Monday, January 23, 2017


Graham Nolan

Muhammad Rasheed - Voter suppression was used by the GOP to fraudulently throwaway over 3 million minority Democrat-voting ballots so Trump could win.

That sounds protest worthy to me.

Trentus Magnus - Muh suppression, muh voter turnout.

lol, Democrats

Muhammad Rasheed -

Muhammad Rasheed -

Muhammad Rasheed - The old Democrats are the new GOP. Mindsets never change.

lol Republicans.

Trentus Magnus - Spare me. Bush was the most threatened President ever. Any time you liberals would have one of your little LARP parties where you pretend you're edgy with your hipster beards, inevitably you'd threaten his life

Go munch your granola someplace else, hippy.

Muhammad Rasheed - Do you think proclaiming "Bush was the most threatened President ever!" will come true by the shear force of your elephantine GOP magic? awww. That's adorable, but this is the real world, GOPpy. Grow up.

Muhammad Rasheed - In fact, that's probably you in your photo. smh

Muhammad Rasheed  - Voter Suppression Tactics 2016

Trentus Magnus - Here's a link for you too, boy genius.

Muhammad Rasheed - Oh, look... I linked to an award-winning investigative journalist, and you linked to a BS blog from a guy named "zombie."

Keep going, GOPpy. I'm RIVETED. *rolls eyes*

lol, Republicans.

Ed Hannigan - Bullshit.

Muhammad Rasheed - I agree it was complete bullshit for the GOP to use evil voter suppression techniques to steal the election for Trumpamania. It's horrible,

Ed Hannigan - @Muhammad Rasheed… It never happened. Absolute nonsense.

Muhammad Rasheed - lol So the investigative journalist demonstrates that it did happen, but "Ed" proclaims that it didn't using the power of wishes & feelings.

I guess you win that contest, huh? hahahahaha

lol, Republicans.

Trentus Magnus - Liberals- "Waaaaaaah, voter suppression, my side lost and I can't handle it."

Go find a safe space and play with your coloring books, losers.

Muhammad Rasheed - lol Meanwhile, my side didn't lose. The GOP cheated.

Again. #NoIntegrityForGOP

Muhammad Rasheed - How does it feel, Ed & Trentus, to be of the Villain Party?

Ed Hannigan - @Muhammad Rasheed… Go away, idiot.

Muhammad Rasheed - Uhhh... You're the one responding inside of my Master Comment, remember, "Ed?"

You are dismissed.

Here, take this with you.

Trentus Magnus - Ooh, Muhammad whipped out a new hashtag. Well, now the gloves truly are off. A new hashtag, golly, what ever shall I do?

I've got a safety pin somewhere, would you like a hug? Here's a bottle of shampoo just for you.

Muhammad Rasheed - Hmmm... I'm pretty sure your over-the-top reaction to my hashtag counts as some form of straw man effigy. You may wish to reel that in before you scratch yourself on it. You GOP freaks have more than enough weird-ass fetishes.

Trentus Magnus - Dry your eyes, Muhammad. Everything will be just fine.

Muhammad Rasheed - Do you dry your eyes with safety-pins, chum? I think I'm starting to see the real problem here. lol

Does your mom keep a cork on the end of your dinner forks?

Trentus Magnus - Dude, we won. Just accept it.

Muhammad Rasheed - Accept your cheating? Why would I do that?

Ah. You think I lack integrity such as yourself. I see.

I'm not a Trumpamaniac, Trentus.

James Evans - @Trentus Magnus… he did not win the popular vote that is the only vote that matters to me he is an illegitimate office holder as far i am concerned. Consent is given by the governed remember and here consent was not given. If you cannot tell i am not a fan of representative government

Chester Erickson - @Muhammad Rasheed… nicely done :D

Graham Nolan - @Muhammad Rasheed… your "side" lost because you put up the worst possible candidate in history. In fact you put up the only one Trump could possibly win against. So thank you!

James Evans - @Graham Nolan… but thats the point he did not win the popular vote of the people he lost. Clinton was not my choice of candidates in fact both of mine were excluded from the debates even the one who was on the ballot in all 50 states. Were Johnson to actually get in the debates i believe neither trump nor clinton would have had a shot as most people voted for clinton because they hated trump and voted for trump because they hated clinton I've seen both cases. Its the way the system is rigged polar opposites limited choices the illusion of freedom

Graham Nolan - @James Evans… popular vote doesn't matter. The Founding Fathers instituted the Electoral College for a reason. So that densely populated states couldn't dictate who wins thereby giving no voice to smaller mores rural states. Clinton blew it by not focusing and campaigning in those states.

James Evans - The people's vote always matters regardless of where they live otherwise we are not governed by consent but by a concentration of power invested in a small group of people which can be easily bought and as we've seen politicians are bought every day.

Graham Nolan - @James Evans… that is true. Now imagine it WITHOUT the Electoral College.

James Evans - Clinton would have won which i would not have approved of either since it would be a coerced choice by excluding 3rd party candidates. I would like to see the elimination of the parties or open debates. I find the parties divisive, people end up looking for a d or r at the end of their name instead of what they said. The one republican candidate i approved of ron paul was marginalized the democrat bernie sanders was sabotaged by clinton and the dnc. Ralph Nader was viewed as a spoiler by democrats even though their candidate wasn't that great. Ross Perot was the last third party candidate to get on the general debates and that was 1992

Muhammad Rasheed - Graham Nolan wrote: "your 'side' lost because you put up the worst possible candidate in history."

