Monday, April 8, 2019

White Supremacy's Usurpation of Science

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phdology - Congratulations!!!

bezartlife - Congrats on this BEASTLYHOOD!

blackpeopleinvest - Congrats

Richie Richards - Congrats! One year of flagrant racism!

Muhammad Rasheed - Richie, when white people appropriate the terms 'racism/racist' to use in defense of their precious white supremacy—as you are doing here—it fails to move me.

Try to be less of a vain attention-seeker, please. It looks ugly.

Richie Richards - I forgot that everything I do is in the name of white supremacy. Here, I thought I was just calling out racism because it's evil and wrong. My bad.

The irony of being called ugly by perhaps the most racist, dark-hearted person I've ever encountered is staggering. You're so consumed in hatred that you really have absolutely zero self-awareness.

Muhammad Rasheed - Richie wrote: "I forgot that everything I do is in the name of white supremacy."

I didn't forget since you insist on posting periodic reminders of your psychosis. #DoBetter

Mic Worthy - @Muhammad... It seems Richie's "whiteness" is under attack here! LOL

claudieluv47 - I just saying this will make an excellent animated series...

MEDIUM: Scanned pen & ink cartoon drawing w/Adobe Photoshop color.

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