Saturday, March 13, 2021

Anti-Black Racial Bias Overrules Common Sense


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Rasheed, Muhammad. "Anti-Black Racial Bias Overrules Common Sense." Cartoon. The Official Website of Cartoonist M. Rasheed 13 Mar 2021. Pen & ink w/Adobe Photoshop color.

New York Post - [ARTICLE] Michigan man sues Hertz over receipt that would have cleared him of murder

realElduderino - That’s ridiculous. So the dude doesn’t save his receipts and then blames the company for not doing something they’re not supposed to do? This is getting absurd.

Muhammad Rasheed - What part is getting absurd? Society getting more litigation-oriented as a wealth-building tool?

ThomasHOOPER4 - Society encouraging victimhood and blaming others for your personal situation!

Muhammad Rasheed - Society isn't encouraging "victimhood." We have systems put in place to protect our rights, dignity and assets from those who would abuse us from a place of selfish, sociopathic entitlement. The people who use "victimhood" are the predators who want to get away with theft.

ThomasHOOPER4 - Why do predators use victimhood if not for their benefits? How can you call it not an incentive... why did Jussie Smollett behave the way he did? Why is Meghan manufacturing victimhood? They are tons of examples...

Muhammad Rasheed - The lack of discernment between people legitimately fighting for their rights versus grifters, is what separates intelligence from a partisan sheep mentality. White people engage in litigation all the time. Are they all "playing victim" in group identity politics?

ThomasHOOPER4 - They are legitimate grievances, rarely regarding actual racism or sexism... of course they are genuine victims, but blacks have been conditioned to seeing racism in their everyday life, even where it doesn’t exist... BLM is the epitome of that delusion!

ThomasHOOPER4 - The problem they then face is one of lack of supply, genuine racism is so rare they are left manufacturing it. It’s just repulsive!

Muhammad Rasheed - So in other words, white people have conditioned themselves to resent Black people because of the racism whites have traditionally inflicted upon Black people. You've created a culture of race-based bulling, exploitation and abuse and you want Black people not to complain.

Muhammad Rasheed - Genuine racism isn't rare at all. Whites have conditioned themselves to accept their racism as "normal," "business" and "patriotic" and to consider "genuine racism" the cartoonish over the top verbal hatred expression they can't easily explain away.

ThomasHOOPER4 - Racism is so rare it has to be manufactured ie: Jussie Smollett!

Muhammad Rasheed - Racism isn't rare at all. A celebrity character trying to invent a scenario to help the LGBT push some kind of scheme doesn't mean that racism is rare. Here's a typical example of routine, common place racism, so you'll see my point better:

[VIDEO] How Property Law Is Used to Appropriate Black Land

ThomasHOOPER4 - geez, typical BS...

1: all in the past as always
2: no one is denying that blacks have problems, just look at the violent crime rates
3: generational wealth is a joke, the best performing groups in the US are Asians!

thanks for the examples of confirmation bias...

ThomasHOOPER4 - blacks doing poorly isn't evidence of racism, it's evidence of blacks doing poorly!

Muhammad Rasheed - I didn't show "Blacks doing poorly" as evidence of racism. I showed you "conniving whites corrupting a local government to steal land from Black people causing them to do poorly" as evidence of racism. Typically you dismissed it with a disingenuous spin.

Muhammad Rasheed - So in your mind, desperate poor Black criminals fighting each other is much worse than predatory criminal white people corrupting a government to steal non-criminal Black land.

ThomasHOOPER4 - Yes murder, rape, robbery, assault is much worse than legal commerce. Hahaha in your mind people should be forced to hold onto assets they don’t want, see no returns, because other people get to benefit? Geez I’m sure you’re doing great for these people’s finances....

Muhammad Rasheed – Thomas wrote: "Yes murder, rape, robbery, assault is much worse"

Since those crimes are rising in rural white areas and falling in urban Black areas, your partisan talking point priorities appear to be out of wack.

Thomas wrote: “...than legal commerce."

lol Greedy white racketeering criminals colluding to make laws to "legally" steal people's land is the highest form of evil racism committed in this country. The fact that you are using your clumsy spin job to justify it makes you evil trash.


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