Tuesday, March 8, 2016

That Old Skin-Deep Critique

Andre Roberts - Joseph Fiennes cast to play Michael Jackson in upcoming 9/11 drama

I honestly think Michael will be happy with this. He achieved his lifelong wish looking down from Heaven lol

Riley Freeman - Do you really expect anything that makes sense from the BBC? Hell, I'm still wondering why people watch Downton Abbey. Lol

Jolie Du Pre - Ha Ha!

Taurus T Hill - Why are you guys surprised

Riley Freeman - Still not sure how the BBC Tues in with Oscars. But I'll bite. Please explain.

Andre Roberts - @Taurus T Hill… who's surprised? I actually think Michael would be happy with the casting were he still alive. Bleaching his skin and his "choice" in children for evidence.

Muhammad Rasheed - the national inquirer's nonsense is "evidence?" of what?

Andre Roberts - @Muhammad Rasheed… are those kids biologically his? Yes or no?

Muhammad Rasheed - Oh, you're talking about Paris and Prince an 'nem. Carry on.

Muhammad Rasheed - I wonder how he felt about all of those portrayals/casting of him. I know he was charmed by Eddie’s impression from Delirious, and they became friends from it.

Muhammad Rasheed - ya never know.

Andre Roberts - This dude made sure that any kids he had, had no black in em. That's very telling

Muhammad Rasheed - I don't know if he was "making sure." It was probably just as simple as -- of the people in his network circle -- the blond white woman was the only one he felt close enough to to discuss those things (intimacy of hair appointments or whatever), and she was the only one who was crazy enough to do it.

Muhammad Rasheed - ...plus her, and this alleged real father, were probably paid handsomely.

Andre Roberts - Perhaps

Muhammad Rasheed - He was very forceful about his pride in being a black man in that Oprah interview, where he finally revealed the vitiligo thing.

Muhammad Rasheed - Thinking he hated being black, and was actively trying to change his race, isn't the critical thinking position on the MJ debate. It’s pretty tabloid shallow.

Muhammad Rasheed - One thing that's for sure... as weirded-out as the public felt by what was happening to him physically, he had 30 something years to live with it and deal with it psychologically.

Muhammad Rasheed - The specialty niche demographic of wealthy, famous black, former child stars, who spent their whole lives in that Hollywood La-La Land community, already have that "I don't believe in race" thing as a real part of their personal ideology. With Michael, who probably felt it stronger than most, probably took the vitiligo thing as some kind of spiritual sign...

Andre Roberts - I saw that interview. I'm not buying it. The kids was the final straw

Muhammad Rasheed - I don't understand what you don't buy. What are you holding on to that justifies that stance?

Muhammad Rasheed - Michael Jackson talks about Vitiligo with Oprah

Andre Roberts - Holding onto? My opinion. Lol. People can say one thing and it's completely something else

Muhammad Rasheed - I mean, what are you thinking about that makes you lean in the direction you prefer about it.

Muhammad Rasheed - I'm just probing into the source of the opinion for further discussion.

Andre Roberts - With vitiligo and the skin covering creams they use to even out "they use to even out" you can go either direction. White or black. He chose white. There's a news caster that has it and he used the brown makeup that was his original color. Why not Mike? Then the final straw for me was making sure that his children were bilogically white. No black in them entirely.

Muhammad Rasheed - Before he recorded the Bad video, his brown skin did have an odd look to it (see: Liberian Girl vid). I speculate that as the condition progressed, it became more effective to 'white out' the remaining brown blotches, rather than cover the majority of exposed area with brown[-ish].

I don't rule out a psychologically ill, subconscious preference for a 'white look' from him. He had been relentlessly called ugly by his family during his awkward teen stage (he continued to cover up his nose as a nervous tick even at the age of 50), and it probably pushed him over the top. But I also think that if his hairdresser had been ole girl from Thriller, instead of Debbie Rowe, the kids would look black instead.

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