!

Dan Bennett - And FWIW, I had to google Richard Spencer to see who he is. From what I read, I might well have punched him myself.

Muhammad Rasheed - Does watching your boy get punched make you tear up? awww...

Dan Bennett - Didn't read the post you replied to, didja? C'mon, it was short, and your lips wouldn't have gotten very tired. *LOL*

Dan Bennett - BTW, I have managed to keep my resolution not to lynch anyone, how are you doing on not blowing up school buses?

Muhammad Rasheed - You might have a point if you can find the Qur'an verses that support your GOP opinions of "islamic terrorism." Of course you will find no such a thing since the concept was invented by CIA/Mossad agents that trained those US Gov created groups. Try harder.

Dan Bennett - Wow, seems like a lot of CIA and Mossad spooks go off to their eternal rewards hollering "Allahu ahkbar!" just to keep up the illusion that Muslims are committing mass murders on a fairly regular basis,huh? Talk about dedication! Hey, didja see the vid of the ISLAMIC State swine burning the Turkish (probably Muslim) soldiers? I'll bet God was really happy about that. "God is great! (Light the ropes, Achmed...)

Muhammad Rasheed - You just typed "Allahu ahkbar!" [sic] so does that magically mean that you are a Muslim according to your cock-eyed, xenophobic belief system? hahaha

Muhammad Rasheed - You don't know how the intelligence agencies function, hm?

Muhammad Rasheed - What DO you know, Dan?

Dan Bennett - Well, as Christ said, "By their works you will know them." The works of Islam are manifest, aren't they? Typified by that very Muslim invention, the dynamite belt.

Muhammad Rasheed - Again, find the Qur'anic verses that back up what the CIA/Mossad train those brainwashed saps to do. Only then will you have a point. Also find suicide bombings among Muslims from before the secular Tamil Tigers started doing it.

Dan Bennett - Oh yeah, it's always the fault of someone else but the one that done it, isn't it? "Yeah, Muslims murder people in droves in the name of God, but someone else made ';em do it." Right, But sorry I improperly attributed the invention of the dynamite belt. If the Tamils hold patent on that device, they should be rich off the royalties due them from Muslim "martyrs" who've used them to murder thousands of people while blasphemously shouting "God is great!"

Dan Bennett - BTW, you realize, of course, that Islam is simply a heretical offshoot of Christianity, right?

Dan Bennett - Right up there with Mormonism, but with more homicidal tendencies.

Muhammad Rasheed - Okay, now that you've thoroughly revealed you have no idea what you are talking about, what do you want? You don't know the origins of suicide bombing, when the practice first started going "viral" in the Arab world and why, and you have no clue as to the modus operandi of the world intelligence agencies.

Why do you think your opinions of Islam would mean anything to me since they conflict directly to what an actual, real life Muslim actually believes? lol

Muhammad Rasheed - That's like saying Christianity is "just a" heretic offshoot of Judaism. Are you even a little bit familiar with the history of Abrahamic religion in general, or does your "knowledge" begin & end at WASP-ism?

Dan Bennett - Christianity would have been precisely that but for the Resurrection, at which point it became something altogether different. Islam, however, is, like Mormonism , a case where the founder took Christianity as his starting point, and then claimed "new revelation"as authority to doctor it up to suit himself and to insure that he was in charge. I suspect that Joseph Smith may have been influenced by the founding of Islam. Both he and Mohammed claimed to have been given their revelation by an angel, although Mohammed claimed he'd been visited by Gabriel, the Herald of God, while Smith just made a name up from whole cloth. As for the origins of suicide bombing, who cares? The Japanese used it too, as I recall, but that doesn't make them responsible for the atrocities of the Muslim "martyrs" who go around blowing up innocents "to the glory of God". And, yeah, I;m very sure that most, if not all, the Muslim outrages are really committed by the CIA, Mossad, MI5, the KGB, the AFL-CIO, the NAACP, NATO, the Trilateral Commission, the International Zionist Conspiracy, and possibly the National Model Railroading Association. Couldn't be Muslims, That's Just What They Want Us To Believe. They're the same people who are responsible for St. Hillary losing the election to Dr. Evil, and every other Bad Thing that has happened since the Fall. Handy to believe so, anyway, especially if it looks like some of your folks have decided that nice guys finish last.

Muhammad Rasheed - Dan, you can stop with these worthless rants. Your opinion of Islam and its founder does not align with the historical record, as is true of most cock-eyed GOP opinions. Notice that you are so passionately convinced that suicide bombing is a part of the faith of Al-Islam itself, yet when pushed, you magically don't care about the practices origins? That's the universal sign that you are 100% full of crap and there is no truth in you. Naturally I've recognized that in you from the first day you started stalking my posts with your foolishness.

Al-Islam is a religion of the One God of Abraham. You've demonstrated that you know nothing about it at all, but are very opinionated about it from a very biased, very partisan stance, and yet you expect me to take you seriously. You can stop now.

