Thursday, August 4, 2016

A Symbolic Curing of Wrongs

Stephen Wilkinson - [VIDEO] This Woman Is Transforming Herself Into Whitewashed Asian Roles In Hollywood

I really dont see what's the problem.... they've been casting a white guy as Jesus for almost 2,000 years! :D

Korac MacArthur - I think it was a localized European thing, the rest of the world could deal, the European priesthood didn't want to blow minds.

Stephen Wilkinson - but the religion rode in on the horses of the invaders, so its part of the handle of oppression - you bring in your your legislative system and also religious belief system, to impose uniformity and compliance.

Interesting thought just occurred to me tho..

Islam forbids representations (pictures, images, drawings etc )of the Prophet

I wonder if that was a conscious act, as this would allow adherents of whatever race to visualize their god more as one of themselves?

Korac MacArthur - Maybe the guy had a funny shaped head. :D

Grace Thurman - @Stephen Wilkinson... Nah, Christianity (and forced conversion to it) came to Europe with the spread of the Roman Empire.

And for a while, most illuminators DID portray Mary and the Christ as Moorish, which was still inaccurate but hey whatever. Close enough, I guess. I don't remember when, exactly, they started portraying them as white and blonde and blue-eyed, though.

I wouldn't say that "the rest of the world could deal," though. I mean, churches in Asia portrayed Jesus as Asian, churches in Africa portrayed him with the skin tone most prevalent in a given area, etc. TBH it most likely had a lot more to do with the violent antisemitism of the time (which the Moors and, later, Muslims were the ONLY people not engaging in!) than anything else - Jesus was either Moorish or the color of the majority, but he wasn't no dirty, greedy, child-stealing, blood-drinking, well-poisoning Jew!

Korac MacArthur - Someone in the early days must have drawn him as a semite.

Elle D Wetherbee - Love.

Muhammad Rasheed - @ Korac... Whose extra-fragile minds were the European priesthood protecting?

@ Stephen... Many early Muslim leaders did restrict image representation, not to protect the natives' preferred visualization, but to prevent the believers from worshiping the imagery itself as idols.

@ Grace... 1.) I'm pretty sure Italy is IN Europe. 2.) The word "Moor" was coined to describe Black African Muslims, and for a time, the term became synonymous with "Black-skinned" in general. Although technically inaccurate in only the surface linguistic description, it isn't inappropriate to visually portray the Christ as "Moorish." The Semite is an ethnic group, not a "race." There are definitely Black races within both the Isaac and Ishmael Semite nations.

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