Monday, February 15, 2016

Ebola versus Jesus

Muhammad Rasheed - Obama is Infecting Christians with Ebola To Destroy Jesus and Start A New Age of Liberal Darkness

Dude... couldn't wait till you were a LITTLE closer to November?

Ola Betiku - would love to know how Christian DNA differs from others... lol

Muhammad Rasheed - It's Science, Ola. You wouldn't understand.

Ola Betiku - Muhammad Rasheed I probably wouldn't

Ola Betiku - as comical as this is... there was a time not to long ago when a great deal of people thought that a particular virus only affected gay people...

Muhammad Rasheed - Even though that turned out to be an inaccurate exaggeration of the truth, what they both have in common is the fact that certain behaviors can lead to greater chances of being affected by the disease.

In this case, if you hate Jesus, you'll get Ebola. #fixYoself

Ola Betiku - well I suppose when pregnancy is not in the equation gay guys used to have a lot of unprotected sex and that led to them getting hit pretty hard by the disease. The only way I suppose you could target just Christians with a disease is to lace bibles with it...

Muhammad Rasheed - Uh, nooo. The force of your blasphemous denial will cause the affliction to seize you, no doubt on the cellular level.

Paris Pacman Collins - Muhammad Rasheed were are you from? You certainly have no education from a real school or university.

Muhammad Rasheed - 'MURICA!!!

Muhammad Rasheed - @Ola... Yes, unprotected sex is one of the behaviors that increase the chances of being affected by a certain virus, but there's also another behavior that has THIS highlighted-in-red trait attached:

Ujamaa Crear - "'MURICA"

I cackled. ROFL

George Williams - WTF?

Dennis Thompson - I would share this but I am afraid that some people are so dense they would actually believe it.

Paris Pacman Collins - Wow this Muhammad Rasheed guy is really stupid.....lmao

Muhammad Rasheed - How DARE you!

P. P. Collins = jackass

Paris Pacman Collins - You are stupid. How dare you make up lies!? We're did you go to school?

Muhammad Rasheed - We're = Where

Muhammad Rasheed - Apparently the School of Jesus is superior to whatever jackass school YOU attended! STEP, FOOL!

Paris Pacman Collins - iPad auto correct but ok. You clearly have no education. No common sense. So again "Where" did you get your education of Jesus.?

Muhammad Rasheed - From the Internet, stupid! (and maybe some television back before the internet) and why would THAT lie???

Muhammad Rasheed - I'm offended by your dumbass questions.

Paris Pacman Collins - I am offended by your dumb ass post!

Muhammad Rasheed - YOURS!!!

Paris Pacman Collins - Where did you get your knowledge ?

Muhammad Rasheed - see, this is why Black people can't get ahead the way other, more jesus-friendly people are.

Muhammad Rasheed - Because of stupid people like YOU!   >:(

Muhammad Rasheed - It's the Information Age, dumbass!! I get my knowledge from the Internet!

Muhammad Rasheed - Are you deaf AND stupid???

Paris Pacman Collins - Fuck Jesus the slave master forced black slaves to except Christianity . Now Black People are more religious than Masa! I am a Proud Atheist but your post is extremely ignorant.

Paris Pacman Collins - Yet you can not even say where you got your knowledge . Are you one of those guys who went to jail and read a few books and now you trying to enlighten everybody.?

Muhammad Rasheed - 1.) [to get serious for a minute] The oldest Christian church in the world is in Ethiopia, and predates the American slave trade by about a trillion years. Just because Whites intro'd the Black slave to his Eurocentric version of the faith doesn't mean Christianity has zero value. That reveals your poor levels of research into the topic. [back to the show]

Muhammad Rasheed - 2.) I SAID I got it from the Internet!!!!! Stupid!!!!

Paris Pacman Collins - West Africa never practice Christianity until White People came with their abuse. E.I. Nigeria Ethiopia is in East Africa. Christianity is a hateful religion. Spread through fear , rape, plundering, hate, enslavement, lie and genocide. Keep your Christianity . I am all for facts but lies like this post are ridiculous.

Muhammad Rasheed - 3.) [to get serious again] The idea that West Africa never saw Christianity during the 2,000 years of the faith's existence... despite all of the trade & commerce with the world the region took part in... is insane. There were many West African Christians, who converted to Islam almost in totality over the centuries. This gave the impression to colonizing White people that they had never seen Christianity before, but that is not true. [back to the show]

Muhammad Rasheed - 4.) You wouldn't know a fact if it bit your autocorrect!!!!

Helen Mesa Ortiz - Actually Paris, he's informed and knows what he's. He in Miami high school students are doing exactly that. Soaking tampons with alcohol, inserting them in their rectum and going to school wasted.

Paris Pacman Collins - Helen get lost he is a big boy I think he can speak for himself. Clearly you dont know what your talking about.

Muhammad Rasheed - lol She was referring to my post to Ola above.

Paris Pacman Collins - Why did she say my name then? Helen pay attention...

Muhammad Rasheed - She called herself being funny and thought you'd be in the joke with her against me.

Ujamaa Crear - Wow. Somebody whose name I'm not allowed to say COMPLETELY missed the joke, and created a whole other joke in the process.

Carry on. *sips some Jesus tea*

Ujamaa Crear - Reminds me of this poor clueless guy:

A guy started trolling his 'friend' for saying stupid stuff on Facebook, but who is really the jerk here?

Dumb people who are uber serious and uber offended are fun.

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