Melody Winfield - Dan Whatchamacallit is as addle brained as Trump. Are they related?

Muhammad Rasheed - Yes.

Melody Winfield - Thought so.

Muhammad Rasheed - lol

Dan Bennett - Run along, Melody. Grown folks are talking here.

Muhammad Rasheed - It's adorable that you think you are 'grown,' Danny Boy.
Go mow your lawn.

Dan Bennett - Ya know, I think maybe Salman Rushdie was on to something. What if an angel really did visit Mohammed, but it wasn't Gabriel, it was Satan, and the whole thing was a diabolical fraud from the beginning. Of course, I;m sure y'all aren't allowed to contemplate such an idea.

Dan Bennett - And yeah, I'm an adorable kinda guy. To know me s to love me!

Muhammad Rasheed - Okay, so once again -- after having already demonstrated that you literally know nothing about the religion/history of Al-Islam -- here you go upholding foolishness as if it is a truth, with passionate bias. This is not a bragging point, Dan.

Muhammad Rasheed - lol Who told you I'm not allowed to "contemplate such an idea?" Where did you get that? Tell me?

Dan Bennett - Hey, Rushdie had to go on the run for publishing the book because people were looking to off him for it. I reckon it might be taken badly if you were to say, publicly, "Ya know, what if he was right?" Muslims seem pretty quick to reach for their guns when they get offended.

Dan Bennett - I mean, Charlie Hebdo sucks, but so far no Anglicans have felt the need to go and murder the staff there, nor even Presbyterians for that matter. And the dudes who chased that cartoonust out of his house in Aarhus weren't Buddhists as I recall.

Muhammad Rasheed - Rushdie was on the run from a very specific class of opinionated folk, who operate from a very specific viewpoint within the greater body of the Muslim world. Your bias blinds you to the parallels within your own Christian body. And no one "reaches for their guns" when they get offended more than your demographic, chief. Grow up, and try not to have your toddler accidentally shoot you while mowing your lawn.

Muhammad Rasheed - Notice that in your blatant hypocrisy, you don't have a problem separating Christians into all their various sub-groups, but you STILL pretend that all Muslim groups are the same entity? I'm not an Arab, Dan, I'm African-American. That's where my culture and family creeds lie, so my religion of Al-Islam is derived from the scriptural source materials, not Arabian tribal cultural traditions like their "shariah." I don't expect you to understand me since you prefer your partisan biased "vilification of the Other" opinion.

Dan Bennett - My toddler is 27 now, and can shoot the hair off a gnats butt at 50 yards. (Both redneck and Korean genes in full effect). But she also knows you don't shoot folks except in defense, and in the gravest extreme. Not because they have religious differences.

Muhammad Rasheed - I don't believe you. Should I? Considering you've proven in this thread that the Bennett's never grow out of toddler-hood.

Dan Bennett - @Muhammad Rasheed… The only Muslims I know other than from news reports of the latest homicidal outtrage perpetrated by Muslims are some Pakkstanis who run the subway next door to my store. They're Ahmadiyya Muslims, good folks to all appearances. They got run out of their country after suffering physical oppression from their more orthodox Muslim neighbors.

Dan Bennett - @Muhammad Rasheed… Looks ;like you'll believe anything but the truth, so hey, go for it.

Muhammad Rasheed - Were they run off because of their beliefs, or because of their cultural differences? Think about the historical relationship between the Black and White Christians in our own nation before you answer.

Dan Bennett - But I;m sure that was just another isolated incident and meant nothing, right? Religion of Peace, yessirree.

Dan Bennett - @Muhammad Rasheed… He said becaue they were Ahmadiyya . I had no reason not to believe him.

Dan Bennett - @Muhammad Rasheed… And I;ve never been wronged by a black Christian, for cultural reasons or otherwise.

Muhammad Rasheed - Dan. lol You have no idea what the religion itself instructs, but you know all about political strife among the ethnic groups on the political stage. What does "religion of peace" have to do with it at all? Do you even know? Is Christianity a "religion of peace" as compared to what Jesus taught? What about the doctrine of Moses?

Muhammad Rasheed - The difference between us is that I HAVE been wronged by White Christians. This was because of cultural/socio-political differences not religious. I know this because I know about Christianity. The attackers could not say the same because -- like you -- they only think they know about Islam.

Dan Bennett - @Muhammad Rasheed… Jews follow Moses, Christians do not. . And "religion of peace" is pretty dang ironic considering ho much time Muslims as a whole seem to spend shooting folks or blowing them up or cutting off their heads or lighting them on fire. Only a politician could say it with a straught face.

Dan Bennett - @Muhammad Rasheed… And of course, all white people are Christians by default, right?

Muhammad Rasheed - That's a straw man. I'm talking about your specific demographic.

Dan Bennett - What about my demographic? Old white Southern Christian male? The last Evil People?

Muhammad Rasheed - That's the demographic that keeps vilifying and attacking my demographic. lol My opinion of you as a whole comes directly from how you've historically treated me.

