Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Proof of Voter Fraud REVEALED!!

Chris Suess - Something to think about in the New Year... Rockette (Apparently the Rockettes Still Exist) Complains of Being "Forced" To Perform at Trump Inauguration

Diane J. Thalheimer - I am sure she has performed for worse characters and never complained.

Muhammad Rasheed - There's a worst character...?

Diane J. Thalheimer - There is always some one worse than the one before.

Muhammad Rasheed - I think they'll have to use some kind of ground-breaking science to invent a worst character this time.

Chris Suess - So we are going to have laws that are exception to the rule based on the class of who the person is now?

ooohh... I know the undesirable classes we can make wear little stars... this way everyone can know that they don't have to do business with them.

Muhammad Rasheed - "Now?"

You mean like jim crow? Those laws have been around since the 1800s. They keep coming back for the same reasons they were cooked up in the first place.

Chris Suess - well Democrats should have never written those.

Muhammad Rasheed - lol That was back when the modern Republican mindset was fully embodied in the Democratic party. It's flipped since then of course, and hence why the voter protection laws were stripped by the modern Republican for the same reason his Democrat ancestor wrote them.

Diane J. Thalheimer - There is no need Muhammad, there have been worse characters in the past, there are worse today, there will be worse tomorrow. It seems to be the weakness of mankind. Everyone seems to have a narrow focus on just this one man.

Muhammad Rasheed - lol Well, Obama was certainly better than the one before him, so that tosses a monkey wrench into your hypothesis' control panel.

Muhammad Rasheed - Or do you consider it the exception that proves the rule?   ;)

Steven Georgio - ^If and when he (or any Repub.) is possibly able to finally break the strangle hold the Dems. have on the education system and the Black community is given the freedom to flourish under inner city school choice, you might perhaps change your tune.

Muhammad Rasheed - Steven, did you see that article I linked to up above?

What about that makes you think I would ever believe... EVER... that the Republican has my best interests to heart?

Steven Georgio - I did not see it but I'm fully aware that you don't believe them to ("have your best interest") My whole point is that too often people fully invested (in either side) tend to think their party is looking out for them. So, let me ask you, if the democratic party has the Black communities best interest at heart, why would they shoot down any form of school choice/charters etc. in favor of the unions? Why would they go so far as to have the attorney general of the country sue states in order to shut them down??? Is education, or is it not the best path to equal opportunity? You would think this issue alone would make folks take time to pause and reflect. Check your assumptions.

Muhammad Rasheed - You admit you HAVEN'T seen the article, but you have the nerve to tell me to check "my" assumptions. hahahaha

Muhammad Rasheed - FYI… the article proves definitively that the Republican Party hates Black people no different than how the old Democrats of the 1870s did.

For all their faults, the Democratic Party of today is where my people are. My people are no longer as politically savvy as they were in the pre-civil rights era, but that is by the design and manipulations of my dedicated enemy.

Steven Georgio - I'll read it now, however, I don't see how it or anything can refute my point that the school system under Democratic (teachers union) orders are not only doing nothing but quite frankly doing everything they can to insure that inner city kids are NOT getting what they need to achieve. Especially when every inner city parent is practically BEGGING for choice. THERE IS NO EXCUSS FOR THIS.

Muhammad Rasheed - The president put in place school reforms. The Common Core initiative, and the college loan reform built into the Affordable Care Act are the most high profile, yet the Republicans have led a relentless and unfair attack against them because of partisan nonsense.

Muhammad Rasheed - But they did say their sole mission was to make sure he was a one-term president and to sabotage his efforts just so he wouldn't be successful.

Steven Georgio - He, like all democrats are in the pocket of the unions... Nothing short of school choice and competition is acceptable.

Steven Georgio - But you of course know this.

Muhammad Rasheed - You're talking uninformed political talking point nonsense to me.

Muhammad Rasheed - And it’s annoying.

Muhammad Rasheed - Read the article, and check your damn people's evil, please.

Steven Georgio - fair enough, if that's the lie you need to tell yourself

Muhammad Rasheed - *sighhhhhh*

Steven Georgio - One rational why it is denied, please.

Steven Georgio - Voter id laws? do you realize how racist it is to infer on any level that Blacks don't have the capability of providing proof of I.D. ?

Muhammad Rasheed - Don't come back here to discuss it until you read what they actually did and why and what the findings were. I don't want to hear any more of your partisan talking points.

