Monday, February 5, 2024

The Worst Fans in All of Sports


[original cartoon pending]

Rasheed, Muhammad. "The Worst Fans in All of Sports." Cartoon. The Official Website of Cartoonist M. Rasheed 00 Date 2024.  [cartoon pending] Pen & ink w/Adobe Photoshop color.

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Nick Snyder - This man [Tyson Fury] is literally so scared to fight Usyk he pry did it himself. 🤦‍♂️ what is next

Jason Gruntkosky - Why would he be afraid to fight someone 6 inches shorter and 80lbs less? Dumbest statement ever 😂😂😂

Muhammad Rasheed - @Jason... "Skills pay the bills" not height & weight.

Jason Gruntkosky - @Muhammad... LIES and just a meaningless rhyme. 😂😂😂

Muhammad Rasheed - English must not be your first language then if the rhyme confused you. Let me help.

Boxing is a functional martial art, that enables a skilled practitioner to defeat a less skilled opponent with a natural height/weight advantage. Understand?

Jason Gruntkosky - I bet you just googled all those big words. Took a couple hours too LMAO 😂😂😂

Muhammad Rasheed - So, both the rhyme confused you AND the general vocabulary. That's what I thought.

You're just dumb. 🤣

Jason Gruntkosky - Ya ok go back to the cartoons little boy. Leave the boxing up to the adults 😂😂😂

Muhammad Rasheed - hahahaha I sure as hell hope you're not talking about yourself. What "boxing" do you think you know, dumbass? #adorbs

Muhammad Rasheed - (he thinks he's people)

Muhammad Rasheed - You're from Boston (figures 🙄). What are you doing in Fiji? F*ckin' up somebody's contracting company? lol Try not to bite yourself shaving over there and embarrassing us Americans. #SafetyFirst

Jason Gruntkosky - I know boxing because I’ve watched it since I was young, had thousands of fights in my life, and bounced for 15 years in places most people would be scared to go in. Mocking my knowledge of boxing will fall on deaf ears 😂😂😂

Nick Snyder - @Jason... Idc if you are ten foot tall. All it takes is a certain amount of pressure on the chin and your going down! Size does not mean shit. You’ve never seen a little dude beat a big dude up before?

Jason Gruntkosky - @Nick... that’s been tried and the chances of succeeding are extremely remote. Size means if you weigh 150 I throw you in the air and you land 50ft away out of my bar 😂😂😂

Nick Snyder - yeah. You in the wrong area than. I’ve seen it. So yeah. To me size don’t mean shit.

Jason Gruntkosky - that’s what all small guys think until they get tossed like rag dolls. 😂😂😂

Muhammad Rasheed - Jason wrote: "I know boxing because"

In order to know boxing, you need to actually know how to demonstrate that knowledge. Obviously, you don't believe in that. Probably because of the Boston thing. awww...

Muhammad Rasheed - Nick wrote: "Idc if you are ten foot tall"

We do have weight divisions for a reason though. Size difference wouldn't mean too much within comparable divisions if the smaller guy was highly skilled. Floyd proved that many times (I know y'all didn't actually watch his fights though).

Jason Gruntkosky - @Muhammad... You can find me at UFC Gym in CA if you need me. Come on in the cage I'll show you all you need to know about boxing. And after you can draw me as a cartoon your favorite Superhero 😂😂😂

Muhammad Rasheed - @Jason... You have all this so-called knowledge, but when challenged you default to being a white trash thug, huh? hahahahaha

That's how I know you don't know sh*t.

Muhammad Rasheed - What actual knowledgeable person hides from talking about his knowledge? Instead, you start complaining about reading and vocabulary and sh*t. lol "Man, that rhymes! I can't understand that!"

Jason Gruntkosky - It's all cartoons and nursery rhymes for you I guess 😂😂😂

Muhammad Rasheed - Jealous? #sad

Dean Evans - For me Arturo Gatti and Micky Ward are the epitome of what a real fighter/boxer should be!! Every single fight they bring out the Mongrel in themselves and for me they are the real G.O.A.T’s and also Manny Pacquiao not Floyd Mayweather.

Muhammad Rasheed - Dean wrote: "For me Arturo Gatti and Micky Ward are the epitome of what a real fighter/boxer should be"

Those fights are ridiculous — just allowing the opponent to hit you, with zero skills, just throwing wild haymakers. No true fan of the art of the sweet science would enjoy that nonsense. You may as well watch drunk homeless people fight on YouTube.

Boxing has the worst "fans" in all of sport. Just dumb.

Paul Gantt - @Muhammad... you’re even Dumber if you waste your money watching floyd!

Muhammad Rasheed - @Paul... That doesn't make any sense. Floyd Mayweather, Jr. is a superbly trained and highly-skilled boxer, who is uniquely a master of two opposing fighting styles imprinted upon him by his father and uncle. It's a genuine treat—as a true fan of close combat—to watch that level of combatant figure out an opponent and break him down.

By contrast, watching those two wastes Gatti & Ward is like watching someone wearing a karate gi break an egg with a hammer. It's stupid and makes a mockery of the sport by degrading it down to the ignorant superficial expectations of the "casual fan."

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