Dan Bennett - I haven't historically treated you any way at all. Sounds to me like you just admitted to bigotry against People Like Me. Congratulations, yiou have become what you beheld.

Muhammad Rasheed - Why do you think "Muslims as a whole" engage in the battle skirmishes of a very specific area of the world?

Dan Bennett - Very specific areas like Chattanooga? Or San Berdoo? Or New York? Yeah, 'splain tha to me.

Muhammad Rasheed - So you are denying the documented history of the American slave trade, jim crow, White Supremacist terrorism, economic exclusion and voter suppression against my people?

Dan Bennett - So you hate white people for what no white people have ever done to you. Got it.

Muhammad Rasheed - You're literally pretending your demographic hasn't done these things, and my bringing it up is somehow bigotry against you? Is that your official stance?

Dan Bennett - As he t-short says, "Haters gonna hate".

Muhammad Rasheed - I swear you make less and less sense the more you type...

Dan Bennett - So you hate me for what "my demographic" did to "your demographic".. Once again, got it.

Dan Bennett - Does Islam give you a framework for that hatred?

Muhammad Rasheed - You've decided that me just asking you about it is an expression of "hate."

Muhammad Rasheed - That all by itself reveals a lot about you, too, Dan.

Dan Bennett - Isn;t it?

Muhammad Rasheed - Why WOULD it be?

Muhammad Rasheed - I don't have a history of lynching you and denying you rights, but asking you about these clear acts of pure hatred is somehow ME hating YOU?

Dan Bennett - Hey, you're the one who described me as "evil", presumabky because I'm white and say things you don;t like.

Dan Bennett - I don';t have a history of lynching either nor does anyone in my family. So your hatred is purely racial.

Muhammad Rasheed - You aren't saying things I "don't like." You're proclaiming as true things that aren't true that you've never bothered to even research to find out if they are true. But you believe them anyway. That's the attitude that fueled your slavery, lynching, voter suppressions, etc.

Muhammad Rasheed - You don't think I should be alarmed at the fact that you are demonstrating the exact same behavior that fueled your history of hatred?

Dan Bennett - In iothed words, my whiteness. Racial hatred, pure and simple.

Muhammad Rasheed - Your people invented the concept of "race-based hatred and discrimination" in America. That's you. I'm bringing it up because it has never stopped being a relevant topic, but you are backing away from it in a weird attempt to pin the negativity of it upon me.
How do you justify this?

Dan Bennett - He said, whupping out the Offended Black Man card. OK, that's where itt ends, and it's midnight here anyway. I will betake my Evil White Self to bed, and ; bid your Offended Black Self good evening.

Muhammad Rasheed - Is that really your official response? Running?

Muhammad Rasheed - Wow.

Muhammad Rasheed - That sounds like you're ashamed and don't want to confront the issues that are directly parallel to the Islamic ones you were enacting a minute ago.

Dan Bennett - In the Evil White Southern Male Vernacular it's called "Old White Man Who Has To Work In The Morning Going To Bed" Probably a form of Micro Aggression.

Muhammad Rasheed - Dan Bennett wrote: "Hey, you're the one who described me as "evil,"

Let the record show that a word search reveals you to be the only person to type the word 'evil' in this entire thread. That was a clear 'freudian slip' on your part.

You are officially crazy. lol

Muhammad Rasheed - Oh, and shooting up heroin doesn't count as "work," Dan. Try to get an actual job.

Muhammad Rasheed - Please note for the record that simply bringing up the topic of race-based atrocities committed by Whites against Blacks in America made Dan so uncomfortable, that he interpreted it as an act of hatred against him as if he was actually being oppressed.

Salvant Breaux - Man Im loving it I wish I could punch his ass

Dan Bennett - And pull back a nub? *Laugh*

Salvant Breaux - bruh I fight better than you....younger than you stronger than you faster better looking and much more talented and gifted both athletically and with fighting tyles if these two clowns could land a punch i would have landed three or four

Dan Bennett - @Salvant Breaux… Oh, I thought you were talking about punching *me*. No worries, punch Spencer all you like, he sounds like a creepazoid.

Muhammad Rasheed - I thought you came to defend him? lol

Dan Bennett - A guy who's into Nazi shit? My dad fought the Nazis, and I have mongrelized the white race, don'tcha know. Sopencer can get stuffed.

Dan Bennett - I came in on the stupidity of the ":Punch Trump" comment. Good night.

Muhammad Rasheed - American soldiers fought the Nazis because the government conspired to trick them into the war effort, not because the American people wanted to do it. Don't pretend your dad did it because he was "eager to save the world" because nothing in history proves that to be true.

And remember, the discrimination hatred doctrine of the Nazis was derived directly from the hate literature and practices of American White Supremacy, so please don't start preaching fake patriotic self-righteous nonsense to ME. Please. I haven't the stomach for it.

Why is "Punch Trump" talk stupid exactly? Tell me.

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