Steven Georgio - I'll send you a video (if I can find it) of some guy interviewing Blacks and asking if they could provide I.D. Almost every one of them were like"What the fuck are you talking about? ...how'd you like me to kick your ass!!!!!!!"

Muhammad Rasheed - If you finish reading this article and UNDERSTAND it, you will see why they were responding that way.

jim crow laws are evil, Steven.

Muhammad Rasheed - Of course, this isn't the first time one of your number treated the agitated RESPONSE to your dedicated evil as if it was out-of-line and far worse than the initiated evil itself.

But you all are consistent, I'll give you that. Lol

Steven Georgio - One of my number?

Muhammad Rasheed - lol Yes.

Muhammad Rasheed - Are you going to pretend to be offended by the reference?

Do it.

Steven Georgio - You win. Let's continue assuming Blacks don't have the racist capability of acquiring I.D. Let's remain the only place on the planet without these laws...and let's continue to allow the democratic party to feed you shit and tell you it's caviar.

Steven Georgio - By the way, I'm a cat from the bowels of Brooklyn...you know nothing about me.

Muhammad Rasheed - Let's NOT assume that, and instead be very, very informed of the FACT that racists pulled the big data and discovered what types of identification that Democrat-leaning Blacks preferred...

...and then promptly banned that kind of ID. To deliberately make it harder for them to vote. On purpose. Like it was 1870 again.

You're a smart kid. I'm confident you understand how evil that is. lol And exactly what it means in the relationship between our two races. Cut the bullshit, Steven. #ISeeYou

Muhammad Rasheed - In other words, you don't have an argument. You have no defense.

Your stench is available for all the world to see. On public record.

Muhammad Rasheed - Every single White Supremacist votes Republican. The GOP is the party of White Identity politics, and as always, that group hates my guts.

Muhammad Rasheed - You may save your bullshit partisan talking points, because they literally mean nothing at all.

Steven Georgio - Wtf? let's exchange e-mail addresses, you're a funny fuck, I love people like you in my life.

Steven Georgio  :):)

Muhammad Rasheed - I've had enough of fucks like you in mine. 500 years is quite enough.

Steven Georgio - Been suffering much lately Muhammad?

Muhammad Rasheed - Been racist as shit much lately, Steve-O?

Steven Georgio - I gonna stop because this can just keep going on and on. I'll close by saying this... broke as shit, nine brothers and sisters, peanut butter and jelly twelve years straight. You would trade your comfy ass upbringing with mine on a bet.

Muhammad Rasheed - Please shut the fuck up. Shove that PB&J up your ass.

Steven Georgio - I'll private message you my e-mail...I actually think you secretly like me.

Zoltan Gergely - OMG, you two — GET A ROOM!  :D:-D

Muhammad Rasheed - At ANY time you can get off your lazy ass, take full advantage of a White society's resources, and level up to eating the caviar you crave. If I can do it YOU can do it.

That entitled whining shit is part of your racist package. Grow up.

Steven Georgio - I thought so Zoltan This fuckers attracted to me.

Zoltan Gergely - If you end up getting gay-married, you could smoosh your names together, like Rashorgio or Georsheed — beautiful either way... like this slo-mo train-wreck of a thread...

Muhammad Rasheed - I thought the thread was very educational. Even down to the fake "let's use homosexuality to distract from the revealed message" part.  :D

Muhammad Rasheed - Y'all are consistent, I'll give you that.

Zoltan Gergely - Because a wacky homo-joke is more outlandish than PB&J up the butt... okay... whatever... you guys have fun...

Muhammad Rasheed - It's like you use a pre-recorded script, like the Jehovah's Witnesses...

Muhammad Rasheed - Wait...

...ARE you Jehovah's Witnesses?

Steven Georgio - I had fun, until he got all "Whitey's evil. he just can't help himself. He comes out evil from the moment he leaves his Momma's vajayjay." 

Steven Georgio - I'm still having fun actually...characters like this actually do exist. I thought they were just hired actors on MSNBC.

Muhammad Rasheed - @Zoltan... Latching onto one disconnected comment, and blowing it out of proportion like it means something significant is also one of y'all's very consistent distraction techniques.

Zoltan Gergely - Caught me on the J.W. thing. Guilty as charged. I'd offer you a copy of The Watchtower, but you'd just scream at me that we ripped off Jimi...

Muhammad Rasheed - Who's Jimi?

Steven Georgio - Jimi that white guitar player from the sixties.

Muhammad Rasheed - He was a JW?

