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Perks of the Whitopia Playground

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2019 Glyph Comics Award Winner (BEST COMIC STRIP OR WEBCOMIC)!

Rasheed, Muhammad. "Perks of the Whitopia Playground." Cartoon. The Official Website of Cartoonist M. Rasheed 23 Sep 2019. Pen & ink w/Adobe Photoshop color.

Zach Ocasio-Cortez - lmfao

Timothy Fitch - Black and white workers do not have different interests

Muhammad Rasheed - That's not what the historical record shows.

You can tell by way of the two groups' widely differing views regarding the election of Barack Obama and what the symbol of the event meant to each.

Timothy Fitch - @Muhammad... they might think differently. But that's because of intentional divisions. Not their interests

Again, black and white workers have exactly the same interests

Timothy Fitch - neither benefits from racism. Or sexism. Or religious chauvinism. Neither benefits from capitalism.

Muhammad Rasheed - 1.) White people economically benefit from racism at all class levels. The poorest white still receives the perks of being a member of the white racist aristocracy.

2.) "Religious chauvinism" reflects an atheist's strawman effigy if it doesn't align to the point of the Word of God. Please note that the white slave holders deliberately altered the biblical message before they allowed the enslaved Blacks to have it. This fact is NOT insignificant.

3.) Both the white and Black peoples benefit from free market capitalism, which is why the 1% grifter class monopolizes the free open markets and takes capitalism from the people. The leftist war against capitalism is trash.

Timothy Fitch - white people not being hurt as much by racism does not mean racism is in their interests. Race theory encapsulates white people as well

God doesn't exist

Classed society is the root of evil in society

Timothy Fitch - Do you know what capitalism is? It's the production of goods for private profit rather than social need. How is that good?

Muhammad Rasheed - Timothy wrote: “white people not being hurt as much by racism does not mean racism is in their interests.”

Would society as a whole be better without the White Supremacist ideology and the anti-Black systemic racism for which it stands? Of course. Does every sub-class of the white racist aristocracy benefit economically from the racist system that deliberately tilts in their favor? YES.

Timothy wrote: “God doesn't exist”

You’re a fool.

Timothy wrote: “Classed society is the root of evil in society”

Unchecked greed is the root of society’s evil.

Timothy wrote: “Do you know what capitalism is?”

Yup. That’s why I know for a fact that its free market competition is for the people and the 1% grifter class HATES it.

Timothy wrote: “It's the production of goods for private profit rather than social need. How is that good?”

Because the nation is composed of private citizens who care for their own needs in a social setting.

Timothy Fitch - @Muhammad...and that's what socialism is. Self-rule. No overclass

Black capitalists benefit from the same system you fool

Why am I the fool? Because I'm convinced by evidence and not ancient ideas?

Muhammad Rasheed - "Black capitalists" is a myth without the capital (Reparations) to fund it. Otherwise, it only functions as a 'brown-skinned white man."

You are a fool because you make definitive foolish statements based on literally nothing at all to back them.

Timothy Fitch - Obama is a black capitalist who oversaw the largest transfer of wealth to the 1%, deported the most immigrants in US history, oversaw regime change in Libya that established a slave trade, started the American military's helping to starve the people in Yemen, assassinated US citizens without due process, etc etc

The color of his skin had nothing to do with his crimes against humanity

I find it funny you're saying I've offered no evidence. Yet you called me a fool for not believing in god.

Your politics are trash for the international working class. We want a solution. Not more capitalist bs like the kind you're serving

Muhammad Rasheed - Post the links that prove the points listed in your first paragraph, please, if you are truthful. I'll provide my counter to the rest shortly. Stand by...

Timothy Fitch - @Muhammad... you're solidly right wing with your pro capitalist and racialist politics. Why are you on this page?

Muhammad Rasheed - Timothy wrote: “Obama is a black capitalist…”

In this case, he builds his wealth from his publishing and speaking fees, leveraging his massive celebrity power for his capital. There is nothing immoral or unethical in this and zero reason to vilify capitalism based on the president’s example alone.

Timothy wrote: “…who oversaw the largest transfer of wealth to the 1%...”

Is this in reference to the Great Recession bank and auto-industry bailouts? Please note that the 1913 Federal Reserve Act obligates the U.S. government to bailout its central bank partners whenever they perform their sociopathic schemes. There is nothing any single sitting president can do about that except comply and the situation certainly doesn't represent "capitalism" since the bank/gov partnership is a textbook monopoly. And Obama forced the auto-companies to pay back their bailouts since they were not protected by the Fed Reserve Act contract.

Timothy wrote: “…deported the most immigrants in US history…”

And immediately sat with the immigrant lobbyists after their client protests and worked with them.

Timothy wrote: “…oversaw regime change in Libya that established a slave trade…”

“Oversaw” is disingenuous claptrap. The US gov’s role in that travesty was minute by design. The overthrow of COL Gaddafi was spearheaded by other Western world powers, and the USA just helped. Obama was NOT trying to drag the American people into a new war.

Timothy wrote: “…started the American military's helping to starve the people in Yemen…”

By doing what?

Timothy wrote: “…assassinated US citizens without due process…”

Which Americans were those?

Timothy wrote: “etc etc”

It has not been lost on me that you declined to provide your proof links. What else am I to make of this? That you just enjoy slandering Obama?

Timothy wrote: “The color of his skin had nothing to do with his crimes against humanity”

“The color of his skin” functions as a strawman effigy in context. None of the administration’s military actions had anything to do with “capitalism.” For example, COL Gaddafi’s well-known intention to compete with the World Bank/IMF system with a united African gold standard currency of his own represented a resurrection of an open market capitalist base. It was immediately attacked by the globalist financial cartel in that 1% class’ ongoing war against capitalism. If anything, it was COL Gaddafi himself who proved to hold capitalist beliefs and not his anti-competition attackers.

Timothy wrote: “I find it funny you're saying I've offered no evidence.”

You admit you can’t provide evidence for material world secular beliefs that actually require physical secular evidence to be proven fact. That’s hilarious.

Timothy wrote: “Yet you called me a fool for not believing in god.”

The One God doesn’t require physical secular evidence for humans to accept His religious systems, since it turns out that faith is the activating principle of a “belief system.” Are you supposed to be demonstrating that you are somehow not a fool? Curious.

Timothy wrote: “Your politics are trash for the international working class. We want a solution.”

The solution is the exact same system that the very anti-capitalism 1% grifter class has schemed you into vilifying.

Timothy wrote: “you're solidly right wing with your pro capitalist…”

There are zero ‘right-wingers’ who believe in the free open market capitalism that would free the people from the clutches of the 1% hoarding monopolizers and prosper the people. Even the die-hard white supremacists eschew the capitalist concept for no other reason than it would allow the American Descendants of Slavery (ADOS) to economically prosper, too.

Timothy wrote: “and racialist politics”

Do you consider ME the author of "racialist politics?" lol As a foundational Black American -- descendant of the oft-maligned chattel slave -- you realize I'm of the nation's bottom caste, yes? What are you blaming on me now? smh

Timothy wrote: “Why are you on this page?”

My dedicated anti-racism and pro-ADOS stance has me formally labeled as a member of the ‘liberal/left.’ I don’t make the rules, Tim. lol

As far as I can tell in the historical record, the only reason why the black American Descendants of Slavery aren't still traditionally voting Republican as a group is because that's where all the lynch-happy/police brutality jackasses went.

Cornelia Pierce - Yes please go away, far away. (Btw, best comic yet)

MEDIUM: Scanned pen & ink cartoon drawing w/Adobe Photoshop color.

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