That would have only mattered if your side hadn't cheated. Meanwhile, she received more votes, won the presidency, but you cheated. #votersuppression #voterfraud

Graham Nolan - @Muhammad Rasheed… whatever fantasy helps you sleep at night.

Muhammad Rasheed - Investigative journalism is "fantasy" now? That certainly explains a lot about the GOP, huh?

Muhammad Rasheed - Here ya go:  Election Experts Explain How The 2016 Presidential Election Was Stolen

James Evans - @Muhammad Rasheed… clinton would not have been much better yeah she's slightly socially tolerant but not by much. She voted for a bailout of banks that should have went under, supported a war we never should have been in orchestrated the Libyan coup supported bad trade policies and openly lied about emails. She also does not support Edward Snowden's whistleblowing on government coverup. She refused to decriminalize marijuana and other drugs at the federal level so that we quit the revolving door of incarceration.

Muhammad Rasheed - She would have been MUCH better than President Cheeto monster, and in addition, she would have supported the Obama Agenda to continue to build up our middle class using science/math/tech. You can reasonable expect the Trumpster to destroy the country and enrich his own gold-plated vaults further (like Romney would have).

Muhammad Rasheed - Hillary is a different person, so her personal agenda that she would have been fighting for wouldn't have 100% aligned with everything you or I would want, this is true. But It would have aligned MUCH closer than anything Trumpamania will conjure from hell.

James Evans - Yeah i saw she rode on his coat tails when she was criticized. I wasn't a fan of Obama either. Didn't like his drones, bailouts, invasion of Libya or nsa spying and he refused to stand up to the insurance companies to work on creating a single payer full coverage medicare system at the very least from the state level

James Evans - Not really shes a flip flopper she will say what she has to say to get elected, she parroted sanders platform and as i said rode on the coat tails of Obama's accomplishments

James Evans - I didn't trust her to keep her word.

Muhammad Rasheed - I trust Trump to actively attempt to destroy the Republic while enhancing the wealth hoards of Trumpamania.

I guess that's the same.  :(

James Evans - The bailout, she chose the banks over the people the war she chose to sacrifice the people to lies. If it were up to me shed be in jail

Muhammad Rasheed - @ James...

  1. We bailed out the banks because we HAD to, it is the law. Under the Federal Reserve Act, we are massively indebted to the Big Banks by design. Whenever they overextend themselves and create these very routine bubbles, they just call in that debt and we have to pay up. Nothing short of Revolutionary War 2.0 will change this, so pinning it on Hillary is crazy. Obama had the stones to use the ACA to take potshot-jabs at the banks from the outside -- removing them as middle men from the college loan process which of course INFURIATED them -- but no one politician team is going to take down that monster. We'll ALL have to do it.
  2. A lot of Democrats who initially didn't want us to get into the war ended up throwing their hats into the 'War on Terror' pot once it looked like the Bush admin was going to get its way anyway. Especially considering they had no idea the conflict would break records for dragging on and on and on. Plus you have to consider that post 9-11 time period was VERY emotional, and very scary, and the GOP propaganda designed to build support for Bush's war machine was just as effective in getting the citizens to jump on board as their equally effective campaign to get everyone on board the "Hate Hillary!" train. Case in point.
  3. The entire Western world came together to aid Qadaffi's enemies in overthrowing the Libyan gov. America just helped. This wasn't Hillary's baby like you are implying. The US gov acted on the intelligence reports they count on from the field, and decided to buy into the narrative that Col. Qadaffi was a monster that didn't deserve to be left alone. It's not right to imply that Hillary was some mastermind of the Libyan coup when she was just a cog in that international effort.
  4. President Obama, with his documented efforts to build up the middle class with a solid, long-term vision, led the effort to fast track the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). The TPP is Barack Obama's promised effort to renegotiate NAFTA, so I'm confused as to why you are saying it is 'bad.' Are you saying that just because it has the word "trade" in the subtitling or what? The parts of the TPP that Obama added makes the trade agreement part of his economic reform agenda to enable the USA to compete on the global stage again in science/math/tech. Of course, as a compromise bill, it has some no doubt shitty GOP items tagging along in it, too, but the President was confident that his parts would help the people in the long-term. You should have trusted him.
  5. Contrary to popular belief, the sole reason why the FBI didn't prosecute Hillary over the email controversy is because every single Secretary of State, both Democrat and Republican, who had access to email technology had poor cybersecurity handling practices. Every single one of them. In fact, out of that entire group, Hillary turned out to have better security than the average. lol In the end, the GOP and their allies decided not to set a precedent in prosecuting her that would have bitten them in the butt as well. In other words, the whole "But her emails!!" controversy was a fake one, used hypocritically as a political tool during election season. But you knew that.
  6. During the presidential election campaign, WikiLeaks demonstrated that they believed in transparency for Hillary, but not for Trump. Obviously they are not what they present themselves to be (or are being pulled in several directions by rival cliques jockeying for leadership position), and Hillary's stance is probably the correct one in this case. Get a REAL objective whistleblower group instead of this shitty partisan one working for Putin, and then you might have a point.
  7. Since she 100% supports 'medical marijuana' programs, Hillary favors removing the drug from the Schedule I category of the Controlled Substances Act. The DEA's refusal to downgrade marijuana is based on their need to see more documented evidence that it does provide medicinal value, and since THAT is the organization that 'yea' or 'nays' the change in status, Hillary is waiting for the evidence to be compiled for the DEA's criteria just like the rest of us.

James Evans - Sure so did Obama but he never did it in 8 yrs neither did bill

Graham Nolan - We're done here. Take this over to your own pages.

James Evans - Will do Graham Nolan

Muhammad Rasheed - @ Graham...

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