Zoltan Gergely - Very funny. Like the *only* guy who pops up if you Google "Jimi"... "Who?" Ya-okay. And he wasn't (or WAS he?) JW, but I think Prince was. Meh...

Muhammad Rasheed - When I think of the Witnesses, I go to Michael Jackson and Prince. I wouldn't have dipped that far back...

Muhammad Rasheed - I've never been a fan of hendrix. Meh.

Steven Georgio - Us white folk loved him but what the fuck do we know...ever see one of us dance?

Muhammad Rasheed - As this thread should've proven, I'm disinterested in a LOT of stuff y'all like. lol

Steven Georgio - School choice too.

Muhammad Rasheed - Plus I had the same amount of motivation to Google "Jimi" as Steve-O had to read that article.

Muhammad Rasheed - *ZERO*

Muhammad Rasheed - Dude...

Muhammad Rasheed - ...didn't I say I had no interest in your GOP talking points? Quit.

Muhammad Rasheed - Shove 'em up in there with that PB&J.

Steven Georgio - I read your fucking article and I responded. I know black and if he wanted to get his hands on I fuckin D. He'd beat whitey to the DMV by a minute and a half.

Muhammad Rasheed - No, you skimmed the first 20 words and immediately dumped your nonsense GOP talking points in here. But you're good. I see you. Carry on.

Steven Georgio - Gotta go Muhammad, I remember our last exchange, and once again you haven't disappointed.

Muhammad Rasheed - I don't remember you at all. Bye, son.

Steven Georgio - Now I'm "son", before I was "kid". Don't you know it's "boy" that gets our goat. Take care.

Muhammad Rasheed - Your stance is a very immature one. So if it quacks like a duck, etc.

Muhammad Rasheed - Grow up, CHANGE UTTERLY, and check your people's evil. Take Zoltan with you. He can be your Aaron.

Steven Georgio - @Muhammad Rasheed… It's funny how you miss comments when going back and forth. If I would have seen the "For all their faults " comment earlier, I probably would not have continued on. It was the most insightful thing you said. I don't want to continue but, "if your people are not as savvy as they once were," and they're allowing themselves to be manipulated by whitey, you might want to ask yourself, exactly whose fucking fault is that?

Muhammad Rasheed - lol Again, did you READ the NC voting article?

Muhammad Rasheed - Your people attacked me and deliberately stripped me of my voting rights. On purpose. While pretending it was something else.

That's EVIL.

Muhammad Rasheed - Who’s "fucking fault" is it? Yours, because you can't leave other people alone in your maniacal hoarding of power & wealth.

Steven Georgio - I think you misunderstood the point when I said the Black guy on the street's response was "what the fuck are you talking about asshole" it was not because he was angry that he was being asked for it, It was because he was insulted that some white asshole would think he was unable to acquire it.

Muhammad Rasheed - The article that you refused to read provides the actual insights into why he was angry. You are confused.

Steven Georgio - @Muhammad Rasheed… I read your article, for fucks sake.

Muhammad Rasheed - No. You skimmed the beginning of it and IMMEDIATELY went into FoxNews talking point speech.

Steven Georgio - And I'm not confused... to a person the attitude was "of course I have I.D. jerk off."

Muhammad Rasheed - I thought you had to go?

Steven Georgio - What can I say...I think your cute as well

Muhammad Rasheed - The article proves they DID have I.D., and the state banned the I.D. that specific demographic preferred.

Muhammad Rasheed - You are either confused, or being deliberately slick to avoid confronting the real issue.

Muhammad Rasheed - Pick one.

Steven Georgio - I think we're mixing stories here. I was referring to a video some white guy did to show that Blacks do in fact have I.D. and when asked about it were angered that people would be so stupid to assume they didn't.

Muhammad Rasheed - lol The two stories are directly related. You lack insight because you didn't read the article, numb nuts.

Steven Georgio - I saw that. So tell me, what specific I.D. are they requiring.

Muhammad Rasheed - The one the White, Republican-leaning voters preferred. Duh. "I saw that." Sure...

Steven Georgio - Specifically

Muhammad Rasheed - Next time just say, "I'm not reading that! Cognitive dissonance burns my skin like holy water does!"

Steven Georgio - I'll read it again

Muhammad Rasheed - lol @ "again"

Steven Georgio - Send it again there's so much shit on this thread (mostly by you) that I can't find it.

Muhammad Rasheed - It's near the top in response to Chris.

Zoltan Gergely - From the article: "the legislature amended the bill to exclude many of the alternative photo IDs used by African Americans". OK, reverse the exclusion but still require ID. I'm going to guess that it still wouldn't fly...?

