Sunday, February 5, 2012

NOW AVAILABLE: Monsters 101, Book Five


Azoratain is back! And the wily trickster worm has his sights on the mighty power talisman Dragon’s Fang, currently in the possession of Pugroff. But never one to get his own hands dirty, Azoratain reaches into the past to both recruit and suitably empower an old foe who is the very last person to believe the former Willy Pugg has turned over a new leaf!

And who is this lurking in the shadows? The burning red eyes of Ulam, King of Nashera are determined to see only one thing: A dead Pugroff and Mort!

Hold onto your hats, True Fans! Monsters 101, Book Five: “Monsters & Monarchy” has enough Super-Action to blow your hair back!

$15 (no shipping charge) … PayPal:
Story and art copyright © 2012-2014 by M. Rasheed. All rights reserved.
Graphic novel, 6.14"x9.21", 152 pages, b&w interiors, color cover

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