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Going Deep: Learning to Recognize the Truth

fitchick007 - "Beliefs can't change facts. Facts, however, should change your beliefs."

fitchick007 - Boom!

Muhammad Rasheed - Remember that time when I laid out the facts as to why the legend of Noah wasn't fiction and you rejected it in favor of your anti-religion beliefs? #GoodTimes #BoomToo

pharoah_resurrected - @M. Rasheed... what are anti religion beliefs?

Muhammad Rasheed - @pharoah_resurrected... ln the context of a few brief discussions l had with the OP, 'anti-religion' was in reference to her penchant for uncritically rejecting the entire kit-n-kaboodle of the Abrahamic message.

pharoah_resurrected - @M. Rasheed... with study some of the abrahamic religion was stolen from Kemet and other earlier civilizations . Just like today many of our customs have been taken from us so this isn't a surprise that history repeats itself. Also much of the Abrahamic religion has been changed.

Muhammad Rasheed - The tradition of naming the message after the prophet Abraham does tend to cause a lot of doctrinal confusion. The last books within the One God's revealed scripture came through the two nations of Abraham's seed, but that doesn't mean the message of God began with the Semite patriarch. As God explains in the scripture, the message was first revealed to the very first humans, and prophets throughout human history and all around the world, were anointed to preach it. The shades of the message that are reflected still within the records of ancient Kemet's relics don't represent a theft, but instead represent the evidence of the long forgotten prophets of the One God that were raised up among the ancient Egyptians to return them to the pure message that the antediluvian Neter once knew.

pharoah_resurrected - Which God would this be because their are over 4000 religions yet only one devil. Also the scripture is to be taken on an esoteric level. For example the whole Abraham story is an allegory

pharoah_resurrected - King Khufu is the Noah story that the bible plagiarized.

pharoah_resurrected - The two of each animal is symbolic of the two sets of chromosomes in the body

fitchick007 - @pharoah_resurrected... Wow

pharoah_resurrected - To accept these stories would been to accept the discrepancies and I've been told God makes no mistakes

pharoah_resurrected - Also it is clear the God of the old testament is not the same as the new testament. More likely the demiurge of this earthly plane

pharoah_resurrected - The whole Noah story sets up to the theory of how blacks were made by curse through Noahs children. Do to believe this story is to curse oneself.

fitchick007 - @M. Rasheed... Do you know anything about your actual African based spirituality or just the religion used to justify slavery and Black people being the cursed people??? Any concept of our Orishas?

Muhammad Rasheed - @pharoah_resurrected... There is only One God. The “4,000 religions” you’ve referenced were founded by people rightly-guided by the One God’s messenger, and over generations, their descendants were allured by the pagan taint that threw them off the path. Over and over and over again, God would anoint new prophets to re-align the people back to The Path once they had strayed. This was an old game – between God, the people, the message, the adversary and the prophets – played out on the global stage for the estimated 3 million years humans have been on this world.

Muhammad Rasheed - @pharoah_resurrected… lol Khufu was FAR younger than the prophet Noah (peace be upon him). Khufu was a Fourth Dynastic figure who ruled during the 26th century B.C. Noah lived just prior to the Younger Dryas event which took place 12,800 years ago.

Muhammad Rasheed - @pharoah_resurrected… Noah was one of several figures during the 1,300 yr long time period the One God charged to save that which was worth saving before the coming global cataclysmic smashed humanity down to the Stone Age. Some of those prophets were no doubt Masters of the Sciences, and probably did save the recorded information represented by the “two sets of chromosomes.” But they all also saved one male and one female of each animal they required for sustenance, as well as the domesticated grains and plants they had cultivated.

Muhammad Rasheed - @pharoah_resurrected… God makes no mistakes, but humans make mistakes all the time. Even those humans charged with protecting the integrity of the message God revealed to save humankind from his base nature and the temptations of the adversary. The taint and error that humans have allowed into the previous scriptures was corrected by God as preached by the newly-anointed messengers who also confirmed and fulfilled what came before. Our job is to study the material to learn how to discern truth from error, as abandoning the scripture to embrace pagan taint is to both embrace the error, as well as demonstrate a lazy-sloppiness in scholarship and a hatred for truth.

Muhammad Rasheed - @pharoah_resurrected… The New Testament books were written by Paul the Usurper and his evangelicals, and are merely the most recent demonstration of humans allowing pagan taint to infest the pure message of the One God. God confirmed that the message revealed to the Christ Jesus, son of Mary was indeed pure, but it was Paul who seized it, twisted it into a barely recognizable falsehood to be more palatable to the tribes of Europe. Your “demiurge” comment gives Paul and them too much credit, and even sounds like you’ve tipped over into your Gnostic studies in the effort.

Muhammad Rasheed - @pharoah_resurrected… The One God confirms that Noah was one of the righteous messengers and an excellent prophet for us to emulate, so I reject the “laid up drunk and naked” tale out of hand. With that being said though, the concept of Noah’s son being ‘cursed’ to father the Black race is not in the OT, but is fleshed out within the Talmud, as it was the Caucasoid Jew that used it to justify his version of the slave trade and eagerly regurgitated by Christian slave owners once heard for the same purpose. Both versions of the Noah tale are false; the prophet was a willing and dedicated servant of the Most High God of reality, who submitted his whole will to his Lord and knew Peace.

Muhammad Rasheed - @fitchick007… Since the Black peoples of the African continent are the oldest people on earth, most of the unknown prophets the One God referenced from deepest antiquity were indeed the origins of “African-based spirituality.” In the usual fashion, as humans are want to do for untold aeons, they were the first to cover over the pure message of their Maker with pagan taint, requiring continuous correction from newly-anointed prophets raised up among them over the ages. The rebelliousness of the Hebrews chronicled in the scriptures carried by the Semite nations were merely the latest versions of a drama that had already been played out in the human story, revealing little more than not only is there nothing new under the sun, but that we are doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past since we never seem to learn the lessons.

fitchick007 - @M. Rasheed... Seriously all that sounds like whaa-whaa-whaawuuu. Pure brainwashing. Do u identify with your African roots, or do you believe we are cursed people as made popular by that bible with the white sky daddy?????

Muhammad Rasheed - @fitchick007… If it sounds like “whaa-whaa-whaawuuu” to you, then you should study more and then engage when you are better prepared, Queen (see: ‘beliefs vs facts’ quote above)

fitchick007 - @M. Rasheed...  *BLOCKED*

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