Steven Georgio - I'm gonna look again but please don't tell me we're talking about fucking Gym Id's or B.J. shopping cards for christ sake.

Muhammad Rasheed - Why would that be, Zoltan?

They HAD ID.. The problem is that the powerful establishment of White republicans cheated and PRETENDED the Black Democrats didn't believe in I.D., and invented this "voter fraud" GOP talking point to deceive the people.

Muhammad Rasheed - @Steve... That's racist. These are adults, asshole.

Muhammad Rasheed - *sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...*

Steven Georgio - So give me a specific of what type of I.D. was deemed unacceptable

Muhammad Rasheed - #AlwaysConsistent

Muhammad Rasheed - Anything with a Black Democrat's face on it. Obviously.

Zoltan Gergely - It's a valid question: what are examples of these excluded 'alternative photo IDs'? Anyway, Stephen, is this the video you were referencing earlier?:

Muhammad Rasheed - Zoltan Gergely wrote: "It's a valid question"

TRANSLATION: "Despite the article's findings of White Republican voter fraud to deliberately disenfranchise the state's Black voters, the Blacks themselves MUST have done SOMETHING wrong because Black people are inherently criminal." #RacismIsNeverLate

Steven Georgio - So after reading it a third time, I still can't what type of I.D. is being deemed unacceptable. If you're going on a plane or into a god damn bar, there is requirement for specific or adequate I.D. If we can't agree on what type of I.D. is being presented that whitey is saying "fuck you N.G." I'm gonna have to call bullshit on this whole conversation.

Muhammad Rasheed - So by default, the White Republican I.D. is magically inherently acceptable, and Black Democrat I.D. is magically invalid (too dark...?).

Steven Georgio - What the fuck is black democrat I.D.?

Muhammad Rasheed - The White republicans made the sole determination that their demographic has the MOST VALID I.D and their rivals do NOT.

Steven Georgio - if you can answer that perhaps we'd get somewhere.

Muhammad Rasheed - lol We will never get anywhere, Steve.

Muhammad Rasheed - The nature of our relationship was determined early in the thread. hahaha

Muhammad Rasheed - You want me to convert to "bullshit-ism" and partner with you in treating the Black democrat like an inherent criminal.   Ummm... No.

Muhammad Rasheed - The article demonstrates that the White republican is the bad guy of the story.

Muhammad Rasheed - Eat it.

Muhammad Rasheed - Now you see the true nature of "voter fraud."

Muhammad Rasheed - You don't have a counter-argument. You CAN'T clean this up.

Muhammad Rasheed - Racism is evil. Change UTTERLY, and then teach your folk to stop doing it, please. There's a lad.

Steven Georgio - You fooled me, I thought you were a serious person. If you cannot tell me the I.D. that is being rejected then you and your article are full of shit

Muhammad Rasheed - Doubling down on your asshole bullshit-ism cult, eh?

I'm not surprised.

Steven Georgio - Black democrat I.D. that is a trip.

Muhammad Rasheed - YOU are a trip. Unfuck yourself.

Muhammad Rasheed - Try it. And once successful, hopefully that shit will spread like a virus. #IHaveADream

Muhammad Rasheed - lol

Muhammad Rasheed - 'Bye, Steve-O. I have shit to do now. I'm actually getting tired of trading with you low level peons; I want to corner one of the higher ups... like one of those assholes that actually wrote/passed the voter fraud revealed in the article.

I'm sure they would prove even slipperier than you are though.

Zoltan Gergely - M.R.: re: "TRANSLATION": Did you run that through some-sorta Social-Justice translator?

Correlation does not prove causation.

I disagree with the assertion that there was racial/racist intent, that partisan conflict is necessarily 'racial', and that WashPo is 'real news'. In fact, they're #FakeNews.

And no one (even the article?) mentions 'black criminality'(?!).

My posted video is *at least* as reliable a source of info regarding this issue as this article.

It's simple: Anyone can make it to a DMV. Make a DMV-issued ID valid for voting, and now everyone is enfranchised.

I still don't see what these mythical 'Black'/'Democrat' IDs are. I guess they don't exist. This is a non-issue.

Muhammad Rasheed - Zoltan, shut up. I'm not interested in your nonsense GOP talking point shit, or your dedicated double-down on you all's racism rhetoric.

Who cares what you agree with or not? Just stop fucking up. Let's try THAT.

Muhammad Rasheed - For fucking ONCE.

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